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Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

13 Episodes 2003 - 2003

Episode 1

Feeding Frenzy

Fri, Mar 28, 2003 60 mins

In the series opener, newcomer Tyler Reed (Victor Browne) adjusts to life in Perfection Valley after Burt Gummar (Michael Gross) rescues him from the local graboid, a giant man-eating worm called El Blanco. Nancy Sterngood: Marcia Strassman. Rosalita: Gladise Jimenez. Jodi Chang: Lela Lee. W.D. Twitchell: Dean Norris.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 1 image

Episode 2

Ghost Dance

Fri, Mar 28, 2003 60 mins

Burt suspects the government is behind an alleged poltergeist that is preying upon visitors of Perfection and enlists an old crony (Christopher Lloyd) to find the truth. Nancy: Marcia Strassman. Jodi: Lela Lee. Rosalita: Gladise Jimenez. Tyler: Victor Browne. Burt: Michael Gross.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 2 image

Episode 3

Night of the Shriekers

Fri, Apr 4, 2003 60 mins

Burt is pressed into service after the U.S. Government attempts to domesticate Shriekers---killer reptilian bipeds---for use as rescue animals turns into a disaster.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 3 image

Episode 4

Blast from the Past

Fri, Apr 11, 2003 60 mins

After an odd hang glider arrives in town in several pieces, Burt and his Perfection neighbors are confronted by an old foe---a mutant flying graboid.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 4 image

Episode 5

Flora or Fauna

Fri, Apr 18, 2003 60 mins

Another government experiment---this one a hybrid of plant and animal DNA---goes out of control in the form of a mutant organism that melts its victims' flesh with acid.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 5 image

Episode 6

Hit & Run

Tue, Apr 15, 2003 60 mins

Two hoods (Nicholas Turturro, Michael Rooker) on the run decide to hole up in Perfection until the heat dies down. But when one of them is devoured, it eats at the survivor, who targets El Blanco for a hit.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 6 image

Episode 7

A Little Paranoia Among Friends

Fri, Jun 20, 2003 60 mins

Burt and Tyler visit a sleepy New Mexico town to investigate a graboid sighting, but the locals' weird behavior stymies their probe. Red Landers: Joel McKinnon Miller. Sheriff Garcia: Sal Lopez. Cecil Carr: Armin Shimerman. Rosie Landers: Audrey Wasilewski.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 7 image

Episode 8

Project 4-12

Fri, May 9, 2003 60 mins

Cletus (Christopher Lloyd) returns to help Burt, Tyler and the rest of the Perfectionistas to stop the rampage of a killer creature that broke free from a Government science facility.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 8 image

Episode 9

Graboid Rights

Fri, Jun 27, 2003 60 mins

Burt becomes a media scapegoat when publicity-hungry environmentalists suspect the Perfectionistas of targeting the endangered graboid El Blanco for destruction.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 9 image

Episode 10

The Sounds of Silence

Fri, Jul 18, 2003 60 mins

Perfection Valley residents are being bugged to death by a swarm of killer insects that strike from beneath the ground.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 10 image

Episode 11

The Key

Fri, Nov 7, 2003 60 mins

Frank the gangster (Nicholas Turturro) returns to Perfection with a sexy moll (Vivica A. Fox) to bag El Blanco, who ate his former partner. But Frank's motivation isn't vengeance. Larry: J.D. Walsh. Helmut: Richard Riehle. Dr. Towne: David Grant Wright.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 11 image

Episode 12

Water Hazard

Fri, Aug 1, 2003 60 mins

Tyler and Rosalita are in the red, and it's not from the heat. Their dire financial straits force them to team with a slimy businessman (Robert Jayne), then they're threatened by another predator---but not a human one.

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 12 image

Episode 13

Shriek and Destroy

Fri, Aug 8, 2003 60 mins

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Tremors, Season 1 Episode 13 image