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The Muppet Show Season 4 Episodes

24 Episodes 1979 - 1980

Episode 1

Dudley Moore

Mon, Oct 29, 1979 30 mins

Comic Dudley Moore joins the Muppets in "Mamma Don't Allow" and "How High the Moon." Other Muppet highlights include "At the Disco Dance" and "Pigs in Space." Also: the Great Gonzo does a poetry reading while defusing a bomb.

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Episode 2

Crystal Gayle

Fri, Nov 2, 1979 30 mins

The Muppets join guest Crystal Gayle in "River Road" and "We Must Believe in Magic." Other Muppet numbers include "Swanee" and "The Best Things in Life Are Free."

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Episode 3

Victor Borge

Fri, Nov 9, 1979 30 mins

Guest Victor Borge joins Rowlf in a piano duet of "Hungarian Rhapsody"; and the Muppets back Victor in "Blue Danube," "Moonlight Sonata" and Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto. Other Muppet numbers: "Macho Man" and "Rock Around the Clock." Also: a Swedish Chef interlude.

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Episode 4

Beverly Sills

Fri, Nov 16, 1979 30 mins

Guest Beverly Sills joins the Muppets in presenting their own opera, "Pigaletto" and sings "When the Bloom Is on the Sage."

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Episode 5

Shields and Yarnell

Fri, Nov 23, 1979 30 mins

Shields & Yarnell are featured in mime acts, and join the Muppets in a cowboy mime performance. Music includes "Take a Chance" and "Little Brown Jug."

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Episode 6

Kenny Rogers

Fri, Nov 30, 1979 30 mins

A chorus of Muppets joins guest Kenny Rogers in "The Gambler" and "Love Lifted Me." Also: Kermit does a flying-trapeze act and ends up in the Veterinarian's Hospital. Muppet News is also featured.

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Episode 7

Linda Lavin

Fri, Dec 7, 1979 30 mins

Guest Linda Lavin joins the Muppets in celebration of Kermit's birthday, and all sing "Happy Birthday to You." Other musical selections include "The More I See of You" (Linda, Dr. Teeth), "It Was a Very Good Year" (Statler and Waldorf) and "Beyond the Blue Horizon" (Linda, Muppets).

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Episode 8

John Denver

Fri, Dec 14, 1979 30 mins

Guest John Denver joins the Muppets in "Garden Song" and "Grandma's Feather Bed." Other musical numbers include "Why Can't We Be Friends.

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Episode 9

Arlo Guthrie

Fri, Dec 21, 1979 30 mins

Folk-rock performer Arlo Guthrie sings "Grocery Blues" and "Whoopee Ti Yi O." Muppet cows storm the stage and sing "Elegance." Other highlights include Gonzo's tango-dancing act with toe-tapping chickens.

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Episode 10

Liza Minnelli

Fri, Dec 28, 1979 30 mins

Guest Liza Minnelli joins the Muppets in presenting a murder-musical comedy "The Muppet Murders." Musical highlights include "Copacabana."

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Episode 11

Dizzy Gillespie

Fri, Jan 4, 1980 30 mins

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band are in their glory when King of Jazz Dizzy Gillespie sets the Muppets groovin' to the "bebop" sound of his horn. Music: "St. Louis Blues," "Blue Fish Blues," "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac."

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Episode 12

Phyllis George

Fri, Jan 11, 1980 30 mins

Phyllis George is the emcee for a spectacular night of Muppet Awards, teams with Rowlf for "Carbon Paper" and is joined by the cast for "There's No Business like Show Business." Also: fruit and vegetable Muppets join the Swedish Chef in "Yes, We Have No Bananas"; and Scooter does a unique version of "Modern Major General."

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Episode 13

Lola Falana

Fri, Jan 18, 1980 30 mins

The Muppets join guest Lola Falana in "He's the Greatest Dancer" and "United We Stand." Also: Gonzo teams with Lola for "Smile." Other highlights include a Muppet chicken performance and a Muppet News segment.

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Episode 14

Dyan Cannon

Fri, Jan 25, 1980 30 mins

Guest Dyan Cannon joins a group of jungle Muppet animals for "Civilization," and teams with Muppet dogs in a performance of "Big Spender." Also: Swedish Chef prepares his "hottie doggies" recipe.

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The Muppet Show, Season 4 Episode 14 image

Episode 15

Anne Murray

Fri, Feb 1, 1980 30 mins

Despite Scooter's daring display of skateboarding, guest Anne Murray and the Muppets manage to sing "Snowbird," "Walk Right Back" and "Everything Old Is New Again."

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Episode 16

Jonathan Winters

Fri, Feb 8, 1980 30 mins

Guest Jonathan Winters and the Muppets are haunted by an old woman's curse. Other highlights include "Hold That Tiger," sung by Muppet pigs, lions and tigers.

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Episode 17

Christopher Reeve

Fri, Feb 15, 1980 30 mins

Miss Piggy takes a liking to guest Christopher Reeve, and Kermit has difficulties coping with "green" envy. Music: "East of the Sun" (Miss Piggy, Christopher), and "Disco Frog" (Kermit, Muppets).

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Episode 18

Lynda Carter

Fri, Feb 22, 1980 30 mins

Guest Lynda Carter inspires the new role of "Wonder Pig," as the Muppets become various super heroes. Highlights: "Rubber Band Man," "Orange Colored Sky" (Lynda, Muppets); "Whiffenpoof Song" (Muppets).

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Episode 19

Mark Hamill

Fri, Feb 29, 1980 30 mins

Guests Mark Hamill, R2-D2 and C-3PO join the Muppets for a "far out" outer space program. Musical highlights include "When You Wish upon a Star." Also: a "Star Wars on Koozebane" segment is featured.

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Episode 20

Andy Williams

Fri, Mar 7, 1980 30 mins

Kermit doubts guest Andy Williams' friendship when Miss Piggy cons the singer into crooning "Love Story" in an effort to persuade the frog to give up bachelorhood. Other music: "Two of a Kind" and "Jubilee Time."

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Episode 21

Doug Henning

Fri, Mar 14, 1980 30 mins

Doug Henning waves his magic over the Muppets---which is evident when Kermit calls Miss Piggy "the most beautiful pig in the world," prompting her to sing "It's Magic." Other music: "There'll Be Some Changes Made."

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Episode 22

Alan Arkin

Fri, Mar 21, 1980 30 mins

To the Muppets' dismay, guest Alan Arkin loses his charm when he mistakes a glass of Jekyll-Hyde potion for bicarbonate of soda, and turns into a raving beast. Music: "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

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Episode 23

Carol Channing

Fri, Mar 28, 1980 30 mins

Guest Carol Channing's "big baby blues" inspire the Muppet cast to sing an eye medley; but to Miss Piggy's horror, the only melody she prompts is "Your Feet's Too Big." Carol joins Miss Piggy for a flashy rendition of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," and Nurse Janice and Dr. Bob (Rowlf) join the Pigs in Space.

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Episode 24

Diana Ross

Fri, Apr 4, 1980 30 mins

Guest Diana Ross saves the day at the Muppet theater as she subdues a rowdy audience of hecklers with her dazzling renditions of "Love Hangover," "Last Time I Saw Him" and "Reach Out and Touch."

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