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The Hogan Family Season 6 Episodes

14 Episodes 1990 - 1991

Episode 1

California Dreamin'

Sat, Sep 15, 1990 30 mins

A trip out West to surprise Sandy and Michael's father (John Hillerman) gives the boys a chance to do some California dreaming. Part 1 of two. Jennifer Swift: Liz Keifer. Sergio: John David Conti. David: Jason Bateman.

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Episode 2

California Dreamin'

Sat, Sep 22, 1990 30 mins

Conclusion. In California, Sandy and Lloyd continue to disagree; David works for a disagreeable actress (Liz Keifer); and the twins have a disagreement over a double date. Cara: Josie Bissett. Ashley: Elizabeth Berkley.

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Episode 3

The Baby Stops Here

Sat, Sep 29, 1990 30 mins

Baby-sitting Mrs. Poole's infant niece turns into a seriocomic lesson in responsibility for Sandy (Sandy Duncan) and the Hogan boys. Sally: Candy Hutson. Mrs. Gordon: Valorie Armstrong. Burt: Steve Witting.

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Episode 4

The Play's the Thing

Sat, Oct 13, 1990 30 mins

Willie gets a part in the school play that includes a climactic kiss with the leading lady (Josie Bissett)---Mark's girlfriend. Ms. Palmer: Lucy Lee Flippin. Brenda: Angela Lee. Erica: Danielle McGovern. Suzanne: Kendra Booth.

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Episode 5

From Russia with Fries

Sat, Oct 27, 1990 30 mins

Mark (Jeremy Licht) defects from Bossy Burger, leaving Sandy and Mrs. Poole to handle a visit from a group of Soviet dignitaries. Nicholai: Savely Kramarov. Lloyd: John Hillerman. Burt: Steve Witting. Rick: Dale Jarosz.

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Episode 6

Ex Marks the Spot

Sat, Nov 3, 1990 30 mins

David ropes Sandy into attending her ex-husband's wedding; Michael isn't happy when Lloyd (John Hillerman) buys the twins a motorcycle. Richard: Stephen Vinovich. Mrs. Laughton: Susan Brown. Minister: Rick Scarry.

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Episode 7

Come Fly with Me

Sat, Nov 10, 1990 30 mins

David and Burt pose as pilots to pick up women---but they crash when Michael finds out. Nanette: Whitney Kershaw. Honey: Mary-Margaret Humes. Dawn: Ria Pavia. Willie: Danny Ponce.

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Episode 8

It Happened One Night---Or Did It?

Sat, Nov 17, 1990 30 mins

Sandy and Willie catch Cara (Josie Bissett) coming out of Mark's room after a night of passionate ... studying. Steven Eisenberg: Stanley Kamel. Brenda: Angela Lee. Mark: Jeremy Licht. Sandy: Sandy Duncan.

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Episode 9

Best of Friends, Worst of Times

Sat, Dec 1, 1990 30 mins

It's not easy for David when he and Burt run into their third musketeer Rich (Tom Hodges), who's now battling AIDS. Burt: Steve Witting. Mr. Pfeiffer: Al Fann. Lloyd: John Hillerman. Mrs. Poole: Edie McClurg. David: Jason Bateman.

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Episode 10

A Sneaking Suspicion

Wed, Jul 10, 1991 30 mins

Dave is fit to be tied when Mark and Willie hotfoot it down to a shoe store, taking a job away from his girlfriend (Leah Remini). Grace: Marianne Muellerleile. Dave: Jason Bateman. Mrs. Poole: Edie McClurg.

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Episode 11

A Family Affair

Wed, Jul 17, 1991 30 mins

It's not puppy love for Michael, who's dating a coed (Holly Gagnier), while Mark and Willie see a fortune in breeding a neighbor's dog. Mrs. Walker: Dale Raoul. Burt: Steve Witting. Michael: Josh Taylor. Sandy: Sandy Duncan.

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Episode 12

Isn't It Romantic

Sat, Jul 20, 1991 30 mins

Brenda puts the brakes on her romance with Willie when he takes her out on a romantic date---to a monster-truck rally. Raymond: James Hampton. Arnie: Tim Neil. Melissa: Amy Taylor.

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Episode 13

Ho, Ho, Hogans

Sat, Jul 20, 1991 30 mins

Department-store Santa Dave faces holiday frustrations, such as a kid helping himself to Santa's wallet. Benjamin: Jarrett Lennon. Mrs. Umstead: Betsy Randle. Denise: Tina Hart. Randy: Thomas Hobson. Cara: Josie Bissett.

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Episode 14

Old Enough

Sun, Oct 20, 2019 30 mins

David dates an older woman despite his mother's disapproval.

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