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The Feather and Father Gang Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

14 Episodes 1977 - 1977

Episode 1

The Apology

Mon, Mar 7, 1977 60 mins

The Dantons (Stefanie Powers, Harold Gould) try to solve a relative's murder by scaring a confession out of the leading suspect, a shipping tycoon. Generalis: Gene Barry. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Big Jim: Ray Danton. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Alex: Bruce Glover. Lou: Lewis Charles. Annie: Jeff Donnell. Michael: Monte Landis. Burke: Joseph Stern.

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Episode 2

Sun, Sand and Death

Mon, Mar 14, 1977 60 mins

The gang tries to set up a double-dealing realestate salesman who embezzled funds and murdered his partner. Stefanie Powers, Harold Gould. Cooper: Jon Cypher. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Schumacher: John Durren. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Johnny: Robert Doyle. General Scott: John Larch.

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Episode 3

The People's Choice

Mon, Mar 21, 1977 60 mins

A U.S. Senate candidate arranges his wife's murder to avoid an embarrassing divorce. Harold Gould, Stefanie Powers. Redmond: Sam Groom. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Murphy: Dick O'Neill. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Colby: Richard Kelton. Julie: Elinor Donahue. Lou: Lewis Charles. Lassiter: Robert F. Simon. Michael: Monte Landis. Norma: Joyce Jameson. Sheriff Jeffries: Ted Gehring.

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Episode 4

Flight to Mexico

Mon, Apr 4, 1977 60 mins

An actor vanishes after overhearing a phone call between a jewel thief and a fence. Harold Gould, Stefanie Powers. Sherwin: George Maharis. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Bevis: Aharon Ipale. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Krutts: Robert Donner. Hadley: Edward Winter. Dominic: Danny Mora. Michael: Monte Landis. Choreographer: Robert LuPone.

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Episode 5

Never Con a Killer

Sat, May 14, 1977 90 mins

Toni (Stefanie Powers) and Harry (Harold Gould) set up an elaborate scam to outwit a Runyonesque horseman (John Forsythe). Michael: Monte Landis. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Margo: Joan Shawlee.

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Episode 6

The Golden Fleece

Sat, May 21, 1977 60 mins

A minister more zealous about greenbacks than souls murders the investigative journalist who threatened to expose him. Stefanie Powers, Harold Gould. Meminger: Pernell Roberts. Tanner: Robert Donat. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Shelcon: Raymond Singer. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Applegate: Richard Herd. Lou: Lewis Charles. Bricklaw: William Bogert.

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Episode 7

For the Love of Sheila

Sat, May 28, 1977 60 mins

One of Harry's old con cronies is about to be fleeced by his wife and business manager. Harold Gould, Stefanie Powers. Praeger: James Darren. Sid: Robert Alda. Sheila: Brooke Mills. Maggie: Maggie Wellman. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Lou: Lewis Charles. Gardella: Milton Selzer.

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Episode 8

Here a Spy, There a Spy

Sat, Jun 4, 1977 60 mins

A young British diplomat is framed for murder by his superior, an envoy who moonlights as a free-lance spy. Stefanie Powers, Harold Gould. Col. James Barrington-Stone: Clive Revill. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Richard: Michael Shannon. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Simpson: Dennis Cole. Hadley: Edward Winter. Keiser: Hamilton Camp. Lou: Lewis Charles.

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Episode 9

Murder at F-Stop II

Sat, Jun 11, 1977 60 mins

A photographer murders his partner and frames an employee for the crime. Harold Gould, Stefanie Powers. Winslow: Robert Vaughn. Ruth Marks: Abby Dalton. Huffaker: William H. Bassett. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Lou: Lewis Charles. Billy Whitecloud: Ron Roy. Sid: Buddy Lester. Marks: Lawrence Montaigne.

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Episode 10

Welcome Home, Vinie

Sat, Jun 18, 1977 60 mins

A corrupt cop murders a just-released prisoner to prevent him from revealing a stock swindle. Stefanie Powers, Harold Gould. Lacey: Pat Crowley. Dorsey: Jerry Douglas. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Jocelyn: Elaine Joyce. Michael: Monte Landis. Arnold: Ron Masak.

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Episode 11

The Mayah Connection

Sat, Jun 25, 1977 60 mins

An ex-con turned author is framed for the murder of a primitive-artifacts importer. Stefanie Powers, Harold Gould. Vincent Stoddard: Roddy McDowall. Eli Bowman: James McEachin. Murphy: Dick O'Neill. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Lou: Lewis Charles. Gutman: Michael Gazzo. Martin Stoddard: John Kerr. Michael: Monte Landis.

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Episode 12

The Judas Bug

Sat, Jul 2, 1977 60 mins

A wealthy woman is killed by a hit-and-run car reported stolen from a noted private eye. Bishop: Jack Cassidy. Schecter: John Pleshette. Styles: Tim O'Connor. Harry: Harold Gould. Feather: Stefanie Powers. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Keiser: Hamilton Camp. Lou: Lewis Charles.

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Episode 13

Two Star Killer

Sat, Jul 23, 1977 60 mins

A two-star general (William Windom) uses murder and blackmail to cover his past. Stefanie Powers, Harold Gould. Sergeant Rollins: Alan MacRae. Delaney: Andrew A. Rubin. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Lou: Lewis Charles. Murphy: Dick O'Neill. Huffaker: William H. Bassett. A.T. Raymond: Robert Casper. Nurse: Diane Shalet.

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Episode 14

The Big Frame

Sat, Jul 30, 1977 60 mins

A friend of the Dantons' is falsely accused of killing a shady art dealer. Harold Gould, Stefanie Powers. Cosgrove: Simon Oakland. Enzo: Frank Delfino. Keiser: Hamilton Camp. Margo: Joan Shawlee. Witney: Lloyd Bochner. Steve: Peter White. Lou: Lewis Charles. Alcott: Peter Bromilow. Maxson: Ian Wolfe.

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