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The Eddie Capra Mysteries Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

13 Episodes 1978 - 1979

Episode 1

Nightmare at Pendragon Castle

Fri, Sep 8, 1978 0 mins

Capra (Vincent Baggetta) investigates the brutal murder of an arrogant publisher who was feared and hated by his associates. Charles Pendragon: Robert Vaughn. Jessica: Lois Nettleton. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Paul Crowley: Robert Hogan. J.J. Devlin: Ken Swofford. Daniella: Janet Margolin. Harvey: Michael Horton. Jennie: Seven Ann McDonald. Alex: John Considine. Gwynneth: Stella Stevens. Ed: Gerald S. O'Loughlin. Toby: Robert Walker. Leo: George Hamilton.

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Episode 2

Where There's Smoke

Fri, Sep 22, 1978 0 mins

An equivocating young woman is the principal suspect in a murder case. Vincent Baggetta. Nancy Sinclair: Patti D'Arbanville. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Jill Turnbull: Robin Mattson. J.J. Devlin: Ken Swofford. Calvin: Randy Powell. Harvey: Michael Horton. Moyeddin: Zitto Kazann. Dr. Maynard: Wallace Rooney. Jennie: Seven Anne McDonald.

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Episode 3

Murder! Murder!

Fri, Sep 29, 1978 0 mins

A nightclub singer is suspected of murdering a rich industrialist. Capra: Vincent Baggetta. Julie: Tricia O'Neil. Paul: Dennis Cole. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Alicia: Barbara Rhoades. Jennie: Seven Anne McDonald. Leo: Eric Braeden. Devlin: Ken Swofford. Barney Kirk: Ramon Bieri. Lloyd Wesley Jordan: Stephen Elliott. Felix: Murray Matheson.

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Episode 4

Muder on the Flip Side

Fri, Oct 6, 1978 0 mins

Eddie (Vincent Baggetta) investigates the murder of a recording executive. Eve Randall: Vicki Lawrence. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Jason Lamb: Dick Haymes. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Donny McRae: Mel Carter. Maggie Wright: Joanna Miles. Jennie: Seven Anne McDonald. Greg Chandler: Andrew Robinson. Tommy Archer: Rick Springfield.

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Episode 5

And the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead

Fri, Oct 20, 1978 0 mins

J.J.'s longtime friend is suspected of killing a retired admiral turned politician. Capra: Vincent Baggetta. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Joe Willard: Marshall Thompson. Kensington: Andrew Duggan. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Diane: Angel Tompkins. Cofflin: Michael Durrell. Harvey: Michael Horton.

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Episode 6

Dirge for a Dead Dachshund

Fri, Oct 27, 1978 0 mins

Eddie's eccentric Aunt Teresa (Renata Vanni) believes she is a murder target. Vincent Baggetta. Polly: Charlotte Rae. Dr. Gatling: Granville Van Dusen. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Dr. Weller: Joseph Mascolo. Shana Ryan: Denise Galik. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Gerard: J.P. Finnegan. Rita Lange: Charlene Dallas.

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Episode 7

How Do I Kill Thee?

Fri, Nov 3, 1978 0 mins

Eddie (Vincent Baggetta) investigates the murder of a powerful TV gossip personality. Claudia Carroll: Edie Adams. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Melissa Osborne: Anne Francis. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Logan: Vic Tayback. Jennie: Seven Anne McDonald. Gretchen: Barrie Youngfellow. Collins: Gene Evans. Ballinger: Mark Stevens.

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Episode 8

The Intimate Friends of Janet Wilde

Fri, Nov 10, 1978 0 mins

A famous playwright is suspected of murdering a model. Vincent Baggetta. Kilraine: Rip Torn. Janet Wilde: Veronica Hamel. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Harriman: Dick Gautier. Shelby: Greg Morris. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Di Carlo: Carmine Caridi. Lazlo: Tommy Leonetti.

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Episode 9

Breakout to Murder

Fri, Dec 1, 1978 0 mins

A woman's sanity rests upon being absolved of responsibility for a student's death. Vincent Baggetta. Dr. Faulkner: James Whitmore Jr. Dr. Farber: Peter Donat. Millie Greer: Caryn Richman. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Steinmetz: Floyd Levine. Bobby: Harold Sylvester. Steve: Reb Brown. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Bert: George Deloy. Tony: Carl Anderson.

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Episode 10

$2 Million Stowaway

Fri, Dec 8, 1978 0 mins

A thief making his getaway aboard a cruise ship is found murdered. Vincent Baggetta. Marshal Sam Tully: James McEachin. Warren Custer: Bobby Van. Gayle Corman: Gloria De Haven. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Susan: Julie Gregg. Sarah: Patricia Crowley. Captain Barclay: Guy Stockwell. Jennie: Seven Anne McDonald. Barney Quinn: Ron Masak.

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Episode 11

Dying Declaration

Fri, Dec 15, 1978 0 mins

Eddie (Vincent Baggetta) is upset when asked to defend a woman accused of killing his friend. Vanessa: Barbara Rush. Duane: Troy Donahue. Strickland: Hector Elizondo. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Erica: Kitty Wynn. Harmon Drake: Robert Hooks. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Dr. Amos: L.Q. Jones. Linkman: Jeff David. Harvey: Michael Horton.

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Episode 12

Now You See Her...

Fri, Jan 5, 1979 0 mins

Eddie defends an alleged drug smuggler whose star defense witness vanishes and whose wife is in love with the prosecutor. Sheriff Pleasant: Lonny Chapman. Eddie: Vincent Baggetta. Owen Cannerman: Michael Cole. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Susan Keller: Irene Miracle. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. Andy Keller: Joey Aresco. Jennie: Seven Anne McDonald. Willard McMillan: Dan Frazer. Carla Pirelli: Pamela Serpe.

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Episode 13

Muder Plays a Dead Hand

Fri, Jan 12, 1979 0 mins

A high-stakes poker player is murdered during a tournament. Vincent Baggetta. Alvin W. Michaels: James Coco. Carrie McBride: Jane Merrow. Frankie Dallas: Neville Brand. Lacey: Wendy Phillips. John McBride: Joe Hindy. Katherine Dallas: Louise Sorel. Dale Monday: James Luisi. J.J.: Ken Swofford. Lt. Bert Porthos: Ralph Meeker.

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