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Shahs of Sunset Season 8 Episodes

15 Episodes 2020 -

Episode 1

Naked Jenga and Afraid

Sun, Feb 9, 2020 60 mins

Reza and GG decide to bury the hatchet, though GG has yet to make amends with Destiney following their reunion blowup. While Mike boasts that his bad boy ways are behind him after finding the love of his life, newly-single Nema is ready to mingle

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Episode 2

A Very Shouhed Passover

Sun, Feb 16, 2020 60 mins

Reza confronts the person spreading rumors about his husband, but uncovers a shocking revelation about MJ that leaves Destiney caught in the middle of the chaos.

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Episode 3

I Want You to Be My Muddy Buddy

Sun, Feb 23, 2020 60 mins

Destiney tries to make peace with Reza; GG undergoes the implantation process; Mike goes against his father as he plans to pursue a business on his own; Nema questions if he and his ex-girlfriend can continue their working relationship despite their bad breakup.

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Episode 4

The Persian Hangover

Sun, Mar 1, 2020 60 mins

Reza, Destiney, and Sara head to Vegas to promote Reza's new "Reza Be Obsessed" collection, and things take a turn when Destiney hits it off with newbie Sara's brother, Sam. GG finds out whether she can go through with the implantation process in the hopes of getting pregnant. MJ recounts her resentment toward Reza, while Mike and Nema butt heads.

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Episode 5

Great Persian Bakeoff

Fri, Mar 6, 2020 60 mins

Destiney tries to navigate an awkward situation in Vegas after a wild night with the group. Nema attempts to reconnect with his Persian roots. Meanwhile, Paulina finds herself caught in the middle of Mike and Nema's spat. GG arranges a cooking class for the crew to bond, but questions how much longer she can keep her journey to motherhood a secret.

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Episode 6

Pool Party Massacre

Fri, Mar 13, 2020 60 mins

GG grapples with the consequences of continuing to hide her IVF from the group but begins to worry that unnecessary drama will harm her health. Sara and Destiney clash over Destiney's tryst with Sara's brother while the group was in Vegas. Mike is haunted by Nema's accusations about him and Paulina. Hoping to mend the fallouts amongst the group, Nema brings MJ to Sara's pool party but his plan backfires when she comes face-to-face with Reza.

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Episode 7

Don't Mess with Destiney

Fri, Mar 20, 2020 60 mins

Tommy deals with things himself after Reza and MJ's argument; GG's divorce is finalized; Destiney's event does not go well; Nema, Shervin and Mike corner Destiney.

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Episode 8

Vida's Court

Fri, Mar 27, 2020 60 mins

Reza shows up unannounced to see Destiney in Arizona but ends up finding out that Mike, Nema and Shervin are on MJ's side; MJ prepares a retirement party for Vida; MJ and Destiney meet up.

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Episode 9

The Shady Bunch

Fri, Apr 3, 2020 60 mins

GG undergoes emergency surgery and the crew rallies around her. Tommy and MJ meet with a lawyer to discuss Reza's charges against them. Reza unleashes his anger on Nema for meddling in his personal affairs.

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Episode 10

Country Fried Persians

Fri, Apr 10, 2020 60 mins

Destiney prepares a surprise for Sara's brother's birthday; Nema get ready for his Boots 'N Brews event; Mj and Reza end up meeting at the event.

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Episode 11

Le'ing with the Devil

Fri, Apr 17, 2020 60 mins

Mike prepares a birthday trip to Hawaii for Paulina; Tensions arise upon arriving.

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Episode 12

The Persian Shore

Fri, Apr 24, 2020 60 mins

The Shahs are on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate Paulina's 29th birthday. MJ makes an off-color remark and causes a stir with Mike and Paulina. Nema and GG find themselves having too much to drink, heightening the lingering tension between them.

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Episode 13

Bye, Bye, Ms. Iranian Pie

Fri, May 1, 2020 60 mins

The Shahs are back in LA for the final episode of the season. GG is preparing herself for another IVF journey. Nema and his sister Mona gather with their dad to get closure on their parents' divorce. MJ hosts a Sip 'N See for baby Shams. Destiney is caught in the middle when Mike sides with his girlfriend, Paulina, and not MJ. Sara prepares for a Fourth of July party and everyone is invited.

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Episode 14

Reunion Part 1

Sun, Jul 19, 2020 60 mins

The Shahs look back at everything that happens during and after filming. Newlyweds Mercedes and Tommy are set to make an announcement but only after telling it to Mercedes' mother first; Golneza is confronted by the group for her chain-smoking; Reza and his husband talks about how they almost divorced.

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Episode 15

Reunion Part 2

Sun, Jul 26, 2020 60 mins

Andy Cohen hosts the Shahs of Sunset Reunion.

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