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Serengeti Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

6 Episodes 2021 -

Episode 1


Sun, Aug 22, 2021 55 mins

As the characters bring new life into peaceful times, a great storm is building which transforms their welcoming world into a wet nightmare. They have been born into an unpredictable world, with an unknown future.

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Episode 2


Sun, Aug 29, 2021 45 mins

The team looks for a baby elephant and its mother after getting washed away by a flood; a group of baboon needs to get to safety; a cheetah and a lioness are having a standoff.

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Episode 3


Sat, Mar 26, 2022 60 mins

As the land recovers from the floods, food becomes the main focus, but whilst the young learn to hunt, families are divided, and losses are mourned. 3/6

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Episode 4


Sat, Apr 2, 2022 65 mins

With new life emerging, it's a dangerous time to be born. Old enemies are causing further trouble for the lions and the baboons, whilst the hyenas continue to disturb the peace for the jackals. 4/6

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Episode 5


Sat, Apr 2, 2022 60 mins

The tables are turned on the powerful predators. Those at the top of the food chain find themselves alone and in eminent danger, whilst the youngest of prey are finding their feet. 5/6

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Episode 6


Sat, Apr 2, 2022 60 mins

Everyone faces the final reckoning as the great river crossing begins. Crocodiles block the way for Gnu, while Duma takes on more responsibility. 6/6

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