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Richard Diamond, Private Detective Season 4 Episodes

Season 4 Episode Guide

26 Episodes 1959 - 1960

Episode 1

The Hoodlum

Mon, Oct 5, 1959 30 mins

Diamond (David Janssen) has just one hour to produce a missing book demanded by a hoodlum (Alan Reed). Kile: Russ Conway. Joe: Joe Conley. Frank: Peter Leeds. Amy: Cecil Weston. Photographer: Chuck Stanaker. Doc: John Alvin.

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Episode 2

An Act of Grace

Mon, Oct 12, 1959 30 mins

Diamond (David Janssen) witnesses the mysterious shooting of a skid-row derelict. Harriet: Patricia Donahue. Charlie: William Schallert. Hendricks: Mark Tapscott.

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Episode 3

The Bookie

Mon, Oct 19, 1959 30 mins

Bookie Muro (Ross Martin), tired of being pestered by the law, plans to get rid of interfering Kile (Russ Conway). Diamond: David Janssen. Reed: Sherwood Price.

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Episode 4

The Client

Mon, Oct 26, 1959 30 mins

Harry Tyler's disappearance takes Diamond (David Janssen) on a chase to Mexico. Gunther: Bartlett Robinson. Tyler: Peter Brocco. Dolores: Serita Vara. Jose: Carlos Romero. Tomas: Nestor Paiva.

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Episode 5

The Runaway

Mon, Nov 2, 1959 30 mins

Someone's trying to kill Diamond (David Janssen). Edith: Maxine Cooper. Belden: Charles Aidman. Cummings: Ross Elliott.

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Episode 6

No Laughing Matter

Mon, Nov 9, 1959 30 mins

The trail of a murderer leads Diamond (David Janssen) to a deserted amusement park. Kirk: Joey Bishop. Rita: Carole Mathews. Maxton: Don Haggerty. Candido: Saul Gorss.

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Episode 7

The Messenger

Mon, Nov 16, 1959 30 mins

Diamond (David Janssen) finds himself entangled in a bank robbery. Ruth: Joan Camden. Kile: Russ Conway. Alden: Richard Devon. Luber: Harvey Perry.

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Episode 8

The Counselor

Mon, Nov 23, 1959 30 mins

A marriage counselor (King Donovan) claims that someone has threatened to kill him. Diamond: David Janssen. Clara: Barbara Pepper. Kile: Russ Conway. Finley: Gordon Jones. Coroner: John Craven. Joe: Bob Cass. Dr. Platt: Art Peterson. Shirley: Jean Ingram.

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Episode 9

The Image

Mon, Nov 30, 1959 30 mins

The girl friend of an escaped convict is killed---and Diamond (David Janssen) is charged with doing it. Alden: Richard Devon. Blonde: Whitney Blake. Kile: Russ Conway. Phil: Dallas Mitchell. Danzig: Olan Soule.

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Episode 10

The Adjustor

Mon, Dec 7, 1959 30 mins

Diamond (David Janssen) receives a tip that a man believed dead for the past year is actually alive. Steele: Dick Foran. Porter: DeForest Kelley. Jaffee: Dabbs Greer. Nancy: Nancy Valentine. Garth: Syd Saylor. Collier: Joe Mell.

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Episode 11

Marked for Murder

Mon, Dec 14, 1959 30 mins

The investigation of a robbery-murder leads Diamond (David Janssen) to a lonely-hearts club. Betty: Stacy Graham. Gordon/Jason: Peter Leeds. Kile: Russ Conway. Myra: Patricia Huston. Henry: Dave Willock.

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Episode 12

The Caller

Mon, Dec 21, 1959 30 mins

An anonymous phone call warns Diamond (David Janssen) that he's marked for death. Turbo: Harry Bellaver. Able: Lewis Charles. Alden: Richard Devon. Audrey: Roberta Haynes. Sadie: Frances Morris. Charlie: Charles Buck.

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Episode 13

One Dead Cat

Mon, Dec 28, 1959 30 mins

A singer claims that she's being unfairly blamed for an accident that ended a pianist's career. Ginny: Joan Tabor. Diamond: David Janssen. Butler: Jack Elam.

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Episode 14

Dead to the World

Mon, Jan 11, 1960 30 mins

Helen Lear (Geraldine Brooks) wants Diamond to prove that her uncle's death wasn't an accident. Diamond: David Janssen. Sutro: Robert Lowery. Alden: Richard Devon. Angel: Allison Hayes. Big Otto: Bill Edmonson. Klein: Sam Flint. Quint: John Cliff.

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Episode 15

Seven Swords

Mon, Jan 18, 1960 30 mins

There's no magic involved when a circus magician's assistant is murdered. Marvello: Jerome Cowan. Diamond: David Janssen. Sally: Carol Ohmart. Manners: Jeffrey Stone. Kile: Russ Conway. Sid: Mason Curry. Stage Manager: Rodney Bell.

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Episode 16

The Fine Art of Murder

Mon, Jan 25, 1960 30 mins

Murder enters the picture when a woman (Hillary Brooke) discovers her masterpiece is a fake painting. Diamond: David Janssen. Braun: Howard McNear. Kile: Russ Conway.

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Episode 17

The Popskull

Thu, Jan 28, 1960 30 mins

Diamond (David Janssen) trails a potential murderer. London: Stafford Repp. Kile: Russ Conway. Robert: Chris Alcaide. Jack: Robert Karnes. Anthony: Michael Fox.

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Episode 18

And Whose Little Baby Are You?

Tue, Jul 5, 1960 30 mins

A baby is found abandoned in Diamond's apartment. Nola: Linda Lawson. Diamond: David Janssen. Arnie: Richard Crane. Raven: Pat Michon. Patterson: Dirk London. Helen: Barbara Banning. Kile: Russ Conway. Milkman: Wally Brown.

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Episode 19

Fallen Star

Tue, Jul 19, 1960 30 mins

A columnist (John Lupton) has his doubts about a singer's "accidental" death. Diamond: David Janssen. Dorothy: Dusty Anders. Connelly: Tom Farrell. Brice: Mickey Simpson. Rita: Virginia Vincent.

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Episode 20

Coat of Arms

Tue, Aug 2, 1960 30 mins

James Coburn appears as Tavo in the story of a landlady, a dead tenant, a gunman and a missing key. Diamond: David Janssen. Maria: Svea Grunfeld. Kile: Russ Conway.

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Episode 21

Double Trouble

Tue, Aug 9, 1960 30 mins

Diamond (David Janssen) is hired to find a diplomat's missing fiancee. Bascomb: Chris Waterfield. Anita: Jan Harrison. Mills: Brad Dexter. Kile: Russ Conway. Sailor: Hal Baylor. Grace: June Vincent.

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Episode 22

A Lovely Fraud

Tue, Aug 16, 1960 30 mins

Dancer Joyce Long (Joanna Barnes) is struck by a hit-and-run car just after she insured her legs. Diamond: David Janssen. Boardman: Stephen Chase. Schilling: Jack Kruschen. Long: Lyle Talbot. Child: Patty Ann Gerrity. Bobby: Maureen Arthur. Archie: Paul Grant.

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Episode 23

Accent on Murder

Tue, Aug 23, 1960 30 mins

Diamond's been hired to protect "a young lady from France"---a poodle! Diamond: David Janssen. Lila: Nancy Valentine. Kile: Russ Conway. Lattimer: Peter Leeds. Brecker: Bill Brisick. Rita: Lili Kardell.

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Episode 24

East of Danger

Tue, Aug 30, 1960 30 mins

An antique dealer (Allen Jung) discovers that someone is using his warehouse---to store heroin. Diamond: David Janssen. Sally: Judy Dan. Lin: James Hong. Ho-Lung: Philip Ahn. Kile: Russ Conway. Fong: Guy Lee. Tommy: Robert Kino. Finch: Mike Masters.

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Episode 25

Running Scared

Tue, Sep 6, 1960 30 mins

Kenneth Morrow (King Calder) fears that his daughter is considering suicide. Diamond: David Janssen. Harriet: Bethel Leslie. Doria: Marc Lawrence. Bartender: Joe Conley.

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Episode 26

The Mouse

30 mins

The man threatening the life of Diamond's client (Narda Onyx) was presumed dead 15 years ago. Diamond: David Janssen.

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