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Northern Exposure Season 6 Episodes

23 Episodes 1994 - 1995

Episode 1

Dinner at 7:30

Mon, Sep 19, 1994 60 mins

Joel's herb-induced dream transforms Cicely's folksy regulars into New York sophisticates. Joel: Rob Morrow. Shelly: Cynthia Geary. Ruth-Anne: Peg Phillips. Ed: Darren E. Burrows. Maggie: Janine Turner.

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Episode 2

Eye of the Beholder

Mon, Sep 26, 1994 60 mins

PI-in-training Ed spies on Hayden Keys (James L. Dunn), who may be faking injury; the purchase of an antique dollhouse sets Shelly to dreaming on a grand scale; and Maggie's and Maurice's charity donations bring regrets. Heather: Charmaine Craig. Reynaldo: Ronald G. Joseph. Ed: Darren E. Burrows.

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Episode 3

Shofar, So Good

Mon, Oct 3, 1994 60 mins

Joel must atone for his sins when he's visited by a rabbi (Jerry Adler)---the ghost of Yom Kippur past, present and future; Maurice welcomes an honored guest (Jill Gascoine) for a fox hunt. Joel: Rob Morrow. Maurice: Barry Corbin. Holling: John Cullum.

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Episode 4

The Letter

Mon, Oct 10, 1994 60 mins

Joel finds a strange lump on his head; Shelly has bad luck after chucking a chain letter; a barber (Bill Cobbs) parks his pole in Cicely; and Maggie receives a letter she'd written at 15. Mary-Margaret: Tara Subkoff. Maggie: Janine Turner. Joel: Rob Morrow. Shelly: Cynthia Geary.

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Episode 5

The Robe

Mon, Oct 17, 1994 60 mins

Shelly makes a deal with the devil; Ed bungles Joel's tests on a pill for the common cold; and Chris introduces a co-host. Shecky Greene appears. Roger: Charles Martin Smith. Shelly: Cynthia Geary. Ed: Darren E. Burrows. Chris/Esau: John Corbett.

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Episode 6


Mon, Oct 31, 1994 60 mins

Marilyn's tale of her grandfather's encounter in Alaska with Russian princess Anastasia (Tushka Bergen) unfolds on-screen in filmmaker Ed's vision of Cicely's early days. It involves a secret meeting that took place with Lenin (Christopher Neame) and the princess. Ed/Emery: Darren E. Burrows. Marilyn: Elaine Miles. Joel/Mikhail: Rob Morrow.

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Episode 7

Full Upright Position

Mon, Nov 7, 1994 60 mins

Electricity generates a new art project for Chris; sparks fly between Joel and Maggie on a Russian flight bound for St. Petersburg; Maurice welcomes his cousin (Trevor Bullock) to Cicely, hoping to groom him to take over the family business. Vasili: Slav Troyan. Stewardess: Yelena Danova.

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Episode 8

Up River

Mon, Nov 14, 1994 60 mins

A conflict with Maggie over firearms drives Joel to the outback to live in a remote village; a contractor (Gary Basaraba) destroys Chris's way of life; Ruth-Anne surrenders to love. Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, John Corbett, Peg Phillips, Moultrie Patten.

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Episode 9

Sons of the Tundra

Mon, Nov 28, 1994 60 mins

Paul Provenza and Teri Polo join the cast as Cicely's new doctor Phillip Capra and his journalist wife Michelle, who feel that they've stepped back in time in their new environs. Meanwhile, Ed sees into the future; and Holling wants to join the Sons of the Tundra men's club. Sen. Monkton: John Maxwell. Lester: Apesanahkwat. Hayden: James L. Dunn.

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Episode 10


Mon, Dec 12, 1994 60 mins

Maggie finds herself in the seat of power as Cicely's mayor but must contend with Chris's screwball fixation; Marilyn buys a champion stud husky that's more of a dud husky; and Phil (Paul Provenza) is invited to play golf in the wilderness with Joel (Rob Morrow). Chris: John Corbett. Michelle: Teri Polo. Gil Lefleur: Bob Morrisey.

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Episode 11

The Great Mushroom

Wed, Jan 4, 1995 60 mins

Maggie treks into the Manonash village to visit Joel, who she fears is in imminent danger; an elderly couple asks to stay the night at Phil and Michelle's; and Ed thinks the information highway looks cold and forbidding. Ellie: Molly McClure. Warner: George Randall. Phil: Paul Provenza. Michelle: Teri Polo.

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Episode 12

Mi Casa Su Casa

Wed, Jan 11, 1995 60 mins

Marilyn shatters Joel's inner peace on a visit to Manonash; Ed takes advantage of Maurice's hospitality; and a house is not Holling's idea of a home. Two-Clocks: Sam Vlahos. Marilyn: Elaine Miles. Holling: John Cullum. Joel: Rob Morrow.

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Episode 13


Wed, Jan 18, 1995 60 mins

Cicely's new bottled water alters gender behavior and causes women to display an overactive sex drive; violinist Cal (Simon Templeman) becomes a fugitive; and Joel is freed to return to New York. Bertrand: Gerard Ismael. Off. Semanski: Diane Delano. Gilliam: Robert Nadir. Joel: Rob Morrow.

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Episode 14

Mommy's Curse

Wed, Feb 1, 1995 60 mins

A visit from Maggie's mom (Debra Mooney) reveals that the two O'Connell women have a lot in common; Ruth-Anne clashes with new employee Walt over canned goods; Maurice pouts when Holling gets chummy with Phil. Leland: Linden Chiles. Walt: Moultrie Patten. Phil: Paul Provenza. Ruth-Anne: Peg Phillips.

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Episode 15


Wed, Feb 8, 1995 60 mins

Joel enlists Maggie to join him on a quest for the mythical Jeweled City of the North; Chris slaps Phil with a malpractice lawsuit; and critic Michelle reviews the Brick. Bernard: Richard Cummings Jr. Gatekeeper: Adam Arkin. Japanese Soldier: Seth Sakai. Trapper: Paul McLean. Talbot: Randy Thompson.

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Episode 16

Lucky People

Wed, Feb 15, 1995 60 mins

While Cicelians honor Founders Day, newcomers Phil and Michelle experience buyers' remorse over purchasing a big spread; Maurice claims that Randi is his reincarnated Uncle Elvy; and Chris and Maggie find a common bond. Jerry Moore: Tom Hammond. Maurice: Barry Corbin. Holling: John Cullum.

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Episode 17


Wed, Mar 8, 1995 60 mins

Chris's visiting professors (Jack Blessing, David Spielberg) get into an argument over his master's dissertation; Maggie buys Cicely's neglected movie house; and a young man (Peter Simmons) stops by the Brick to meet his father. Heather: Charmaine Craig. Shakespeare: William Salyers. Chris: John Corbett. Holling: John Cullum.

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Episode 18

Little Italy

Wed, Mar 15, 1995 60 mins

Phil (Paul Provenza) gets caught up in a feud between two of Cicely's Italian families; Ruth-Anne begins a series for National Public Radio; Holling finally vents his anger toward Shelly. Lowell: Richard Romanus. Joe: Joe Nipote. Angela: Nancy Cassaro. Calogero: Stefano LoVerso. Mama Grippo: Penny Banton.

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Episode 19


Thu, Apr 6, 1995 60 mins

During a bowling invitational, Phil and Michelle seem headed for splitsville. Meanwhile, Ed sets his sights on the sophisticated Heather (Charmaine Craig). Lester: Apesanahkwat. Michelle: Teri Polo. Phil: Paul Provenza. Prof. Pickering: Wayne Pere. April: Angelique von Halle. Ed: Darren E. Burrows.

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Episode 20

Bus Stop

Mon, Apr 24, 1995 60 mins

Michelle mounts a production of "Bus Stop," which infects Cicelians with the acting bug but sparks creative differences and petty jealousies. Eric: Don R. McManus. Ron: Doug Ballard. Chris: John Corbett. Maggie: Janine Turner. Holling: John Cullum. Shelly: Cynthia Geary.

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Episode 21

Ursa Minor

Wed, Jul 12, 1995 60 mins

"Parenthood" sours for Ed after he brings home a cuddly bear cub to nurture; and Chris's dream experiments entangle him with a saucy hotel manager (Felicity Waterman). Michelle: Teri Polo. Lucille: Amy Perry. Ed: Darren E. Burrows. Chris: John Corbett.

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Episode 22

Let's Dance

Wed, Jul 19, 1995 60 mins

Fugitive violinist Cal (Simon Templeman) wants to turn himself in with help from Maurice and Off. Semanski; Phil offends the locals; Chris pairs up with a judgmental youngster (Ashleigh Aston Moore) at a cotillion dance class. Semanski: Diane Delano. Mrs. Whirlwind: Armenia Miles. Phil: Paul Provenza.

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Episode 23

Tranquility Base

Wed, Jul 26, 1995 60 mins

The sun sets---one last time---on the town of Cicely as friends gather at Maurice's summer lodge for relaxation, renewal and reflection. Off. Semanski: Diane Delano. Rabbi Schulman: Jerry Adler. Michelle: Teri Polo. Maurice: Barry Corbin. Chris: John Corbett. Phil: Paul Provenza. Hayden: James L. Dunn.

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