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My Sister Sam Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

10 Episodes 1987 - 1988

Episode 1

Goodbye, Steve

Sat, Oct 3, 1987 30 mins

A love affair of Sam's ends, and her relationship with her neighbor Jack (David Naughton) blossoms, although Sam insists he's just a friend. Part 1 of two. Patti: Rebecca Schaeffer. J.D.: Joel Brooks.

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Episode 2

And They Said It Would Never Last

Sat, Oct 10, 1987 30 mins

Conclusion. A party to introduce friends also serves to introduce Sam and Jack (Pam Dawber, David Naughton) to each other's differences. Patti: Rebecca Schaeffer. Bob: David Paymer. Sara: Valerie Wildman.

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Episode 3

Deep Throat

Sat, Oct 17, 1987 30 mins

Sam (Pam Dawber) enters the hospital for a tonsillectomy and returns home to a dilemma: Patti (Rebecca Schaeffer) needs advice on sex and Sam can't speak. Jeff: Daren Powell. Jack: David Naughton. Sally: Brandy Gold.

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Episode 4

Never a Bridesmaid

Sat, Oct 24, 1987 30 mins

Sam sets up her girlfriend with a nice guy and is delighted when the two ask her to be in their wedding---at first.

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Episode 5

Who's Afraid of Virginia Schultz?

Sat, Oct 31, 1987 30 mins

On Halloween Sam and Patti are easy marks for a practical joker when they don costumes to visit an eccentric old woman (Amzie Strickland), known in the building as Madame Axe. Pam Dawber, Rebecca Schaeffer.

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Episode 6

Drive, She Said

Sat, Nov 7, 1987 30 mins

Sam (Pam Dawber) is a nervous wreck after Patti (Rebecca Schaeffer) gets her driver's license and drives alone to Oakland to see a basketball game. Mandy: Mandy Ingber. Jack: David Naughton. Hitchhiker: R.J. Bonds.

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Episode 7

Revenge of the Russell Sisters

Tue, Mar 15, 1988 30 mins

Tired of Jack's steady barrage of practical jokes, the two sisters decide to turn the tables on him. David Naughton, Pam Dawber.

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Episode 8

Play It Again, Sam

Tue, Mar 22, 1988 30 mins

Sam's piano teacher (Billie Bird) believes her piano lessons are wasted on Sam; Patti pretends to be a teen-age mother for a class project. Pam Dawber, Rebecca Schaeffer.

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Episode 9

Ol' Green Eyes Is Back

Tue, Mar 29, 1988 30 mins

After asking Jack to take out a newly divorced friend (Lise Hilboldt), Sam gets jealous when the two hit it off so well. David Naughton, Pam Dawber, Rebecca Schaeffer.

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Episode 10

Life, Death and Admiral Andy

Tue, Apr 12, 1988 30 mins

Sam's childhood TV hero (Terence McGovern) visits the studio and turns out to be a foul-mouthed lecher with a fancy for Sam (Pam Dawber). Hocus Pocus: Jim Bentley. Morgan: Ariana Richards. Sandi: Barbara Treutelaar.

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