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Murder, She Wrote


24 Episodes 1995 - 1996

Episode 1


Thu, Sep 21, 1995 60 mins

A first-rate hair stylist, a second-story man and a love triangle figure in this mystery. Jessica: Angela Lansbury. Jimmy: Wayne Pere. Kathy: Daphne Ashbrook. Nancy: Denise Gentile. Stafford: John O'Hurley. Antoinette: Leslie Easterbrook. Steve: Sean O'Bryan. Billy: Michael Woods. Diane: Kathy Trageser. Phoebe: Rosalind Chao.

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Murder, She Wrote, Season 12 Episode 1 image

Episode 2

A Quaking in Aspen

Thu, Sep 28, 1995 60 mins

In Aspen, Colo., a mountain of evidence points to Jessica's friend (Leigh Taylor-Young) in the murder of her husband. Charlie: Wayne Rogers. Terry: Gerald McRaney. Pembroke: Victor Bevine. Darman: Scott Valentine. Vernon: Tom Everett. Sydney: Elizabeth Gracen. Gina: Wendy Benson.

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Episode 3

The Secret of Gila Junction

Thu, Oct 5, 1995 60 mins

A rash of robberies and the search for treasure in the desert make for suspicious activities in a sleepy Arizona town. Norma: Dorothy Lyman. Whitey: Guy Boyd. Pete: Robert Rusler. Marge: Kari Whitman. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 4

Big Easy Murder

Thu, Oct 12, 1995 60 mins

Research for a novel takes Jessica to New Orleans---where she finds herself caught up in a rash of voodoo killings. Emily: Elizabeth Ashley. Brent: Mitchell Ryan. Priscilla: Anne-Marie Johnson. Yvette: Olivia Cole. Tom: Brian McNamara. Vera: Juliette Jeffers. Ralph: Clifton Powell. Carter: Lewis Van Bergen. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 5

Home Care

Thu, Oct 19, 1995 60 mins

A nurse (Megan Porter Follows) under suspicion of possible mercy killings of older patients comes to Cabot Cove, where Jessica's friend (Audra Lindley) lies bedridden. Justin: William Converse-Roberts. Dori: Stephanie Niznik. Serena: Elizabeth Wilson. Jason: Tom O'Brien. Sarah: Frances Bay. Seth: William Windom. Mort: Ron Masak. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 6

Nan's Ghost

Thu, Nov 2, 1995 60 mins

Speculation about hidden treasure follows the death of a worker at an Irish castle. Part 1 of two. Rory: Rod Taylor. Eileen: Fionnula Flanagan. Insp. Joyce: John Karlen. Ian: Ross Kettle. Jack: John St. Ryan. Sullivan: Christopher Neame. Zuleika: Wendy Schaal. Franklin: Raphael Sbarge. Nader: Peter Jason. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Murder, She Wrote, Season 12 Episode 6 image

Episode 7

Nan's Ghost

Thu, Nov 9, 1995 60 mins

Conclusion. Jessica is trapped in a rat-infested dungeon of an Irish castle while following clues to a treasure---and searching for a murderer. Joyce: John Karlen. Rory: Rod Taylor. Sullivan: Christopher Neame. Lafferty: James Warwick. Ian: Ross Kettle. Matthew: Mark Lindsay Chapman. Eileen: Fionnula Flanagan.

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Murder, She Wrote, Season 12 Episode 7 image

Episode 8

Shooting in Rome

Thu, Nov 16, 1995 60 mins

In Rome, at least one road leads to murder---on the set of a movie based on Jessica's novel. Boyce: Mike Connors. Monte: Bruce Abbott. Kate: Shawn Weatherly. Gary: Allen Cutler. Webb: Sam Hennings. Amati: Lorenzo Caccialanza. Lucy: Lisa Banes. Bonelli: Louis Giambalvo. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 9

Deadly Bidding

Thu, Nov 23, 1995 60 mins

An art auction draws a collection of forgers, thieves and shady dealers. Charlie: Wayne Rogers. Giles: Martin Jarvis. Felix: Craig Richard Nelson. Milt: Paul Lieber. Diana: Melanie Smith. Mrs. Rundle: Kathleen Garrett. Pete: Jeff Williams. Reggie: Renee Jones. Angus: Doug Hutchison. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 10

Frozen Stiff

Thu, Nov 30, 1995 60 mins

Jessica gets the scoop on murders at an ice-cream company. Larry: Bill Smitrovich. Gary: Dirk Benedict. Susan: Christina Pickles. Woody: Bryan Travis Smith. Brewer: Gregory Itzin. Carol: Kristen Dalton. Sheriff: Christopher Curry. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 11

Unwilling Witness

Thu, Dec 14, 1995 60 mins

Jessica is called to testify in a grand-jury investigation after a firm's executive phones her---then vanishes. Annette: Lisa Eichhorn. Corbin: Larry Linville. Logan: Peter White. Jessica: Angela Lansbury. Duffy: Joel Brooks. Tiffany: Sydney Walsh. Reed: Shea Farrell. Nick: J. Downing.

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Episode 12

Kendo Killing

Thu, Jan 4, 1996 60 mins

In Japan, an American motorcycle racer's life is in jeopardy when his relationship with a poet from a traditional Japanese family comes under fire. Dawson: Tom Wopat. Rick: David Stratton. Miko: Vivian Wu. Koji: Bruce Locke. Nobu: Maggie Han. Hitaki: Pat Morita. Yosuke: Byron Mann. Jessica: Angela Lansbury. Insp. Ota: James Ishida.

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Episode 13

Death Goes Double Platinum

Sun, Jan 7, 1996 60 mins

A racketeer offers an up-and-coming Latin band a shortcut to stardom. Alex: Nick Corri. Patricia: Jacqueline Obradors. Desi: Tony Plana. Sam: Ramon Franco. Wilson: Jason Bernard. Aguilar: David Labiosa. Luiz: Marco Sanchez. Iza: Rosana Desoto. Daniels: Robert Clohessy. Jessica: Angela Lansbury. Lt. Esposito: Maria O'Brien.

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Episode 14

Murder in Tempo

Thu, Jan 11, 1996 60 mins

An electric guitar becomes a murder weapon during rehearsals for a rock-concert benefit. Tommy: Keith Coulouris. Wylie: John D'Aquino. Rachel: Megan Gallivan. Maddox: Josh Taylor. Palmer: Ernie Lively. Laughlin: Sam Anderson. Blue: John Livingston.

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Episode 15

Dark Side of the Door

Thu, Feb 1, 1996 60 mins

A fiction writer's latest novel seems to reveal details about a book editor's childhood kidnapping. Erin: Tracy Middendorf. Mathison: Richard Beymer. Terry: Marcia Strassman. Holbert: John Oliver. Corelli: Richard Libertini. Laura: Meg Foster.

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Episode 16

Murder Among Friends

Thu, Feb 8, 1996 60 mins

All is not friendly on the set of a sitcom about six Generation Xers. Ricki: Cindy Katz. Leo: Nicolas Surovy. Vince: John Terlesky. Timothy: Garrison Hershberger. Dyan: Barbara Alyn Woods. Carly: Allison Smith. Lt. Flint: Frederick Coffin. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 17

Something Foul in Flappieville

Thu, Feb 15, 1996 60 mins

Someone is pulling strings to profit from a puppet designer's latest creation for a TV kids' show. Darren: Stephen T. Kay. Robbie: Robert Knepper. Jason: Steven Martini. Parker: Bryan Cranston. Mary: Dey Young. Kim: Kimberley Kates. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 18

Track of a Soldier

Sun, Feb 25, 1996 60 mins

A jewel thief and a retired colonel with a haunted past make for high drama---and murder---at a lodge in the Tetons. Ellen: Linda Kelsey. Nichols: Fredric Lane. Howard: Wings Hauser. Greta: Audrey Landers. Marla: Katherine Olsen. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 19

Evidence of Malice

Thu, Mar 28, 1996 60 mins

Andy seems to be the only one with a motive to frame a murder suspect. Fred: Vyto Ruginis. Wendy: Colleen Coffey. Meg: Stephanie Dunnam. George: Tim Ransom. Craig: Lawrence Monoson. Patty: Jennifer Parsons. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 20

Southern Double-Cross

Thu, Apr 4, 1996 60 mins

In Australia, a killer moves to stop Jessica from receiving an inheritance claim to her late great uncle's land. Jarvis: Nick Tate. Roo: Peter Lavin. Baxter: Alastair Duncan. John: Donald Burton. Rhonda: Lisa Darr. Donald: Kendrick Hughes. Hendricks: Trevor Goddard.

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Episode 21

Race to Death

Sun, Apr 28, 1996 60 mins

A murder during preparations for a yacht race portends rough seas for a millionaire yachtsman and a rival skipper. Kimball: John Getz. Anne: Andrea Parker. Larkin: Steve Forrest. Jon: Christopher Buchholz. Gantry: Rick Rossovich. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 22

What You Don't Know Can Kill You

Sun, May 5, 1996 60 mins

The "accidental" death of a landscaper plants suspicions in the mind of his fiancée (Cari Shayne), Seth's niece. Les: Anthony Michael Hall. Sherri: Laurie Holden. Tom: Jerry Hardin. Roger: Geoffrey Lewis. Jeremy: Bruce Kirby. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 23

Mrs. Parker's Revenge

Sun, May 12, 1996 60 mins

Jessica is drawn into a clandestine operation involving a killer virus, national-security agents and a ruthless arms broker. Riesner: Gregg Henry. Crider: William O'Leary. Dr. Lamont: Time Winters. Mitchell: Tony Todd. Jessica: Angela Lansbury.

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Episode 24

Death by Demographics

Sun, May 19, 1996 60 mins

A programming makeover coincides with murder at a San Francisco radio station, where the new format is designed to attract younger listeners. Howard: David Ogden Stiers. T.T.: Christian Bocher. Russ: James Acheson. Jessica: Angela Lansbury. Lauren: Lucinda Weist.

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