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Maverick Season 5 Episodes

23 Episodes 1961 - 1962

Episode 1

Dade City Dodge

Sun, Sep 17, 1961 60 mins

Bart (Jack Kelly) tries to track down Pearly Gates, a smooth con man who cheated him out of $5000. Gates: Mike Road. Marla: Kathleen Crowley. Sheriff: Ken Lynch. Harper: Gage Clark. Mason: Charles Arnt. Sheriff Tiray: Mickey Morton. Herns: Guy Wilkerson.

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Episode 2

Art Lovers

Sun, Oct 1, 1961 60 mins

When investors put the squeeze on railroad owner Paul Sutton, Bart (Jack Kelly) tries to help by dealing with them directly---in a friendly card game. Sutton: James Westerfield. Nardi: Leon Belasco. George: John Hoyt. Roger: Jack Cassidy.

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Episode 3

Golden Fleecing

Sun, Oct 8, 1961 60 mins

Bart forsakes the poker table for the stock market---and finds himself trying to bluff wealthy Loftus Jaggers and his glamorous daughter (Paula Raymond). Bart: Jack Kelly. Albright: John Qualen. Phoebe: Olive Sturgess. Jaggers: J. Edward McKinley. Mercer: Myron Healey. Chang: Richard Loo.

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Episode 4

Three Queen's Full

Sun, Nov 12, 1961 60 mins

Bart (Jack Kelly) must either face two years in jail or chaperone three brides to their intendeds---the sons of wealthy Joe Wheelwright (Jim Backus). Cissie: Merry Anders. Emma: Kasey Rogers. Lou Ann: Allyson Ames. Small Paul: Evan McCord. Henry: Larry Chance. Moose: Jake Sheffield.

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Episode 5

Technical Error

Sun, Nov 26, 1961 60 mins

Bart (Jack Kelly) feels like a million when he wins a bank in a poker game. But unlucky Maverick soon learns the truth: the bank's broke---and so is he. Major Sims: Reginald Owen. Penelope: Jolene Brand. Holliday: Peter Breck. Blackjack: Frank de Kova. Sonny: Frank London. Kid: Nick Pawl.

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Episode 6

Poker Face

Sun, Jan 7, 1962 60 mins

Bart's latest poker adventure has him playing for a full house: the lives of his fellow stagecoach passengers. Bart: Jack Kelly. Botanos: Rudolph Acosta. Luis: Carlos Rivas. Rockingham: Tol Avery. Stallion: William Fawcett. Rose: Nancy Hsueh.

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Episode 7

Mr. Muldoon's Partner

Sun, Feb 11, 1962 60 mins

After being granted a wish by a "leprechaun," Bart (Jack Kelly) faces a pot of trouble: he must be either jailed, murdered or married. Bonnie: Janet Lake. Terrance: Terence de Marney. Muldoon: Mickey Shaughnessy. Timmy: Timothy Rooney. Girty: John Alderson. Sheriff: Ray Teal.

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Episode 8

Epitaph for a Gambler

Sun, Mar 4, 1962 60 mins

Bart (Jack Kelly), waiting to collect on a $10,000 IOU, makes an uncomfortable observation: murder may be the pay-off in a gambler's life. Kit: Marie Windsor. Sheriff: Fred Beir. Malone: Robert J. Wilke. Linda: Joyce Meadows. Elkins: Don Haggerty. Stone: Frank Albertson. Elkins: Adam Williams.

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Episode 9

The Maverick Report

Sun, Mar 11, 1962 60 mins

Misery loves company, so Bart unloads half of a newspaper ownership---and half of a headache---on his good buddy Doc Holliday (Peter Breck). Bart: Jack Kelly. Porter: Lloyd Corrigan. Harrison: Ed Nelson. Jonesy: George Neise. Jeanie: Jo Morrow. Molly: Patricia Crest. Ames: Kem Dibbs.

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Episode 10

Marshall Maverick

Sun, Apr 1, 1962 60 mins

Bart (Jack Kelly) is closer to tears than laughter when he is forced to battle the funniest---and fastest---gun in the West. Walker: John Dehner. Holliday: Peter Breck. Theodora: Gail Kobe. Coe: Earl Hammond. Mayor: Willard Waterman. Earp: Med Flory.

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Episode 11

Troubled Heir

Sun, Apr 8, 1962 60 mins

Life is anything but heaven when Bart meets Pearly Gates (Mike Road) and his girl, who steal Maverick's poker winnings---so they can be married. Bart: Jack Kelly. Marla: Kathleen Crowley. Watson: Alan Hale. Perkins: Chick Chandler. Quillan: Gordon Jones. Sheriff Bentley: Will Wright.

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Episode 12

Money Machine

Sun, Apr 15, 1962 60 mins

A money-making machine costs Bart a bundle. His cousin (Kathy Bennett) has just bought one---with the $10,000 he lent her. Bart: Jack Kelly. Big Ed: Andrew Duggan. Louis: Patrick Westwood. Clyde: Ted de Corsia. Prof. Reynard: Henry Corden. Jonckbloet: Sig Ruman. Bellboy: Frank London.

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Episode 13

One of Our Trains Is Missing

Sun, Apr 22, 1962 60 mins

While trying to get a young girl's romance back on the right track, Bart (Jack Kelly) gets involved in a train robbery to end all train robberies. Modesty: Kathleen Crowley. Holliday: Peter Breck. Amos: Alan Hewitt.

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Episode 14

Devil's Necklace, Part 2, The

Tue, Dec 4, 2018 60 mins

Bart tangles with a high scum quotient from both sides when he tries to prevent an Apache attack on a remote fort.

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Episode 15


Tue, Dec 17, 2019 51 mins

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Episode 16

The Jeweled Gun

Wed, Dec 18, 2019 51 mins

Bart agrees to pose as the husband of a woman who's traveling through the badlands. He soon finds himself the target of a killer.

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Episode 17

The Wrecker

Thu, Dec 19, 2019 51 mins

Bret gets several offers for the cargo ship he won from the bidding war; Bart look into the offers Bret received.

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Episode 18

The Quick and the Dead

Fri, Dec 20, 2019 51 mins

The person who can clear Bret of a robbery charge has been marked for death by gunfighter and gambler Doc Holliday.

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Episode 19

Comstock Conspiracy

Tue, Dec 24, 2019 51 mins

Arriving in the mining boomtown of Virginia City, Bret gets involved with a mining engineer in his struggle for improved working conditions.

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Episode 20

Rope Of Cards

Fri, Dec 27, 2019 51 mins

Bret becomes the lone holdout for a not guilty verdict in a murder trial. He uses a longshot card trick to convince the other jurors that the defendant might be innocent.

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Episode 21

Diamond In The Rough

Mon, Dec 30, 2019 51 mins

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Episode 22

Day Of Reckoning

Tue, Dec 31, 2019 51 mins

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Episode 23

Goose-Drowner, The

Fri, Mar 6, 2020 52 mins

Taking shelter in a ghost town during a storm, Bart and Gentleman Jack Darby impatiently await the storm's end. But when four gunmen arrive, they might not get out alive.

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