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Lock Up Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

39 Episodes 1960 - 1961

Episode 1

Against the Law

Sat, Sep 24, 1960 30 mins

Maris and Weston's fishing trip turns into a hunt for a killer. Sheriff: Lon Chaney. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Davies: Steven Terrell. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 2

The Tee Off

Sat, Oct 1, 1960 30 mins

Exploding golf balls and a poison lipstick figure in Maris's defense of a man accused of murder. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Gray: John Hudson. Gloria: Donna Douglas.

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Episode 3

Skid Row Story

Sat, Oct 8, 1960 30 mins

Maris must sift through an old man's fantasies to clear him of stealing from a charity. Kevin: Lloyd Corrigan. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Molly: Connie Gilchrist.

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Episode 4

Flying High

Sat, Oct 15, 1960 30 mins

A murdered stewardess's roommate is on the spot when all other suspects have airtight alibis. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Jean: Mary Webster. Tyler: Ross Elliott. Claudia: Joan O'Brien.

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Episode 5

Beau and Arrow Case

Sat, Oct 22, 1960 30 mins

To remain anonymous, a bow-and-arrow murderer takes aim at Maris. Duggen: James Best. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Miss Fuller: Jane Nigh. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 6

The Frame Up

Sat, Oct 29, 1960 30 mins

The police find an unusual present in a gift shop---a corpse. Maris (Macdona1d Carey) suspects a frame-up. Davis: Brett King. Barron: John Duke.

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Episode 7

Seventh Hour

Sat, Nov 5, 1960 30 mins

Three lives hang in the balance as Maris (Macdona1d Carey) tries to free an imprisoned man (Bob Bice). Curtis: Frank Puglia.

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Episode 8

The Sisters

Sat, Jun 17, 1961 30 mins

Maris (Macdonald Carey) must untangle a web of circumstantial evidence to clear his client, an accused murderer. Elly: Diana Millay. Whitney: Mala Powers.

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Episode 9

Diamond Dupe

Sat, Nov 12, 1960 30 mins

Fred Reynolds (Steve Drexel) asks Maris (Macdona1d Carey) to help clear him of a robbery charge---which he has already confessed to. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 10

Society Doctor

Sat, Nov 26, 1960 30 mins

A pretty girl provides the leads as Maris (Macdona1d Carey) defends a noted doctor accused of negligence. Wendy: Wanda Hendrix. Winthrop: Jackie Coogan. Stanhope: Clark Howat. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 11

Top Secret

Sat, Nov 19, 1960 30 mins

An undercover agent is accused of mishandling a top-secret Government file. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Mrs. Hunter: Andrea King. Alice: Nina Shipman.

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Episode 12

Number Please

Sat, Dec 3, 1960 30 mins

Defending a friend accused of killing a detective, Maris learns that the victim had been moonlighting---as a blackmailer. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Calder: John Litel. Lauren: Joan Taylor.

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Episode 13

Coins of Antiquity

Sat, Dec 10, 1960 30 mins

A Greek alien, attacked while selling rare coins to a dealer, is arrested on a robbery charge. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Duncan: Burt Reynolds. Jeanie: Sandra Warner. George: Nico Minardos.

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Episode 14

Concrete Coffin

Sat, Dec 17, 1960 30 mins

A skeleton found on a road leads Maris (Macdona1d Carey) to reopen an unsolved case. Janis: John Gallaudet. Amy: Ellen Corby. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 15

Compulsive Killer

Sat, Dec 24, 1960 30 mins

William Schallert is cast as a college professor who undertakes a deadly masquerade: posing as a psychopathic killer. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Nancy: Patricia Medina. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 16

Girls Wanted

Sat, Dec 31, 1960 30 mins

Maris takes the case of a young immigrant (Barbara Luna) victimized by an employment-agency racket. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Mason: Joel Lawrence.

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Lock Up, Season 2 Episode 16 image

Episode 17

His Brother's Keeper

Tue, Jan 17, 1961 30 mins

A policeman is in trouble for helping a robbery victim instead of chasing the thief---his brother. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Wade: Britt Lomond. McEvoy: Joe Sawyer.

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Episode 18

A Case of Arson

Sat, Jan 14, 1961 30 mins

Maris tries to help his father's old friend, who is charged with arson. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Putnam: Cyril Delevanti.

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Episode 19


Sat, Jan 21, 1961 30 mins

A little girl begs Maris to save her mother from the death house. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Jennifer: Gina Gillespie. Lisa: Angela Greene. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 20

Abandoned Mine

Sat, Jan 28, 1961 30 mins

Maris goes to Nevada to dig into the murder of a prospector. Hurley: Andy Clyde. Laura: Gloria Jean. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 21

A French Affair

Sat, Feb 4, 1961 30 mins

In Paris, Maris (Macdona1d Carey) locates a prospective client . . . dead. Carner: Richard Arlen. Yvonne: Danielle de Metz.

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Episode 22

End of a Titan

Sat, Feb 11, 1961 30 mins

Maris defends a pretty girl accused of killing an architect. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Weston: John Doucette. Frisbee: Carter De Haven. Debbie: Elaine Davis.

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Episode 23

Fugitive From Fear

Sat, Feb 18, 1961 30 mins

A note addressed to Maris is found clutched in the fist of a murdered woman. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Weston: John Doucette. Peggy: Sue Randall. Tyler: John Burns.

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Episode 24

Design for Murder

Sat, Feb 25, 1961 30 mins

When a dress designer is killed, his assistant is accused of the crime. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Pallson: Gage Clarke.

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Episode 25

Like Father, Like Son

Sat, Mar 4, 1961 30 mins

An elderly man has his grandson thrown in jail: the youth is accused of theft. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Weston: John Doucette. Burkhart Jr.: Tommy Ivo. Burkhart Sr.: Robert Warwick. Mandy: Taffy Paul.

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Episode 26

Red Confetti

Sat, Mar 11, 1961 30 mins

The eighth in a series of hit-and-run accidents leads Maris to a dance studio for the aged. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Develin: Neil Hamilton. Manning: Russell Arms.

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Episode 27

Planter's Death

Sat, Mar 18, 1961 30 mins

Maris's West Indies vacation is interrupted by the murder of a plantation owner. Weston: John Doucette. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Germaine: Albert Carrier. Madeleine: Lucien Auclair. Mama: Isabel Jewell.

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Episode 28

Two Wrongs

Sat, Mar 25, 1961 30 mins

Maris (Macdona1d Carey) doesn't lack for suspects as he probes the murder of a much hated Broadway actress. Vincent: Jack Cassidy. Joan: Nancy Rennick. Riker: Walter Coy. Maxine: Pat Healy.

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Episode 29

Jungle Compound

Sat, Apr 1, 1961 30 mins

Maris (Macdonald Carey) is kidnapped by a murder suspect---at a zoo. Donovan: Don Haggerty. Weston: John Doucette. Marge: Nancy McCarthy. Brawn: Larry Blake.

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Episode 30

Mr. Sobel's Birthday Party

Sat, Apr 8, 1961 30 mins

An office party is not a joyous affair when someone spikes the punch---with poison. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Nettie: Sara Haden. Coralie: Joyce Jameson.

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Episode 31

The Wildcatter

Sat, Apr 15, 1961 30 mins

Maris defends a man accused of stealing a fortune in securities. Towns: Guy Stockwell. Norma: Adele Mara. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Parsons: Arthur Hunnicut.

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Episode 32

The Accused

Sat, Apr 22, 1961 30 mins

Maris tries to prove that an alleged suicide was actually murder. Susan: Audrey Dalton. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Barnes: Richard Crane. Helen: Anna Lee. Weston: John Doucette. Ella: Ann O'Neal.

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Episode 33

Leading Young Citizen

Sat, Apr 29, 1961 30 mins

Tempted to commit a crime, ex-convict Joe Taner (Ray Hamilton) changes his mind too late---and is arrested. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Catherine: Jeanne Bates.

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Episode 34


Sat, May 6, 1961 30 mins

Maris gets a wire from a witness in an old murder case: the convicted man was innocent. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Weston: John Doucette. Martha: June Vincent.

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Episode 35

Court Martial

Sat, May 13, 1961 30 mins

A young soldier, whom Weston helped in the Army, faces a court-martial---for murder. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Weston: John Doucette. Corey: Reedy Talton. Patman: Mark Damon. Shirley: June Blair. Hall: Troy Melton.

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Episode 36

Sacrifice Play

Sat, May 20, 1961 30 mins

A popular newspaperman (Wi11iam Zuckert) is accused of murdering a hated columnist. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Larkin: John Considine. Everyl: Jean Carson.

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Episode 37

Face of Innocence

Sat, May 27, 1961 30 mins

An envelope full of money draws Maris into a bizarre murder case. Marianne: Faith Domergue. Roger: Alan Hale. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 38

The Intruder

Sat, Jun 3, 1961 30 mins

One night, an ex-show girl shoots an intruder . . . her husband. Maris: Macdonald Carey. Allison: Jan Shepard. Nichols: Charles Quinliven. Weston: John Doucette.

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Episode 39

Photo Finish

Sat, Jun 10, 1961 30 mins

Mary Tyler Moore plays a secretary framed in an espionage case. Laura: Penny Edwards. Maris: Macdonald Carey.

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