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Happy Days Season 11 Episodes

22 Episodes 1983 - 1984

Episode 1

Because It's There

Tue, Sep 27, 1983 30 mins

The Fonz is acting strangely, and all because of a paper found inside an old cookie jar. Henry Winkler. Bobby: Harris Kal. Tommy: Kevin Sullivan. Arnold: Pat Morita.

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Episode 2

The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi

Tue, Oct 4, 1983 30 mins

Chachi strikes out when Joanie decides to attend class instead of his softball game. Scott Baio, Erin Moran, Henry Winkler, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley. Tommy: Kevin Sullivan.

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Episode 3

Where the Guys Are

Tue, Oct 18, 1983 30 mins

To get Fonzie's mind off his breakup with Ashley, the guys trick him into a weekend at a singles resort. Henry Winkler. Barbara: Rita Wilson. Roger: Ted McGinley. Joanie: Erin Moran. Potsie: Anson Williams.

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Episode 4

Welcome Home

Tue, Oct 25, 1983 30 mins

Richie returns from the Army with wife Lori Beth, Richie Jr. and Ralph. First of two parts. Ron Howard, Lynda Goodfriend, Donald Most, Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley.

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Episode 5

Welcome Home

Tue, Nov 1, 1983 30 mins

Conclusion. Richie is torn between his own wants and the expectations of others. Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Anson Williams, Erin Moran. Lori Beth: Lynda Goodfriend.

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Episode 6

Glove Story

Tue, Nov 8, 1983 30 mins

Chachi, desperate to prove his manhood, puts on the gloves and enters the ring. Scott Baio, Henry Winkler. Leo Epps: Joseph Nipote. Referee: Arthur Batanides. Howard: Tom Bosley. Roger: Ted McGinley.

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Episode 7

Vocational Education

Tue, Nov 22, 1983 30 mins

Roger becomes Milwaukee's youngest principal---of the roughest, toughest school in town. Fonzie: Henry Winkler. Freddie Bascomb: Kenneth Osmond.

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Episode 8

Arthur, Arthur

Tue, Dec 6, 1983 30 mins

The Fonz is visited by a half-brother he never knew he had---and with whom he has nothing in common. Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Erin Moran.

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Episode 9

You Get What You Pay For

Tue, Dec 13, 1983 30 mins

A work-study assignment becomes a washout when Fonzie's students attempt to build a bathroom for the Cunninghams. Henry Winkler, Marion Ross. Joey: Steven Baio. Shorty: Andrew L. Paris.

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Episode 10

Kiss Me Teach

Tue, Jan 10, 1984 30 mins

In her first job, Joanie encounters a gang of hooligans, including one student (Edward Hartes) who prefers lusting to listening. Erin Moran, Henry Winkler. Mrs. Shellenback: Kathryn Fuller.

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Episode 11

The People vs. The Fonz

Tue, Jan 17, 1984 30 mins

The Fonz refuses to defend himself before the school board against charges that he struck a student.

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Episode 12

Like Mother, like Daughter

Tue, Jan 24, 1984 30 mins

Marion's old flame, a letterman from college days, is coming to dinner. Tom Bosley, Marion Ross. Fonzie: Henry Winkler. Joanie: Erin Moran.

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Episode 13

Social Studies

Tue, Jan 31, 1984 30 mins

Chachi, who hasn't dated for awhile, takes lessons from the Fonz.

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Episode 14

The Spirit Is Willing

Tue, Apr 24, 1984 30 mins

Fonzie visits the twilight zone after meeting a girl who shows a great interest in the 1955 car he bought to restore.

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Episode 15

Fonzie Moves Out

Tue, May 1, 1984 30 mins

The Fonz is forced to move out because the Cunninghams are moving to New York.

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Episode 16


Tue, May 8, 1984 30 mins

Part 1 of 2. Joanie and Chachi get together again---and head for the altar. Meanwhile, Fonzie tries to adopt an orphan.

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Episode 17


Tue, May 8, 1984 30 mins

Conclusion. While preparations get underway for Joanie and Chachi's wedding, Fonzie learns he can't adopt Danny (Danny Ponce). Erin Moran, Scott Baio, Tom Bosley. Cameos by Ron Howard, Cathy Silvers, Al Molinaro, Ellen Travolta.

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Episode 18

So How Was Your Weekend?

Thu, Jun 28, 1984 30 mins

Marion and Joanie help Mother Kelp move, while the men spend an argumentative evening playing poker.

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Episode 19

Low Notes

Thu, Jul 5, 1984 30 mins

Unable to make it in the music business, Chachi takes a job teaching elderly women to dance.

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Episode 20

School Dazed

Thu, Jul 12, 1984 30 mins

Joanie discovers that helping a student kick the drug habit is easier said than done.

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Episode 21

Good News, Bad News

Thu, Jul 19, 1984 30 mins

Chachi turns down a chance to go on tour with a big-time band.

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Episode 22

Fonzie's Spots

Mon, Sep 24, 1984 30 mins

Real leopards may not change their spots, but Grand Poo-Bah Howard may have to if he doesn't bring new members into the club.

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