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Frontline: Season 36
Frontline: Season 36

3:22 Frontline: Season 36


  • 1997 - Australian Film Institute Awards - Best Episode in a Television Drama Series - winner
  • 1997 - Australian Film Institute Awards - Best Screenplay in a Television Drama - nominated

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Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise

1 Season
Henry Louis Gates Jr. examines African-American history since 1965, detailing the progress that has been made in civil rights while also highlighting the obstacles that still remain.
2016 TVPG Documentary, Other

One Day in the American City

1 Season
The challenges facing urban America are explored in this documentary series, which was filmed over a 24-hour period.
2016 Documentary, Other

Elegant Universe

NOVA: The Elegant Universe is a three-hour miniseries about the string theory, which some physicists believe may unify the forces of nature. Scientific commentary is provided by Brian Greene, a professor of physics at Columbia University. He uses computer animation to illustrate his explanations for the idea which has been called the "theory of everything." Contains three sections: "Einstein's Dream," "String's the Thing," and "Welcome to the 11th Dimension." Greene is the author of The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory, published by Norton in 1999. This miniseries was originally broadcast on PBS in October 2003.
2003 Documentary, Science

Sacred Journeys With Bruce Feiler

1 Season
Biblical scholar Bruce Feiler and modern sojourners undertake pilgrimages to sacred sites in this series. Each installment focuses on a modern-day pilgrim and their private spiritual journey.
2014 TVPG Documentary, Other


1 Season
A typically ambitious miniseries from Boston's PBS affiliate WGBH-TV, the seven-part, eight-hour Evolution was advertised as "A Journey Into Where We're From and Where We're Going." Although the Darwinian theory of evolution was given plenty of screen time, the series investigated all aspects of the evolutionary process, as related to survival, sex, and religion. One of the series' distinctions was its ability to find a common ground for scientists and fundamentalists alike: as one of the participants of the series noted, "We're just studying what God has made, however he made it." In addition to standard documentary footage, the project made extensive use of animation, dramatizations, and expert interviews. Individual episode titles included "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" (the two-hour opener), "Great Transformations," "Extinction!," "The Evolutionary Arms Race," "Why Sex?," "The Mind's Big Bang," and "What About God?" Co-produced by Blue Sky Productions and narrated by actor Liam Neeson, Evolution made its first PBS appearance on September 24, 2001.
2001 TVPG Documentary, Science, Other

Greeks: Crucible of Civilization

1 Season
Historians recall 'a civilization that changed the world' in a documentary that follows a handful of Athenian notables from 580 to 400 B.C., a period of enormous creativity in philosophy, literature and politics.
2016 TVG Documentary, Other

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