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Fear Thy Roommate

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British Police Murdered on Duty

1 Season
Presented by Rav Wilding, the show commemorates brave police officers murdered in the line of duty. The series tells the stories of the most high-profile police murders of the past 50 years, including the infamous Shepherd's Bush murders, Dale Cregan's murder of PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona Bones and the murder of PC Ian Broadhurst. Combining first-hand accounts and expert analysis, viewers are given real background and insight into the role of the police officer and how the thin blue line they walk often leads them into danger.
2016 Documentary, Drama, Other

The Chameleon Killer

1 Season
Deep in the woods of New Hampshire, police find barrels with the remains of mutilated victims. The hunt for a serial killer stretches to California as detectives unravel a tangled web of abuse and murder.
2021 TV14 Documentary, Drama, Other

Murder in Paradise

3 Seasons
Examining cases of couples whose dream vacations ended in violence and murder.
2013 TV14 Documentary, Travel, Drama, Other

Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery

1 Season
Susan Powell disappears, and her sister-in-law begins a personal mission to uncover what happened.
2018 TV14 Documentary, Drama, Other

The Object of Murder

1 Season
A look at how objects have given detectives clues in solving murder cases.
2019 TV14 Documentary, Reality, Suspense, Other

Devil in the Details

1 Season
Every investigation is a hunt for clues. In the question of murder, it is the details that reveal the coldblooded truth. Devil in the Details is a six-part series that follows a trail of details to track down a killer.
2014 TV14 Documentary, Reality, Other

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