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Family Law Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

22 Episodes 2001 - 2002

Episode 1

Irreparable Harm

Mon, Sep 24, 2001 60 mins

The firm moves to Venice Beach and hires two new associates (Orla Brady, Meredith Eaton). Also, Lynn fights for a cancer patient's right to take unapproved medication; Joe realizes he's overworked and hands off a custody case to another lawyer, which leads to tragedy; and Danni searches for Raphael after he runs away from his foster home. Lynn: Kathleen Quinlan. Joe: Tony Danza. Danni: Julie Warner.

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Episode 2

Moving On

Mon, Oct 1, 2001 60 mins

Randi represents a woman fighting to regain custody of her two children who were taken from her while she was in prison; Danni finds Raphael and tries once more to adopt him; Joe angers everyone with the amount of pro bono cases he's taken on. Randi: Dixie Carter. Danni: Julie Warner. Viveca: Salli Richardson.

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Episode 3


Mon, Oct 8, 2001 60 mins

Lynn defends a 14-year-old girl accused of spray painting hate messages on a building; Emily represents parents who want to keep their teen daughter with cerebral palsy out of high school and keep her in a special-education facility against the girl's wishes; Joe tries to help an abused woman from being deported because he believes her violent husband will kill her if she returns to her homeland. Emily: Meredith Eaton. Viveca: Sallli Richardson. Joe: Tony Danza.

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Episode 4

My Brother's Keeper

Mon, Oct 15, 2001 60 mins

Naoise defends a 15-year-old boy accused of taking violent measures to defend his neighborhood from drug dealers and prostitutes; Joe tries to help a 16-year-old orphan gain custody of his two younger siblings. Naoise: Orla Brady. Joe: Tony Danza. Viveca: Salli Richardson.

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Episode 5

Against All Odds

Mon, Oct 22, 2001 60 mins

Joe is badly burned when he rescues a 15-year-old from a house fire that the teen accidentally started when he tried to make his own drugs from a book he purchased. Rex then attempts to sue the book's publisher. Joe: Tony Danza. Rex: Christopher McDonald. Randi: Dixie Carter.

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Episode 6


Mon, Oct 29, 2001 60 mins

Lynn intervenes when 13 children from one family are removed from their home after a case worker declares that the parents can't take care of them all; Randi reluctantly helps a man who wants his ex-wife to continue making large child support payments despite the fact that she plans to quit her job to have another baby. Randi: Dixie Carter. Lynn: Kathleen Quinlan.

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Episode 7

All in the Family

Mon, Nov 5, 2001 60 mins

A friend reveals to Lynn that he cheated on his wife and now he wants Lynn to represent him in a paternity suit; a mother is charged with child abuse after she spanks her son in a dressing room. Lynn: Kathleen Quinlan. Joe: Tony Danza. Viveca: Salli Richardson.

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Episode 8


Mon, Nov 12, 2001 60 mins

An Arab-American who works for the Department of Transportation's hazardous-materials division is arrested for espionage after he takes home a computer disk that contains classified information. But Joe argues that he's being targeted simply because he's an Arab. Joe: Tony Danza. Viveca: Salli Richardson. Lynn: Kathleen Quinlan.

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Episode 9

No Options

Mon, Nov 19, 2001 60 mins

Randi defends a woman whose children died from heat exposure while locked in a car; Joe helps a mom whose kids were taken away because she left them home alone while she worked; Lynn and Rex consider having an affair. Randi: Dixie Carter. Joe: Tony Danza.

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Episode 10

Sex, Lies and the Internet

Mon, Dec 10, 2001 60 mins

Emily aids a woman who wants a divorce on the grounds that her husband committed adultery by carrying on a relationship with a woman over the Internet; Lynn defends a 40-year-old friend who is arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old boy; Randi starts dating a judge and then discovers he has a secret past that could end his career. Emily: Meredith Eaton. Randi: Dixie Carter. Lynn: Kathleen Quinlan.

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Episode 11

Angels' Flight

Mon, Dec 17, 2001 60 mins

A man sues his ex-wife for fraud when he learns the two boys he raised are not his biological sons; divorcing parents argue over who will get their son on Christmas day; a tall, skinny man sues a department store after the owner refuses to hire him as an elf. Lynn: Kathleen Quinlan. Emily: Meredith Eaton.

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Episode 12

Blood and Water

Mon, Jan 7, 2002 60 mins

Rex represents a bipolar 8-year-old boy who was given up by his adoptive parents because of his violent outbursts; Lynn and Naoise assist a priest in his efforts to gain custody of a son he never knew existed until the boy's mother died. Naoise: Orla Brady. Rex: Christopher McDonald. Lynn: Kathleen Quinlan.

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Episode 13

To Protect and to Serve

Mon, Jan 14, 2002 60 mins

Naoise (Orla Brady) is seriously wounded when she gets caught in a shoot-out between rival gangs and Lynn sues the police department for failing to respond quickly; Viveca helps an 85-year-old grandmother try to gain custody of her grandson. Viveca: Salli Richardson. Lynn: Kathleen Quinlan.

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Episode 14

Arlene's Choice

Mon, Feb 4, 2002 60 mins

A woman (Annie Larussa) who is only 23 weeks pregnant wants doctors to induce labor so stem cells from her baby can be used to save her 8-year-old son, who's dying from aplastic anemia. But the doctors are hesitant because the infant will likely die. Mike: Bobby Preston. Brad: John Mese. Judge Prentiss: Michael Rothhaar. Benson: Veronica Cartwright. Scanlon: William Forward. Pierce: James McDonnell.

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Episode 15

Children of a Lesser Dad

Mon, Feb 25, 2002 60 mins

Lynn represents a deadbeat dad who is thrown into jail after a judge learns that his wife is pregnant (because fathering another child is a violation of his parole); Viveca decides whether she's going to have Joe's baby. Ryan: Jason Peck. Patty: Nicki Aycox. Judge Daniels: Dion Anderson. Newman: Jonathan Nichols. Peres: Steve Railsback. Sefton: Brian Palerma. Viveca: Salli Richardson. Joe: Tony Danza.

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Episode 16

Celano v. Foster

Mon, Mar 4, 2002 60 mins

Vivica quits the firm in order to oppose Joe in court over a case involving standardized tests for teachers; Rex and Lynn represent a 12-year-old genius who wants the right to leave home to accept a scholarship at M.I.T. Jake: Jesse James. Olivia: Esther Scott. James: John Pyper-Ferguson. Karin: Alix Koromzay. Markes: Jody Wood. Judge Scott: Marcia Rodd. Blumberg: Aaron Lustig.

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Episode 17

Big Brother

Mon, Mar 18, 2002 60 mins

The parents of a girl involved in a cult ask Lynn to help them stop a mass wedding in which their daughter is to be married to a stranger; Joe fights a restraining order that prevents him from seeing an 8-year-old boy he mentored while the kid's dad was in prison. Bob: James Colby. Kim: Rhonda Aldrich. Carly: Kimberly McCullough. Rev. Williams: Matthew Glave. Darren: Michael Cudlitz. Jack: Gemini Barnett. Carruthers: Jere Burns.

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Episode 18

Once Removed

Mon, Mar 25, 2002 60 mins

Lynn reluctantly represents a polygamist with five wives who is fighting a former spouse for custody of their two children; Randi helps a couple battle an HMO that refuses to pay for an expensive treatment that their dying son needs. Price: Scott Alan Smith. Cooper: Matthew Koby. Lauren: Laura Leigh Hughes. George: Harry O'Reilly. Wendy: Abigail Revasch. Debra: Alison Simpson. Ashley: Cindy Lou Adkins. Gretchen: Rae Ritke. Jody: Kristina Lear. Michele: Margaret Emery.

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Episode 19


Mon, Apr 8, 2002 60 mins

An 18-year-old black honors student sues a topflight college for discrimination when he's refused admission, even though he is academically qualified; one of Rex's friends is accused of raping a co-worker, but he claims the sex was consensual; and Emily dates a man she met on the Internet. Singleton: Ned Vaughn. Jamie: Eric Dearborn. Frank: John Cothran Jr. Gretchen: Jacqueline Heinze. Tolan: Jeremy Kramer. Carlisle: Sam Anderson. Rex: Christopher McDonald. Emily: Meredith Eaton. Joe: Tony Danza.

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Episode 20

Ties That Bind

Mon, Apr 15, 2002 60 mins

Randi defends her cousin (Delta Burke), who is accused of abusing her elderly mother; Joe aids a 16-year-old father's fight for custody of his infant daughter; Cassie is suspended from school for writing an article condemning the school for creating a day-care facility for the kids of unwed teens. Robbie: Blake Heron. Angela: Maxine Stuart. Montag: Michael Mulheren. Julie: Katie Fountain. Mark: David Gautreaux. Cassie: Michelle Horn.

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Episode 21

Alienation of Affection

Mon, May 27, 2002 60 mins

In the series finale, a young woman who promised to give her newborn to an adopting couple reneges on the agreement after giving birth; a bride refuses to sign a prenuptial agreement just minutes before her wedding; Lynn and Rex fly to Nevada in an attempt to have their marriage annulled; Randi searches for a dying client's lost love. Frank: Ernest Borgnine. Kelly: Kali Rocha. Nancy: Ann Cusack. Brad: Cooper Thornton. Bride: Elizabeth Anne Allen. Groom: Nick Cornish.

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Episode 22

Angel's Fight

Tue, Oct 30, 2018 60 mins

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