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ER Season 10 Episodes

22 Episodes 2003 - 2004

Season 10 of the award winning ER sees Carter return from the Congo, and a new team of interns begin life in the most intense and demanding job in the world, as new traumas, emotional challenges and friendships are forged in the halls of County General.

Episode 1

Now What?

Thu, Sep 25, 2003 60 mins

County is undergoing extensive renovations, and with Carter out of Africa but in trouble with Abby, a new med student (Parminder Nagra) comes between Chen and Pratt. Meanwhile, a mother's hidden ailment causes a tragic car accident; and a long-distance phone call leaves the staffers shaken and one doctor heading for the door. Chuck: Donal Logue. Chen: Ming-Na. Pratt: Mekhi Phifer.

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Episode 2

The Lost

Thu, Oct 2, 2003 60 mins

Carter returns to Africa after receiving a startling phone call about Kovac, but even the aid of a Red Cross worker (Mary McCormack) may not be enough to help him uncover the truth. Meanwhile, flashbacks fill in the blanks about the fate of County's Croatian exile. Carter: Noah Wyle. Kovac: Goran Visnjic.

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Episode 3

Dear Abby

Thu, Oct 9, 2003 60 mins

Abby gets a Dear John letter from Carter that makes the rounds faster than the hyper new resident (Glenn Howerton) whom Neela nearly kills with too much asthma medication. Meanwhile, the nursing crisis reaches a fever pitch; Corday and Dorset dispense with the formalities; and a young heart patient (Stephanie Lineburg) is kept in the dark about her grim prognosis. Morris: Scott Grimes. Dorset: Bruno Campos.

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Episode 4

Shifts Happen

Thu, Oct 23, 2003 60 mins

Pratt and Weaver wind up on the wrong side of two judgment calls during a hellacious night shift that also finds Abby seeking funds for a hush-hush personal endeavor. Meanwhile, second-year resident Coop (Glenn Howerton) proves his worth after a patient develops a mysterious neurological condition; Corday has a hard time getting used to her newly rejuvenated sex life; and Neela takes care of a young girl who shows up with her unconscious grandmother. Dorset: Bruno Campos. Morris: Scott Grimes.

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Episode 5

Out of Africa

Thu, Oct 30, 2003 60 mins

Bob Newhart begins a three-episode role as an ailing architect whose gradual loss of vision touches a nerve in Lewis. Meanwhile, the rest of County is thrown off by a staggering backlog of patients; an alcoholic mother's grisly reaction to losing custody of her children; the arrival of a new nurse (Linda Cardellini); and Abby's career switch. Coop: Glenn Howerton.

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Episode 6

The Greater Good

Thu, Nov 6, 2003 60 mins

Susan goes above and beyond the call of duty to help Ben Hollander (Bob Newhart) cope with his failing vision; Pratt's actions backfire for a mother in drastically premature labor; Abby uses her surgical rotation to teach a widow about organ donation; and Kovac battles a social worker over an overmedicated teen. Coop: Glenn Howerton. Neela: Parminder Nagra. Sam: Linda Cardellini.

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Episode 7

Death and Taxes

Thu, Nov 13, 2003 60 mins

Lewis's busy workload threatens to keep her from an important date with Hollander (Bob Newhart); Kovac and Corday clash over the treatment of a patient with questionable symptoms; and Sam's son spends a day underfoot at the ER. Meanwhile, Chen gets bad news from China about her parents. Alex: Oliver Davis. Coop: Glenn Howerton. Morris: Scott Grimes. Chuck: Donal Logue.

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Episode 8


Thu, Nov 20, 2003 60 mins

A Thanksgiving tragedy high above the ER has the County staff racing to aid the survivors and Susan fearing the worst about one of the possible casualties. Meanwhile, Abby finally finds a reason to get over Carter, who may be heading back to Chicago sooner than anyone expected. Sam: Linda Cardellini. Chuck: Donal Logue.

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Episode 9


Thu, Dec 4, 2003 60 mins

Pratt takes a shine to Gallant's visiting sister (Joy Bryant); Neela reaches out to a pair of car-crash victims struggling with returning to their strict Amish families; and Susan races to locate the missing parents of a 5-year-old Jane Doe. Meanwhile, Sam bristles at Luka's attention to her young son. Alex: Oliver Davis. Sam: Linda Cardellini.

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Episode 10


Thu, Dec 11, 2003 60 mins

Flashbacks recall Carter's life---and idealistic new lover (Thandie Newton)---in Africa, as he prepares to return to Chicago for the holidays. Back at home, Pratt continues to avoid Gallant's sister (Joy Bryant); and Abby refuses to accept a peace offering from her former flame. Debbie: Mary McCormack. Angelique: Pragna Desai.

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Episode 11

Touch and Go

Thu, Jan 8, 2004 60 mins

Carter makes an eye-raising return to County with his pregnant lover (Thandie Newton) in tow; Pratt's work on a car-crash victim hits a snag, as does his flirtation with Gallant's sister (Joy Bryant); Kovac gives Weaver his notice; and a missing painkiller kills the nursing staff's plans to go home for the night. Carter: Noah Wyle. Lopez: Lisa Vidal. Gallant: Sharif Atkins.

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Episode 12


Thu, Jan 15, 2004 60 mins

Neela and Abby face their toughest rotation ever after being assigned to the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, where a familiar face from the ER ends up needing help in the worst way. Susannah: Jordan Berkow. Lopez: Lisa Vidale. Neela: Parminder Nagra.

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Episode 13

Get Carter

Thu, Feb 5, 2004 60 mins

Carter's girlfriend (Thandie Newton) steps on more than a few toes while spending a day observing County in action. Meanwhile, Kerry slaps Romano's name on a wing that would have him kicking and screaming; Sam gets more info on Kovac than she hoped for; Pratt's recent mistakes have a paralyzing effect on his ability to treat patients; and Lewis turns down a promotion, due to an imminent change in her lifestyle. Corday: Alex Kingston. Lewis: Sherry Stringfield.

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Episode 14

Impulse Control

Thu, Feb 12, 2004 60 mins

Kerry tries to protect a mom from losing her son after a car wreck that has Abby rushing to find his sister at another ER and the driver reeling from his role in the tragedy. Meanwhile, Pratt pulls a fast one on a TB carrier who refuses treatment; Carter and Kem share her last day in Chicago mapping out their future; Sam's violent side is triggered by a patient's abusive beau; and Luka receives a sexy late-night visit from a colleague.

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Episode 15

Blood Relations

Thu, Feb 19, 2004 60 mins

Neela's faced with crippling claustrophobia while trapped in a hyperbaric chamber with a baby suffering from carbon-monoxide poisoning. Meanwhile, Chen (Ming-Na) returns from China with her ailing father; Kerry breaks bad news to a mother about her son's leukemia; and Sam ponders the repercussions of her night with Kovac. Chuck: Donal Logue. Henry: Paul Dooley. Clay: Bobby Preston.

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Episode 16

Forgive and Forget

Thu, Feb 26, 2004 60 mins

Sam's troubled by Kovac's visiting African tryst (Simone-Elise Girard); one of County's former patients uses a tank to exact a revenge that threatens half of Chicago; Corday is charmed by a fellow surgeon; a staffer becomes a patient after suffering a heart attack. Lawson: Paul Blackthorne. Welling: James Leo Ryan.

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Episode 17

The Student

Thu, Apr 1, 2004 60 mins

Carter's efforts to push Neela trigger a crisis that threatens not only a head injury, but also a fellow doc. Meanwhile, it's Chuck (Donal Logue) to the rescue after a sexually deranged patient targets Susan; and Chen scrambles to find an appropriate caregiver for her ailing father. Neela: Parminder Nagra. Gallant: Sharif Atkins. Directed by Paul McCrane.

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Episode 18

Where There's Smoke

Thu, Apr 8, 2004 60 mins

A warehouse blaze brings a flood of wounded firefighters into the ER, including a case that hits all-too-close to home for Kerry and Corday; Gallant proves worth his name by taking the fall for Neela's bad call that killed a patient; Lewis is forced to face the facts about her troubled pregnancy; a familiar---but unfriendly---face from Sam's past resurfaces; and County loses one of their own to the ongoing strife in Iraq. Lopez: Lisa Vidal. Sam: Linda Cardellini.

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Episode 19

Just a Touch

Thu, Apr 22, 2004 60 mins

A breast exam lands Pratt in hot water; Weaver scores a minor win in the fight for her son; Sam is baffled by her ex's return---and Kovac's take on the new man in Alex's life; Abby proves her mettle during a psych rotation; and Corday scrambles to keep two of her new romances from running into each other. Lawson: Paul Blackthorne. Dave: Steven Culp.

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Episode 20

Abby Normal

Thu, Apr 29, 2004 60 mins

Kerry considers drastic action to keep Lopez's folks from taking custody of Henry; Abby resorts to unconventional measures with a mom suffering from psych-related seizures; Pratt lays into Neela for avoiding the ER to work in a lab, where her skills come in handy after a colleague toys with a bad medicine; and Carter impresses Kem---but annoys his father---with a shake-up at his family's foundation. Jack: Michael Gross. Kem: Thandie Newton.

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Episode 21


Thu, May 6, 2004 60 mins

Rachel Greene pays Corday a surprising visit; graduation---and potentially grave news---looms for Neela and Abby; John and Kem (Thandie Newton) face a major obstacle on the road to a happy family life; Sam's ex (Cole Hauser) makes his intentions clear to Luka. Rachel: Hallee Hirsh. Abby: Maura Tierney. Jack: Michael Gross.

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Episode 22


Thu, May 13, 2004 60 mins

Abby reminds a dying teacher (Bill Macy) that his was a life well-lived; a car wreck brings out Kovac's inner hero; Sam flees with Alex after Steve (Cole Hauser) settles down in Chicago; Kerry has her day in court---and faces Sandy's family---over Henry; Neela heads to Michigan for her internship; mystery swirls around Chen's recent injuries; and Pratt's attempt to buddy up with a patient leaves three lives in jeopardy. Elgin: James Earl. Abby: Maura Tierney.

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