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Emily in Paris Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

10 Episodes 2019 -

Episode 1

Emily in Paris

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 30 mins

Emily arrives in Paris with a proactive American attitude and a host of new ideas. Her lack of French skills turn out to be a huge personal and professional problem.

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Episode 2

Masculin Féminin

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 27 mins

Emily takes her practical American attitude to her new workplace in Paris. Her inability to speak French causes problems.

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Episode 3

Sexy or Sexist

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 26 mins

Emily raises issues with a new campaign. She deals with plumbing issues, language classes, and difficult co-workers.

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Episode 4

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 27 mins

A kind friend helps Emily meet a potential client. A difficult workplace situation puts the deal in jeopardy.

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Episode 5

Faux Amis

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 27 mins

Emily learns that her social media following brings opportunities. A casual night on the town leads to something more with Gabriel.

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Episode 6


Fri, Oct 2, 2020 29 mins

A meeting with a legendary couture house falls apart over a mistake. Emily meets an alluring professor.

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Episode 7

French Ending

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 28 mins

Emily agrees to take care of an American actress at an opening. However, the night begins to get out of control.

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Episode 8

Family Affair

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 29 mins

Emily's plans for a romantic weekend loses its spark. Mindy's gathering with old friends ends in a surprising way.

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Episode 9

An American Auction in Paris

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 24 mins

A charity auction, a gown, and a design duo lead to problems for Emily. She catches the attention of Pierre Caudault's heir.

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Episode 10

Cancel Couture

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 34 mins

Emily finds her job on the line over a Fashion Week problem. She rushes to come up with a plan while saying goodbye to a cherished friend.

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