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Ed Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

22 Episodes 2001 - 2002

Episode 1

The Stars Align

Wed, Oct 10, 2001 60 mins

Carol fears that fate---and Bonnie's return---will keep her and Ed apart; Warren lands in court after supplying beer to a school party that ended with an injury; and the abrasive school principal (John Slattery) gets under Carol's skin. Bonnie: Rena Sofer. Phil: Michael Ian Black. David: Adam Wylie. Fozcat: Mark Matkevich. Repairman: William Hill. Carol: Julie Bowen.

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Episode 2


Wed, Oct 17, 2001 60 mins

A mysterious client looking to change his name has Ed thinking that a "cooler" image for himself may turn Carol's head; Molly frets that she doesn't stand a chance at catching the eye of a bowling-alley salesman; and Mike (Josh Randall) finds his attempt to quit his practice stalled by an offer he never expected. Dennis: John Slattery. Jenny: Priscilla Garita. Wendy: Saundra McClain.

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Episode 3

A Job Well Done

Wed, Oct 24, 2001 60 mins

Ed ends up on Molly's hit list after a judge bullies him into defending a suit salesman charged with exploiting his all-female staff; Mike makes all the wrong moves to persuade Nancy to have another baby; Carol takes steps to improve her class after Dennis and the kids begin to play mind games with her; and Phill tries to cover his tracks after a bowler's prized ball goes missing. Heather: Amy Wilson. Donnie: Matt Servitto. Dennis: John Slattery. Molly: Lesley Boone.

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Episode 4

Crazy Time

Wed, Oct 31, 2001 60 mins

Ed's on the case after a bitter kids'-show host (Evan Handler) talks a young fan into running away; Molly gives up on wooing Jim (Pat Finn), who has a surprise up his sleeve; and Warren (Justin Long) comes up with the worst idea ever to impress his classmates at homecoming. Doris: Felicity Jones. Bill: Stephen Singer. Fozcat: Mark Matkevich. Diane: Ginnifer Goodwin.

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Episode 5


Wed, Nov 7, 2001 60 mins

A divorce case has Ed meeting up with his ex (Melissa Errico) to get closure on her infidelity and his inability to hear her side of the story; Molly has second thoughts about seeing the enigmatic Jim Frost (Pat Finn) following their amazing first date; and a mystery involving Stuckeybowl's free-bowling contest develops after too many people supply winning entries. Sonja: Patricia Velasquez. Andy: Peter Benson. Dr. Jerome: Marvin Chatinover.

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Episode 6


Wed, Nov 14, 2001 60 mins

An upstart lawyer (Neil Patrick Harris) steals Ed's thunder by opening his own bowling-alley office based on Stuckeybowl and its quirky crew of regulars; Carol resorts to drastic measures to crack the mysterious Dennis Martino (John Slattery) and ends up with more questions than answers; Mike trains Warren to give the poor kid a leg-up at wrestling tryouts. Coach Giel: Matt Mulhern. Pellechia: Meridoc Burkhardt. Diane: Ginnifer Goodwin.

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Episode 7

The New World

Wed, Nov 21, 2001 60 mins

Ed takes on a lawyer (Chris Elliott) who's out to get major money from Dennis (John Slattery) for a minor fender bender that has the mysterious new principal eager to settle. Meanwhile, Ed and the bowling-alley bunch try to put together a Thanksgiving parade after the town nixes the idea of hosting the annual event; and Nancy learns the dirty business of selling cookies after crossing a band of local ladies out to sink her sales. Anne: Barbara Gulan. Donna: Mary Shultz. Mike: Josh Randall.

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Episode 8

Goodbye Sadie

Mon, Dec 3, 2001 60 mins

Carol recruits Ed to defend a drama teacher accused of racism for denying a black student the lead in a play about Abe Lincoln; Molly tries to cut ties with her old car and gets some help from her new beau (Pat Finn); Diane calls in her well-connected cousin to beef up Warren's social standing. Carol: Julie Bowen. Molly: Lesley Boone. Ed: Tom Cavanagh. Warren: Justin Long.

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Episode 9

Charity Cases

Wed, Dec 12, 2001 60 mins

Ed becomes the anti-Claus after a wealthy client gives Stuckeyville a Christmas gift he really can't afford, forcing the bowling-alley bunch to host a frenzied fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Mike fears that he and Nancy are a bad influence on their own daughter; and Carol gets a peek at the other woman in Dennis's life. Molly: Lesley Boone. Nancy: Jana Marie Hupp. Phil: Michael Ian Black. Kenny: Mike Starr.

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Episode 10

Small Town Guys

Wed, Jan 9, 2002 60 mins

A hotshot lawyer (Jay Thomas) offers to help Ed defend an ex-classmate being sued by a woman he embarrassed on the Internet, in hopes of twisting the case into a First Amendment issue for the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Mike resorts to cruelty after Dr. Jerome decides to postpone his retirement; and Warren finds that the class clown who laughs first...is the most laughed at. Bob: Shuler Hensley. Dr. Jerome: Martin Chatinover. Diane: Ginnifer Goodwin. Mark: Michael R. Genadry.

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Episode 11

Two Days of Freedom

Wed, Jan 16, 2002 60 mins

Carol breaks Ed's heart with a lie about her past with Dennis (John Slattery), who gives Miss Vessey cause to reconsider romance with him. Meanwhile, a Stuckeyville woman hires Ed to watch over her husband during his very unusual birthday celebration; Phil and Kenny set out to invent a new food; and Warren's first date with Jessica hits a snag. Carol: Julie Bowen. Molly: Lesley Boone. Ed: Tom Cavanagh.

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Episode 12

Ends and Means

Wed, Jan 30, 2002 60 mins

Ed faces an ethical dilemma of his own after falling for a client (Reiko Aylesworth) who may have broken the law to save a man's life. Meanwhile, Carol hires Nancy (Janamarie Hupp) to sub at the school, but finds her new hire failing to make the grade; and Phil turns a 9-year-old's birthday party at the alley into a celebrity-style roast. Linda: Ellen Parker. Cushman: Frank Girardeau. Bronkowski: Kevin Chamberlin. Carol: Julie Bowen.

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Episode 13

Youth Bandits

Wed, Feb 6, 2002 60 mins

The death of a high-school bandmate has Ed and Mike thinking about reuniting with a fellow rocker (Andy Richter) to play at the funeral. Meanwhile, Warren makes a mistake that will last forever after he decides to commemorate his first kiss from Jessica; and Molly tries to tutor a reluctant Phil. Jim: Pat Finn. Diane: Ginnifer Goodwin. Jessica: Robin Paul. Larry: Joel Johnstone.

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Episode 14

Things to Do Today

Wed, Feb 27, 2002 60 mins

A mystery woman (Kelly Ripa) lures Ed into an unusual romance built on her to-do list of crazy dares and goofy stunts. Meanwhile, Jim (Pat Finn) comes clean with Molly about his crowded love life; and Carol can kiss privacy goodbye after the staff of the school's TV show catches her in a clinch with Dennis (John Slattery). Francis: Don Sparks. Doreen: Nell Cross. Rajiv: Keith Franklin.

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Episode 15

Nice Guys Finish Last

Wed, Mar 6, 2002 60 mins

Ed coaches a pushover lawyer (Jason Kravits) in the art of negotiating after a trucking company uses Stuckeyville as its newest route; Dennis offers a harsh review of Carol's work in time to scare her out of showing it to a visiting author; and Jim (Pat Finn) shows his true colors after Molly refuses to take the married man's calls. Stanley: Keir Dullea. Gus Ryan: Richard Topol. Amy: Jennifer Van Dyck. Molly: Lesley Boone.

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Episode 16

Wheel of Justice

Wed, Mar 27, 2002 60 mins

Ed winds up behind bars and in over his head after his favorite judge (Richard Easton) takes up some outlandish courtroom antics. Meanwhile, Phil runs a boot camp for clowns to find the perfect bozo for a Stuckeybowl celebration; and Mike becomes a pin-up laughing stock after a marketer (Stephen Lang) takes over the ads for his new private practice. Ms. Migalski: Sally Kemp. Dr. Jerome: Martin Chatinover. Jacob: Don Puglisi. Carmela: Theresa Yenque.

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Episode 17


Wed, Apr 3, 2002 60 mins

Ed's fast-talking big brother (Timothy Busfield) blows into town and ropes Ed into a risky plan to glam up Stuckeybowl; Nancy's Internet chat buddy turns out to be a little younger, but a lot older-acting than she expected; and Warren finally sees Diane in a new light after he fails to make headway with a college girl. Stevie: Aaron Hamill. Diane: Ginnifer Goodwin. Salesman: Robert Ari.

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Episode 18


Wed, Apr 10, 2002 60 mins

Ed takes Mike's case---but not his side---after a nurse (Sally Wheeler) charges the good doctor with sexual harassment; Carol's writing career hits a dead-end after she hits up an editor for a job at Stuckeyville's newspaper. Kenny: Mike Starr. Carol: Julie Bowen. Mike: Josh Randall.

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Episode 19

The Shot

Wed, Apr 24, 2002 60 mins

Ed gets a shot at rewriting history during his reunion with the high-school basketball team he let down with a funky foul shot 15 years ago. Meanwhile, Molly gets a sinking feeling about her role in the end of Jim's marriage; and Phil coaches Shirley in the fine art of flirting with the delivery guy. Rich Reed: Josh Duhamel. Jim: Pat Finn. Irv: Paul Shaffer. Cliff: Robert Bogue. Fitzy: C.J. Wilson. Jack: Reg Flowers. Molly: Lesley Boone.

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Episode 20

Power of the Person

Wed, May 1, 2002 60 mins

Ed is asked to coach a scholastic team taking part in the annual "Quizbowl"; Warren explores various religious faiths; inspired by Don King, Phil promotes a boxing match. Warren: Justin Long. Carol: Julie Bowen. Phil: Michael Ian Black. Ed: Tom Cavanagh.

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Episode 21

Memory Lane

Wed, May 8, 2002 60 mins

News of Dennis and Carol's new living situation has Ed scrambling to find the perfect way to revisit the past and win her back. Meanwhile, Dennis decides to run for senior-class president after getting a look at the offensive front runner; and Warren embarks on his first real date with Diane, only to find that the feelings they have aren't exactly romantic. Diane: Ginnifer Goodwin. Mark: Michael R. Genadry. Dennis: John Slattery.

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Episode 22

Last Chance

Wed, May 15, 2002 60 mins

Ed realizes he must take some sort of drastic action to keep unrequited crush Carol from accepting Dennis's possible proposal at the Stuckeyville Fair. Meanwhile, Diane becomes the prize in a battle of wits between her two nitwit suitors, Warren and Mark (Michael R. Genadry). Diane: Ginnifer Goodwin. Dennis: John Slattery. Mike: Josh Randall. Nancy: Janamarie Hupp.

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