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Dr. G: Medical Examiner Season 2 Episodes

15 Episodes 2005 - 2005

Episode 1

Death on the Road

Fri, Jul 15, 2005 60 mins

A medical mystery surrounding the vehicular death of a 66-year-old man. Also: a man found dead in a motel room is the victim of an apparent suicide.

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Episode 2

The Mourning After

Fri, Jul 22, 2005 60 mins

A 29-year-old appears to be the victim of a drug overdose, but Dr. G has doubts.

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Episode 3

A Shot in the Dark

Fri, Jul 29, 2005 60 mins

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Episode 4

Prescription for Change

Sat, Sep 10, 2005 60 mins

Investigations into the deaths of a woman with a minimal medical history and a known prescription-drug addict who was found with two empty pill bottles, but no pills in her stomach.

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Episode 5

Burning Questions

Fri, Sep 16, 2005 60 mins

An incinerated corpse in a burned car poses a puzzle for Dr. G, who attempts to discover the cause of the conflagration.

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Episode 6

A Fatal Attraction

Mon, Oct 3, 2005 60 mins

Cases include a couple found dead in a car in a church parking lot and a woman who claims to have killed her boyfriend in self-defense.

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Episode 7

The Things Men Do

Mon, Oct 31, 2005 60 mins

A man's body found in a crushed pickup truck reveals cancer, cardiac arrhythmia and cocaine all played a role in his demise; a hunting accident may not be what it first appeared to be.

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Episode 8

Truth of the Matter

Fri, Dec 9, 2005 60 mins

When a couple who separated go on a hunting trip together, the woman ends up dead from a gunshot wound, and Dr. G investigates whether it was an accident or murder.

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Episode 9

Paths of Destruction

Fri, Mar 17, 2006 60 mins

A mentally ill Vietnam vet shoots himself in the head but does not initially die. However, Dr. G does an autopsy when he is found dead in a hospital three weeks later.

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Episode 10

Needle in the Haystack

Fri, Mar 24, 2006 60 mins

A mentally challenged man's death is investigated; a man with a history of chronic pain is found dead, and Dr. G must determine if it was suicide.

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Episode 11

A Lingering Question

Fri, Jun 9, 2006 60 mins

A domestic-violence case ends up in Dr. G's morgue after a man is shot to death by his wife, and what appears to be a clear-cut case of self-defense turns out to be anything but.

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Episode 12

Kiss of Death?

Fri, Jun 16, 2006 60 mins

A young woman's body, covered in unexplained lesions, arrives in Dr. G's morgue.

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Episode 13

The Desperate Crossing

Fri, Jun 23, 2006 60 mins

Dr. G tries to unravel a case in which a quadriplegic woman was found dead in a park, 150 feet away from her motorized wheelchair.

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Episode 14

A Most Terrible Tragedy

Fri, Aug 5, 2005 60 mins

A case involving a badly burned body found in an incinerated automobile leaves Dr. G with few clues.

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Episode 15

Deadly Adventure

Fri, Aug 19, 2005 60 mins

A woman with a history of depression and prescription drug use is found dead; a body is discovered in the burned shell of a car, and foul play is suspected.

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