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Dan August Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

26 Episodes 1970 - 1971

Episode 1

Murder by Proxy

Wed, Sep 23, 1970 60 mins

Dan seeks a psychotic killer. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Nina Porter: Anne Francis. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Elizabeth: Diana Muldaur. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson.

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Episode 2

The Murder of a Small Town

Wed, Sep 30, 1970 60 mins

An investigation of a school-bus crash in which a child was killed unearths an ugly clue: a severed rod in the bus engine. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Manuel Acaba: Ricardo Montalban. Rivera: Ned Romero. Mirakian: John Marley. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Consuelo: Anna Navarro.

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Episode 3

Love Is a Nickel Bag

Wed, Oct 7, 1970 60 mins

Dan forces a young heroin addict through cold-turkey withdrawal---and the disclosure of his drug supplier's name. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Avery Corman: Brad David. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Robbie Wagner: Annette O'Toole. Mrs. Corman: June Dayton.

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Episode 4

The King Is Dead

Wed, Oct 14, 1970 60 mins

The murder of a rich man yields a wealth of suspects: the victim's wife (chief beneficiary); his brother (in charge of his exchequer); a daughter who hated him---and her rejected sweetheart. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Thelma: Janice Rule. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Rich Bessett: Dabney Coleman. Rivera: Ned Romero. Harlan: Fred Bier. Pleasance: Jane Elliot.

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Episode 5

In the Eyes of God

Wed, Oct 21, 1970 60 mins

A former priest may have heard the confession of a murderer, but he refuses to violate the seal by giving August information. Matthew Costa: Bradford Dillman. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Wiley: James Best.

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Episode 6

The Color of Fury

Wed, Oct 28, 1970 60 mins

Ghetto tensions and an ornery suspect hinder Dan's efforts to clear a black militant accused of murder. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Barlowe: Raymond St. Jacques. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Cussoni: Nehemiah Persoff. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. Andriotti: Ray Danton.

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Episode 7

Invitation to Murder

Wed, Nov 4, 1970 60 mins

Dan's best is not good enough for a murder victim's father, a newspaperman who uses his column to charge him with ineptitude. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Winslow: Tim O'Connor. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Henderson: Kaz Garas. Barnes: Michael Strong.

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Episode 8

The Union Forever

Wed, Nov 11, 1970 60 mins

Clues in the murder of a union president point to a union official who was determined to remove the victim from office. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Steve Harrison: Vic Morrow. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Terry Young: Andrew Prine. Eleanor Zachary: Linda Marsh.

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Episode 9

Epitaph for a Swinger

Wed, Nov 18, 1970 60 mins

In "Epitaph for a Swinger," the murder of a singles-apartment tenant yields a wealth of suspects, including the victim's jilted girlfriend. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Patricia Fairley: Julie Adams. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Joan Smith: Brooke Bundy.

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Episode 10

When the Shouting Dies

Wed, Nov 25, 1970 60 mins

Dan (Burt Reynolds) has a personal interest in this murder case: the prime suspect is his old high-school buddy. Carla: Vera Miles. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Heap Canfield: Mike Henry. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. Art Bowman: Victor French. Rivera: Ned Romero.

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Episode 11

The Soldier

Wed, Dec 2, 1970 60 mins

The murder of an MP is linked with an army deserter who vanished. Inhibiting the investigation are the deserter's activist friends. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Deborah King: Donna Baccala. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Jacob Foschke: Will Kuhn. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. Jody: Lynn Marta.

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Episode 12

Quadrangle for Death

Wed, Dec 16, 1970 60 mins

The murder of a college president may be linked to a trouble-making professor whom the victim dismissed from the school. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Prof. Theodore Rye: Richard Basehart. Wilentz: Norman Fell.

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Episode 13

Passing Fair

Wed, Dec 30, 1970 60 mins

A political candidate's confidential case file is missing from the office of a murdered psychiatrist. Dan: Burt Reynolds. John Eberson: Michael Tolan. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Russell: Cliff Gorman. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson.

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Episode 14

The Titan

Wed, Jan 6, 1971 60 mins

The prime suspect in the murder of a small-town Casanova is a millionaire's wife. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Doris Galvin: Nancy Malone. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Pete Killian: Barry Sullivan. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. Bill Britain: Robert Fuller.

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Episode 15

Death Chain

Thu, Jan 21, 1971 60 mins

Revenge killings are rapidly wiping out the suspects in a rape-murder case. Lazar: Gerald S. O'Loughlin. Manders: Chris Robinson. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Kevin: Jan-Michael Vincent. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Troy Stedman: Peter Hooten.

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Episode 16

Dead Witness to a Killing

Thu, Jan 28, 1971 60 mins

Monte Markham as an assistant DA suspected of killing his wife. August: Burt Reynolds. Norman Sayles: Martin Sheen. Arthur Coleman: Laurence Luckinbill. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Benjamin Wedlock: John Lasell. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson.

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Episode 17

The Law

Thu, Feb 4, 1971 60 mins

Walter Pidgeon plays a tormented judge accused of murder. His friend Dan August must prove that he killed in self-defense. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Art Lewis: Larry Hagman. Miranda Lewis: Lee Meriwether.

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Episode 18

The Worst Crime

Thu, Feb 11, 1971 60 mins

Dan's investigating the murder of a small-time playboy. The prime suspect: the victim's lover, a millionaire's wife. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Killian: Barry Sullivan. Britain: Robert Fuller. Doris: Nancy Malone.

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Episode 19

Circle of Lies

Thu, Feb 18, 1971 60 mins

An automobile designer is slain. The prime suspect is the victim's test driver, a probationer who got his job with the help of Sgt. Wilentz (Norman Fell). Dan: Burt Reynolds. Cory David: Christopher Connelley. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. Helen Manning: Geraldine Brooks.

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Episode 20


Thu, Feb 25, 1971 60 mins

Dan's searching for the robbers who shot his close friend during a fairgrounds heist. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Burnett: Karl Swenson. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Chris Stafford: Julie Mannix. Darryl: Stewart Moss.

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Episode 21

Bullet for a Hero

Thu, Mar 4, 1971 60 mins

Suspects in the death of a war hero include the victim's wife. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Minh Sanh: Tina Chen. Rivera: Ned Romero. Gordon Krager: Lou Antonio. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. Em: Meg Foster.

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Episode 22

The Manufactured Man

Thu, Mar 11, 1971 60 mins

Mickey Rooney plays a political campaign manager whose candidate is tainted by quite a scandal---murder. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Tersh Merrill: David Soul. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. McAdams: Billy Dee Williams.

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Episode 23

The Meal Ticket

Thu, Mar 18, 1971 60 mins

Dan investigates the death of a young fighter from a lethal drug overdose. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Nick Rude: Don Stroud. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Morey Abrams: Simon Oakland. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson.

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Episode 24

Days of Rage

Thu, Mar 25, 1971 60 mins

Tension mounts among a group of revolutionaries when Dan suspects one member of murder. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Phyllis Hendricks: Diana Hyland. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. Elena: Pamela McMyler.

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Episode 25

Prognosis Homicide

Thu, Apr 1, 1971 60 mins

Two derelicts die from drinking poisoned whiskey meant for another man. Blocking the investigation: the murderer's intended victim (Fritz Weaver). Dan: Burt Reynolds. Leona Sterling: Susan Oliver. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Dr. Rodell: Jerry Ayres.

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Episode 26

The Assassin

Thu, Apr 8, 1971 60 mins

Dan searches for the gunman who wounded Chief Untermeyer and killed an innocent bystander. Dan: Burt Reynolds. Nancy Williams: Joan Hackett. Untermeyer: Richard Anderson. Larry Edwards: Gary Collins. Wilentz: Norman Fell. Steve Phipps: John Beck.

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