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Civil Wars Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

18 Episodes 1992 - 1993

Episode 1

The Naked and the Wed

Wed, Sep 23, 1992 60 mins

A couple accuse each other of a lack of intimacy; a client tempts Eli; Sydney is accosted in an elevator; Jeffrey proposes a fantasy to Denise. Corinne Bohrer, Colleen Flynn, Scott Paulin.

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Episode 2

Grin and Bare It

Wed, Sep 30, 1992 60 mins

A wife's pregnancy violates a premarital agreement; Eli charges a law firm with overbilling; a renowned photographer asks to take nudes of Sydney (Mariel Hemingway). Sumner: Michael Fairman. Dominic: Michael G. Hagerty. Donna: Julie Ariola.

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Episode 3

Oboe Phobia

Wed, Oct 7, 1992 60 mins

A cellist wants a divorce, her husband wants her cello; a pending lawsuit divides a couple; sisters battle over their business; and another lawyer has eyes for Sydney. Lorraine: Susanna Thompson. Gordon: Gregg Henry. Alma: Herta Ware. Carol: Caitlyn O'Heaney

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Episode 4

Drone of Ark

Wed, Oct 14, 1992 60 mins

Drug history could end a mother's parental rights; "lost" paperwork plagues Charlie, who's sought by a former lover (Jennifer Hetrick); Eli dines with a former client (Jamie Rose). Mary: Carrie Snodgress. Patricia: Jenette Goldstein. Mankowitz: Kenneth Mars.

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Episode 5

Below the Beltway

Wed, Oct 21, 1992 60 mins

Political opponents want to end their marriage; a divorcing couple disagree about their unborn child; Denise and Jeffrey interview for a co-op. Gerrit Graham, Mary Gordon Murray, Kelli Williams, John Hawkes. Mariel Hemingway.

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Episode 6

Devil's Advocate

Wed, Oct 28, 1992 60 mins

A radio psychologist (Robin Strasser) is charged with malpractice; Holly seeks a commitment from Charlie; a witch (Diane Salinger) casts a spell on Sydney (Mariel Hemingway). Corrine: Claire Malis-Callaway. Denise: Debi Mazar. Eli: Alan Rosenberg.

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Episode 7

Das Boat House

Wed, Nov 11, 1992 60 mins

Sydney and Charlie represent men opposed to divorces their wives seek; Eli takes an acting class; Sydney argues with her mother (Constance Towers) over a property trust. General: R. Lee Ermey. Jecker: Raphael Sbarge. Celia: Paula Trickey. Carla: Shannon Wilcox. Judge Babyak: Barbara Bosson. Sydney: Mariel Hemingway.

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Episode 8

A Bus Named Desire

Wed, Dec 2, 1992 60 mins

A writer (Wallace Shawn) wants to divorce his partner; a lesbian seeks visitation rights to her ex-lover's child; Eli advertises to find a woman who passed through his life. Norma: Fran Drescher. Audrey: Romy Walthall. Marcia: Marcia Strassman.

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Episode 9

The Old Man and the C

Wed, Dec 9, 1992 60 mins

Cancer strikes Charlie's dad; a Congressional candidate sues a reporter (Joe Spano) for libel; a perfumer (Val Avery) wants his wife's nose out of a competitor's business. Madeline: Nora Dunn. Betty: Anna Berger. Jack: Vondie Curtis-Hall. Charlie: Peter Onorati.

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Episode 10

The Triumph of DeVille

Wed, Dec 16, 1992 60 mins

Sydney feels a judge (Louise Fletcher) is biased; Eli defends his cousin (Ken Lerner); Charlie buys his dad a car. Jayne Meadows and Mr. Blackwell have cameos. Eileen: Susan Bey. Wyler: Alan Fudge. Peck: Ray Buktenica. Morgan: Mary-Ellen Dunbar.

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Episode 11

A Partridge in a Pairs Tree

Wed, Dec 23, 1992 60 mins

Eli goes after an alimony-delinquent Santa (Christopher Collins); a wife (Lynette Walden) wants to divorce the husband (Perry Lang) she caught with her twin sis; holiday heartbreaks strike Denise and Charlie (Debi Mazar, Peter Onorati). Audrey: Romy Walthall. Jeffrey: David Marciano. DeRubumpre: Robert Costanzo. Eli: Alan Rosenberg.

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Episode 12

Hit the Road, Jack

Wed, Jan 6, 1993 60 mins

A recovering addict seeks child custody; Charlie fights a traffic ticket; doctors tend to a bad business manager. Molly: Claire Wren. Eaves: George Wyner. Dr. Miller: Mark L. Taylor. Charlie's Dad: Eddie Barth. Van Beechley: Latayna Richardson. Rantoul: Drew Pillsbury. Sydney: Mariel Hemingway.

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Episode 13

Dances with Sharks

Tue, Jan 19, 1993 60 mins

Rape is claimed in a suit between exes (Alex Karras, Isabella Hoffman); divorcing models differ on who owes what to whom; an old flame (John Bennett Perry) finds Audrey (Romy Walthall). Lorraine Wofford: Natalija Nogulich. Dr. Hughes: Lorinne Dills-Vozoff. Eli: Alan Rosenberg.

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Episode 14

Split Ends

Tue, Jan 26, 1993 60 mins

Eli defends a high schooler (Johnny Galecki) accused of cheating; Jeffrey seeks a reconcilation, as does the wife (Lois Chiles) of a hairdresser; Charlie bristles at Sydney's fashion criticism. Stolbach: David Spielberg. Hightower: Michael Rothaar.

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Episode 15

Watt, Me Worry?

Tue, Feb 9, 1993 60 mins

Eli argues wrongful termination for an attorney (Bruce Weitz) who blew the whistle on a coverup; Charlie tries to speed things up with Sydney; Audrey decorates Eli's new office. Sims: Jack Laufer. Rooker: Steven Anderson. Jo Ann: Julie Cobb. Eli: Alan Rosenberg.

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Episode 16

An Alien-Aided Affectation

Tue, Feb 16, 1993 60 mins

TV wants the story of a woman who shot her husband and his gay lover---and Tom Arnold wants to play Eli. Meanwhile, alien contact splits a couple (Nancy Cassaro, Gordon Clapp); a treasure hunter won't share possible future finds with his ex (June Chadwick). Jason: Nick Tate.

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Episode 17

Captain Kangaroo Court

Tue, Feb 23, 1993 60 mins

Sydney assists in a fifth-graders' mock trial on sexual harassment, and represents Charlie on the same charge brought by his former client (Lindsay Crouse). Becky: Courtney Peldon. Eddie: Adam LaVorgna. Nate: Page Moseley. Cowan: D. David Morin. Sydney: Mariel Hemingway.

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Episode 18

A Liver Runs Through It

Tue, Mar 2, 1993 60 mins

Eli takes on Audrey's boss (Page Moseley); Sydney is called as a witness in Charlie's malpractice case; Jeffrey has a brush with death. Dianne: Lindsay Crouse. Cowan: D. David Morin. Eugene: Stephen Tobolowsky. Lucien: Derek De Lint. Dr. Pleasance: Miriam Flynn.

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