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CHiPs Season 6 Episodes

22 Episodes 1982 - 1983

Episode 1

Meet the New Guy

Sun, Oct 10, 1982 60 mins

New motorcycle cops help Ponch track down health-club robbers and the parents of an abandoned baby.

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Episode 2

Tight Fit

Sun, Oct 17, 1982 60 mins

Ponch lands a modelling job and becomes involved with one of the models; and he and Nelson nail a pair of diamond thieves.

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Episode 3

The Spaceman Made Me Do It

Sun, Oct 24, 1982 60 mins

A young girl claims an ET made her hot-wire a car and rob a jewellery store.

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Episode 4

Rock Devil Rock

Sun, Oct 31, 1982 60 mins

When a rock star's car is sabotaged, it may be attempted murder---or a publicity stunt.

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Episode 5

Speedway Fever

Sun, Nov 7, 1982 60 mins

Nelson's brother (Bruce Penhall) is torn between racing and being a CHiP cadet. Jean: Kitty Moffat. Nelson: Tom Reilly. Ray: Robert Romanus. Kathy: Tina Gayle. Gus: Pepper Martin.

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Episode 6

Something Special

Sun, Nov 21, 1982 60 mins

Ponch helps a boy compete in the Special Olympics; Nelson helps his daredevil friend (Robbie Knievel, son of Evel) stage a motorcycle stunt. Grieve: Bert Kramer. Mrs. Grieve: Virginia Kiser.

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Episode 7

This Year's Riot

Sun, Nov 28, 1982 60 mins

Ponch and Nelson draw duty at the beach, where they encounter angry citizens, a dangerous hallucinogen and nude sunbathers. Erik Estrada, Tom Reilly. Doc: Gary Morgan. Russell: Robbie Rist.

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Episode 8

Head over Heels

Sun, Dec 5, 1982 60 mins

Ponch helps Nelson find robbers who prey on the rich while he courts a woman who may be his "Ms. Right." Erik Estrada, Tom Reilly. Fred: Dennis Holahan. Park: Bernard Behrens.

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Episode 9

Return to Death's Door

Sun, Dec 12, 1982 60 mins

Ponch tries to persuade a young drag racer, the brother of a friend killed in a race, to leave the sport. Meanwhile, teenage honeymooners steal a car. Erik Estrada. Mrs. Williams: Ellen Geer. Billy Joe: Bryan Cranston.

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Episode 10


Sun, Dec 19, 1982 60 mins

The CHiPs gear up for duty at a no-nukes demonstration where Sgt. Getraer's daughter will be a protester; and Ponch helps an abused child. Erik Estrada, Tom Reilly. Rev. Porter: John Elerick.

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Episode 11

Day of the Robot

Sun, Jan 2, 1983 60 mins

Headquarters gets a robot that's supposed to improve efficiency; and female motorcyclists form a crime-watch unit. Erik Estrada, Tom Reilly. Emily: Melody Anderson.

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Episode 12

Hot Date

Sun, Jan 9, 1983 60 mins

Ponch's plans for a visit with a friend are ruined by crooks out for revenge; teenage runaways are apprehended. Erik Estrada, Tom Reilly. Jake: Brendan Burns. Charlie: David Caruso.

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Episode 13

High Times

Sun, Jan 16, 1983 60 mins

Bruce poses as a student to help Ponch and Nelson nail "muscle car" thieves who may be working out of a high school.

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Episode 14

Country Action

Sun, Jan 23, 1983 60 mins

An episode about modern-day cattle rustling features Charly McClain, Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee. Erik Estrada, Tom Reilly. Skip: Tom Engelman. Lonnie: James David Hinton.

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Episode 15

Journey to a Spacecraft

Sun, Feb 6, 1983 60 mins

Ponch befriends an aerospace enthusiast who has liver disease. Ex-astronaut Gordon Cooper has a cameo role. Erik Estrada. Babe: Ruta Lee. Lydia: Natalie Schafer.

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Episode 16

Fox Trap

Sun, Feb 20, 1983 60 mins

The booking agent for a female rock band may be involved in a prostitution ring. Laura Branigan plays a band member. Erik Estrada, Tom Reilly. Dee Dee: Axelrod. Louise: Lori Berns.

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Episode 17

Brat Patrol

Sun, Feb 27, 1983 60 mins

After a motorcycle accident, Ponch draws light duty as advisor to the station's Explorer Scout program. Johnny: Stephen Sachs. Becky Lou: Tammy Lauren. Roland: Keith Mitchell.

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Episode 18


Sun, Mar 6, 1983 60 mins

Ponch and Bobby go undercover as cycle-gang members to find the source of stolen explosives. Erik Estrada, Tom Reilly. Big Crazy: Michael MacRae. Kelly: Amy Steel. Max: Darrell Fetty.

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Episode 19

Fun House

Sun, Mar 13, 1983 60 mins

Ponch and Bobby try to clear a fraternity blamed for campus thefts; Bruce searches for a kidnapped child. Erik Estrada, Bruce Penhall. Hildy: Constance Sanford.

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Episode 20

Fast Company

Sun, Mar 20, 1983 60 mins

Bruce and Ponch escort two murder witnesses out of a small town whose sheriff is determined to stop them. Erik Estrada, Bruce Penhall. Aquarius: Lachelle Chamberlain. Gemini: Lisa Lindgren. Bolt: Bill Smith.

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Episode 21

Things That Go Creep in the Night

Sun, Apr 10, 1983 60 mins

Some spooky encounters at the home of an eccentric comic-book creator enliven an investigation into an amnesiac's past. Erik Estrada, Robert Pine. Anna: Kelly Palzis. Katherine: Joan Freeman.

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Episode 22

Return of the Brat Patrol

Sun, May 1, 1983 60 mins

Ponch must teach the CHP Explorer Scouts teamwork for a basketball game against their rivals---and for infiltrating a junior-high school shakedown ring. Erik Estrada, Bruce Penhall. C.T.: David Raynr.

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