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Berrenger's Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

11 Episodes 1985 - 1985

Episode 1

Overture AKA Pilot

Sat, Jan 5, 1985 90 mins

In the series pilot, department-store owner Simon Berrenger announces merger plans over the objections of his company president---and elder son---Paul (Ben Murphy), who wants to escape a loveless marriage and merge with Berrenger's top female exec (Yvette Mimieux). Stacey: Jonelle Allen. Todd: Art Hindle. Gloria: Andrea Marcovicci.

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Episode 2

For Gloria's Benefit

Sat, Jan 12, 1985 60 mins

Gloria requests a specific employee to help with a fashion show; Todd and Melody spread the word about Paul and Shane (Ben Murphy, Yvette Mimieux). Todd: Art Hindle. Melody: Claudia Christian. Cammie: Leslie Hope.

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Episode 3

Of Boardrooms and Bedrooms

Sat, Jan 19, 1985 60 mins

Gloria deflects a TV interviewer after newspaper headlines fuel innuendo about Shane and Paul; Todd (Art Hindle) plays friend to Shane and Gloria; Cammie (Leslie Hope) learns what's behind Laurel's fears. Gloria: Andrea Marcovicci. Paul: Ben Murphy.

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Episode 4

Fame and Misfortune

Sat, Jan 26, 1985 60 mins

A helpful admirer follows Shane to L.A.; Cammie helps save the debut of the Morelle line from Todd's sabotage; Billy comforts Cammie after John breaks a date. Cammie: Leslie Hope. Billy: Robin Strand.

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Episode 5


Sun, Jan 27, 1985 60 mins

Melody sets up John to take a fall in front of Babs; Julio's silent partner creates more problems; Gloria aids her son's effort to keep the family together. Babs: Anita Morris. Gloria: Andrea Marcovicci. Melody: Claudia Christian.

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Episode 6

Dangerous Ground

Sat, Feb 2, 1985 60 mins

Paul sets a trap for someone feeding information to a competitor; Todd benefits from Simon's sudden loss; David tries to put Simon's lecture to good use. Todd: Art Hindle. Simon: Sam Wanamaker.

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Episode 7

Power Play

Sat, Feb 9, 1985 60 mins

Simon gives Gloria a big bargaining chip to use with Paul; Krucek tries to force a vote on the merger; Shane (Yvette Mimieux) learns who Krucek really is. Paul: Ben Murphy. Simon: Sam Wanamaker. Gloria: Andrea Marcovicci.

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Episode 8

Best Laid Plans

Sat, Feb 16, 1985 60 mins

Shane reluctantly accompanies Paul on a business trip; a dockworker reports shipping irregularities to Todd (Art Hindle), unaware that Todd's behind them; Krucek (Jack Scalia) courts Gloria. Paul: Ben Murphy.

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Episode 9

Roll Tape

Sat, Feb 23, 1985 90 mins

Babs gets the needed money for Allen, but at an untold cost; agreements are reached for the property for the West Coast expansion. Chapman: Richard Sanders. Allen: Michael David Lally.

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Episode 10

Hidden Agenda

Sat, Mar 2, 1985 60 mins

Laurel tells all to Simon as the store tries to minimize the tape damage; Gloria consents to a divorce; Frank (Michael Hennessey) returns to the docks. Laurel: Laura Ashton. Alison: Donna Dixon. Simon: Sam Wanamaker.

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Episode 11


Sat, Mar 9, 1985 60 mins

A dark cloud looms over Shane's wedding plans; Max tries to settle his debt to Krucek (Jack Scalia), who wreaks havoc on the Berrengers and reveals his reasons to Paul (Ben Murphy). Todd: Art Hindle. Shane: Yvette Mimieux.

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