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Bat Masterson Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

37 Episodes 1960 - 1961

Episode 1

Debt of Honor

Thu, Sep 29, 1960 30 mins

Prospector Cactus Charlie uses two sacks of gold to repay a debt to Bat---then disappears. Bat: Gene Barry. Marshal: Paul Langton. Hall: Don Haggerty. Eli: Hal Baylor. Marc: Page Slattery.

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Episode 2

Law of the Land

Thu, Oct 6, 1960 30 mins

Someone has been stealing barbed-wire fences along the railroad's right of way. Bat: Gene Barry. Pederson: Leo Gordon. Blaine: Howard Petrie. Cogswell: Ray Teal. Melanie: Barbara Lawrence.

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Episode 3

Bat Trap

Thu, Oct 13, 1960 30 mins

Lon Chaney stars as Midas Creek's troublemaker, who's out to win the turkey shoot any way he can. Bat: Gene Barry. Amber: Maggie Pierce. Billy: Jack Ging. Dick: Frank Ferguson. Burt: Dick Ryan.

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Episode 4

The Rage of Princess Ann

Thu, Oct 20, 1960 30 mins

The manager of an unsafe mine is forcing men to work it. Bat: Gene Barry. French: Ron Hayes. Ann: Elaine Stewart. Topaz: William Hickman. Miner: Gene Roth.

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Episode 5

The Hunter

Thu, Oct 27, 1960 30 mins

An Englishman achieves fame by shooting a gunman noted for his fast draw. Bat: Gene Barry. Elizabeth: Sue Randall. Donovan: Mickey Simpson.

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Episode 6

Murder Can Be Dangerous

Thu, Nov 3, 1960 30 mins

Bat's casino is faltering: his partner has been dipping into the cash box. Shad: Tipp McClure. Bat: Gene Barry. Marri: Kathleen Crowley. Secret: Ken Drake. Ellie: Allison Hayes. Cowpoke: Phil Dean.

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Episode 7

High Card Loses

Thu, Nov 10, 1960 30 mins

Bat's friend is murdered while delivering mail-order brides to Noble Creek, N.M. Bat: Gene Barry. Eileen: Joan O'Brien. Mildred: Jean Blake. Ann: Leatrice Leigh. Reilly: Paul Fierro. Romer: Marshall Reed.

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Episode 8

Dakota Showdown

Thu, Nov 17, 1960 30 mins

The Dakota Brothers are terrorizing a town. Bat: Gene Barry. Francie: Kasey Rogers. Jocko: Tom Gilson. Jeb: Quentin Sondergaard. Gus: Les Hellman. Danny: James Best. Cassidy: James Seay.

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Episode 9

The Last of the Night Riders

Thu, Nov 24, 1960 30 mins

The Doolin gang is after Angie Pierce and her son (Eugene Martin). Angie: Paula Raymond. Bat: Gene Barry. Doolin: Don O'Kelly. Tulsa Jack: Steve Mitchell. Tom: William Vaughn.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 9 image

Episode 10

Last Stop to Austin

Thu, Dec 1, 1960 30 mins

Bat takes custody of a young gunslinger, thinking he's the son of a dead friend. Jimmy: Jan Merlin. Rona: Susan Cummings. Marshal: Robert Karnes. Ankers: Charles Fredericks.

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Episode 11

A Time to Die

Thu, Dec 15, 1960 30 mins

A killer's father scares off witnesses one by one... then he gets to Bat (Gene Barry). Smith: Robert Strauss. Sheriff: William Tannen. Lisa: Leslie Parrish.

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Episode 12

Death by Decree

Thu, Dec 22, 1960 30 mins

Bat's old gambling rival has willed him a casino but the place is heavily in debt. Bat: Gene Barry. Corbett: Paul Richards. Constance: June Blair. Whitney: Robert F. Simon. Bradshaw: Raymond Bailey. Bolo: Allen Jaffe.

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Episode 13

The Lady Plays Her Hand

Thu, Dec 29, 1960 30 mins

A slick Eastern gambler finally realizes his ambition to break the bank---at Bat's casino. Bat: Gene Barry. Daphne: Wanda Hendrix. Zach: Robert Lynn.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 13 image

Episode 14

Tempest at Tioga Pass

Thu, Jan 5, 1961 30 mins

Bat helps Clyde Richards and his crew build a road from Nevada to California.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 14 image

Episode 15

The Court Martial of Major Mars

Thu, Jan 12, 1961 30 mins

At Crazy Creek station, Bat tries to prevent a bizarre court-martial from taking place. Maj. Mars: John Anderson. Lottie: Peggy Knudson. Magnus: John Duke. Sims: Glen Gordon. Tinker: Dick Wilson. Rapp: Stephen Ellsworth.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 15 image

Episode 16

The Price of Paradise

Thu, Jan 19, 1961 30 mins

In Paradise, Colo., Bat tries to collect a debt from Walker Hayes (Lance Fuller) who doesn't like to pay his bills. Jean: Dyan Cannon. Sheriff: Richard Arlen. Finch: John Dennis.

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Episode 17

End of the Line

Thu, Jan 26, 1961 30 mins

In charge of a crew building a railroad, Bat (Gene Barry) is plagued by bad luck. Dick: Liam Sullivan. Walsh: Denver Pyle. Scott: Thom Carney.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 17 image

Episode 18

The Prescott Campaign

Thu, Feb 2, 1961 30 mins

Marshal Ben Holt and Harry Sutton accuse each other of illegal activities. Bat: Gene Barry. Holt: John Dehner. Sutton: George Sawaya. Ira: Emory Parnell. Guild: Philip Ober.

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Episode 19

Bullwhacker's Bounty

Thu, Feb 16, 1961 30 mins

Bat is hired as guide for a wagon train carrying explosives. Tully: Jack Lambert. Willow: Will Wright. Twister: Rayford Barnes. Jody: Jan Shepard.

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Episode 20

A Lesson in Violence

Thu, Feb 23, 1961 30 mins

Bat is mistaken for a hired killer. Nora: Virginia Gregg. Dilts: Richard Eastham. Cross: Allen Jaffe. Page: Larry Darr. John: Jerry Catron. Gunman: Al Harvey.

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Episode 21

Run for Your Money

Thu, Mar 2, 1961 30 mins

A saloonkeeper causes a run on a bank when he challenges it to back up its gold certificates. Bat: Gene Barry. Lori: Jan Harrison. Stebbins: Carlyle Mitchell. Bassett: Robert Swan.

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Episode 22

Terror of the Trinity

Thu, Mar 9, 1961 30 mins

Bat, on his way to a mining site, is attacked by a huge bearded man (Mickey Morton). MacIntyre: William Conrad. Mickey: Wally Campo. Hsieh-Lin: Lisa Lu.

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Episode 23

Episode in Eden

Thu, Mar 16, 1961 30 mins

Bat attempts to end gang leader Sam Shanks' reign of terror. Shanks: Robert Bice. Martha: Bek Nelson. Daigle: Ken Drake.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 23 image

Episode 24

The Good and the Bad

Thu, Mar 23, 1961 30 mins

Bandits loot a stage and steal the Medal of Honor from a widow. Mrs. Talbot: Grace Lee Whitney. Bat: Gene Barry. Charley: Robert Ivers. Teresa: Anna Navarro. Sister Mary Paul: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 25

No Amnesty for Death

Thu, Mar 30, 1961 30 mins

Bat smells a rat when he learns that three hangings are set to take place in Las Tables. Bill: Robert Blake. Mrs. Kendall: Betty Barry. MacWilliams: R.G. Armstrong.

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Episode 26

Ledger of Guilt

Thu, Apr 6, 1961 30 mins

Late one night, a terrified woman asks Bat for help. Before she can explain, an old man is killed and she disappears. Bat: Gene Barry. Dillon: Jack Hogan. Honey: Trudy Ellison. Windsor: Don Wilbanks.

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Episode 27

Meeting at Mimbers

Thu, Apr 13, 1961 30 mins

Cat and Jess Crail have devised a plan that involves pitting two Indian tribes against each other. Cat: Warren Oates. Bat: Gene Barry. Jess: John Burns. Jobe: Harry Shannon. Smith: Don O'Kelly.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 27 image

Episode 28

Valley of Death AKA Dagger Dance

Thu, Apr 20, 1961 30 mins

With Colorado's statehood imminent, Bat is drawn into the scramble for political power. Downey: George Eldridge. Whitsett: Ken Mayer. Nione: Marya Stevens. Doc: William Tannen.

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Episode 29

The Fourth Man

Thu, Apr 27, 1961 30 mins

George Kennedy appears as one of the men who supposedly shot Bat's friend in a poker game. Bat: Gene Barry. Gant: Dehl Berti. Hunk: Mickey Finn. Cally: Audrey Dalton.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 29 image

Episode 30

Dead Man's Claim

Thu, May 4, 1961 30 mins

Bat is accused of claim-jumping. Mason: Charles Maxwell. Adams: Craig Duncan. Ann: Taffy Paul. Elkins: Chuck Webster. Ellwood: Tyler McVey.

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Episode 31

The Marble Slab

Thu, May 11, 1961 30 mins

Bat poses as a marble salesman to expose the head of a crime syndicate (Marvin Miller). Marie: Erin O'Brien. Bledsoe: Robert Bice. Jinx: Rick Vallin.

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Episode 32

Farmer with a Badge

Thu, May 18, 1961 30 mins

Bat is ambushed by outlaws and left to die. Phelps: John Agar. Cave: King Calder. Lou: Gregory Walcott. Martha: Jackie Loughery. Lanky: Dehl Berti. Scratchy: Ken Drake. Hartness: Joe Brown.

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Episode 33

The Fatal Garment

Thu, May 25, 1961 30 mins

A crook uses Bat's weakness for fine clothes to lure him away from a saloon Bat was hired to guard. Bat: Gene Barry. Earp: Ron Hayes. Browder: Ed Nelson. Elena: Lisa Gaye. Outlaw: Les Hellman.

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Bat Masterson, Season 3 Episode 33 image

Episode 34

Jeopardy at Jackson Hole

Thu, Jun 1, 1961 30 mins

Kate Gannon asks Bat to help avenge her father's murder. Bat: Gene Barry. Cal: Larry Pennell. Simpson: Ron Foster. Tom: Paul Dubov. Al: Nick Paul.

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Episode 35

Episode 35

Wed, Jan 9, 2019 30 mins

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Episode 41

Episode 41

Wed, Dec 30, 2020 30 mins

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Episode 42

Episode 42

Thu, Dec 31, 2020 30 mins

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