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All-American Girl Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

18 Episodes 1994 - 1995

Episode 2

Submission: Impossible

Wed, Sep 21, 1994 30 mins

Margaret's mom sets her up with a very traditional---and very handsome---Korean bachelor (Garrett Wang). Margaret: Margaret Cho. Mom: Jodi Long.

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Episode 3

Who's the Boss?

Wed, Sep 28, 1994 30 mins

Margaret is tapped to head her department at work and manages to alienate Ruthie. Grandma: Amy Hill. Master: Benjamin Lum. Carolyn: Juanita Jennings.

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Episode 4

Yung at Heart

Wed, Oct 5, 1994 30 mins

Grandma meets an eligible bachelor after wandering away from Margaret at a mall. Sammy: Sab Shimono. Dad: Clyde Kusatsu. Margaret: Margaret Cho.

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Episode 5

Redesigning Women

Wed, Oct 12, 1994 30 mins

Stuart (B.D. Wong) is engaged---until Margaret corrupts his bride-to-be by taking her to a hip nightclub. Amy: Ming-Na Wen. Ruthie: Maddie Corman. Gloria: Judy Gold.

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Episode 6


Wed, Oct 19, 1994 30 mins

Margaret tells her dad to hold out for more money when a bookstore chain tries to buy them out. Wallace: Richard Fancy. Howard: Tim Kelleher. Dad: Clyde Kusatsu.

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Episode 7

Mommy Nearest

Wed, Oct 26, 1994 30 mins

Margaret fears the worst when her mom (Jodi Long) gets a job at the department store. Ruthie: Maddie Corman. Gloria: Judy Gold. Derek: Michael Palance.

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Episode 8

Take My Family, Please

Wed, Nov 2, 1994 30 mins

Margaret embarrasses her family with an impromptu comedy routine at a karaoke bar. Mom: Jodi Long. Billy: Christopher Fuller. Auntie June: Tsai Chin.

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Episode 9

Exile on Market Street

Wed, Nov 16, 1994 30 mins

Margaret is jailed the night before she's scheduled to take a law-school entrance exam. Ruffino: Robertson Dean. Officer: Robert Firth. Grandma: Amy Hill.

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Episode 10

Ratting on Ruthie

Wed, Nov 23, 1994 30 mins

Margaret must decide whether or not to tattle on Ruthie for an impropriety at work. Sheila: Randee Heller. Mike: Steve Fitchpatrick. Hal: Clifton Wells.

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Episode 11

Educating Margaret

Wed, Nov 30, 1994 30 mins

Margaret dates an English film professor who turns out to be a real bore. Colin: Alastair Duncan. Classmate: Susan Leslie. Ruthie: Maddie Corman.

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Episode 12

Loveless in San Francisco

Wed, Dec 7, 1994 30 mins

Stuart (B.D. Wong) suggests that Margaret a dateless volunteer at the hospital in order to meet guys. Emma: Joyce Van Patten. Cyril: Dan Sachoff. Grant: Eric Lutes.

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Episode 13

Malpractice Makes Perfect

Wed, Dec 14, 1994 30 mins

Its a presciption for disaster when Stuart (B.D. Wong) is called back to the hospital after finishing a 30-hour shift. Beauty Contestant: Lisa Stahl. Nurse: Michelle Watkins. Margaret: Margaret Cho.

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Episode 14

The Apartment

Wed, Jan 11, 1995 30 mins

Hoping to find more privacy away from home, Margaret moves into an apartment with Ruthie and Gloria (Maddie Corman, Judy Gold). Sunshine: Sharon Sharth. Mom: Jodi Long.

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Episode 15

Notes from the Underground

Wed, Jan 18, 1995 30 mins

A handyman fixes himself up with Margaret after he works on her new basement living quarters. Grandma: Amy Hill. Mom: Jodi Long. Dad: Clyde Kusatsu.

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Episode 16

Venus de Margaret

Wed, Jan 25, 1995 30 mins

Margaret agrees to pose nude for a former boyfriend's sculpture. Leo: Lance Guest. Vivian: Christine Estabrook. Ruthie: Maddie Corman.

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Episode 17

A Night at the Oprah

Tue, Feb 14, 1995 30 mins

Oprah Winfrey tries to persuade Margaret to stay in college after she announces on live TV that she's dropping out to manage a rock band. Lisa: Jana Marie Hupp. Tommy: Jack Black. Simon: Joseph Rye.

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Episode 18

Pulp Sitcom

Wed, Feb 22, 1995 30 mins

Margaret is plunged into a world of intrigue when her dad sets her up with a video distributor who's living a secret life. Desmond: Quentin Tarantino. Average Tony: Robert Clohessy. Ayatollah: Brian George.

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Episode 19

Young Americans

Wed, Mar 15, 1995 30 mins

Margaret awaits a call from a potential employer---then discovers her new roommates haven't paid the phone bill. Phone Lady: Vicki Lawrence. Phil: Sam Seder. Jimmy: Andrew Lowery.

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