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A Man Called Hawk Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

13 Episodes 1989 - 1989

Episode 1

The Master's Mirror

Sat, Jan 28, 1989 60 mins

In the series pilot, Hawk renews acquaintances with old friends and a former employer, who asks his help in locating a rogue Government agent. Tracton: Vondie Curtis-Hall. Bailey Webster: Angela Bassett. Col. Stoller: Jack Ryland. Lisa: Tery Ferman.

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Episode 2

A Time and a Place

Sat, Feb 4, 1989 60 mins

Hawk goes a few rounds with a determined cop when a vengeful ex-con fingers him for the murder of a policeman. Susan: Mary Ann Plunkett. Mick: David Margulies. Jesse: Anthony La Paglia. Wilhite: Gordon Weiss. Hawk: Avery Brooks.

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Episode 3

Hear No Evil

Sat, Feb 11, 1989 60 mins

A deaf Gallaudet University student witnesses a murder and Hawk is hired to protect him and his roommate (Josh Hamilton), who's having a hard time adjusting to worsening hearing impairment. Emily: Lorraine Toussant. Martin: Ronald Hunter. Hawk: Avery Brooks.

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Episode 4

Passing the Bar

Sat, Feb 18, 1989 60 mins

Hawk aids an old friend, an aging lawyer who's defending a young man accused of beating another man to death. Cynthia: Maggie Rush. Cuspin: Gerry Murphy. Nelson: Gerry Bamman. Timmy: Steve O'Connor. Joe Nevins: Chip Brienza. Tomkins: Bob Smith.

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Episode 5

The Divided Child

Sat, Feb 25, 1989 60 mins

Worried parents hire Hawk to protect their family after a kidnap attempt on their son (Herbert Duarte), who remains emotionally troubled as he comes to understand the motives of his South American pursuers. The Kirkpatricks: Mary McDonnell, Mark Metcalf. The Luels: Hortensia Colorado, Alex Paez.

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Episode 6


Sat, Mar 4, 1989 60 mins

Hawk's cousin needs help when a jealous mobster puts out a contract on him for romancing his girlfriend. Joe Dayton: Stuart Burney. Mack Slater: Delroy Lindo. Lorna: Suzzanne Douglas. Anna George: Troy Beyer.

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Episode 7

Choice of Chance

Sat, Mar 11, 1989 60 mins

A family gets caught in the cross-fire when gunmen attack a neighbor, a federal witness. Avery Brooks. Moses Gunn. Ruthie Carver: Michelle Thomas. Rev. Lewis: Joe Morton. Mrs. Carver: Ernestine Jackson. Nicholas Murdock: Wesley Snipes.

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Episode 8


Sat, Mar 25, 1989 60 mins

Hawk repeatedly crosses paths with a determined reporter while tracking the source of some strychnine-laced heroin. Johnson: Joseph Phillips. Boros: William Fichtner. Julian: Yusef Bulos. Asha: Bellina Logan. Hawk: Avery Brooks.

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Episode 9

Never My Love

Sat, Apr 1, 1989 60 mins

A tale of two violent brothers: one shows a temper; the other is gunning for Hawk (Avery Brooks). Bailey: Angela Bassett. Dr. Curtis West: James Lewis Watkins. Mrs. Webster: Novella Nelson. Derrick West: Wendell Pierce. Old Man: Moses Gunn.

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Episode 10

Intensive Care

Sat, Apr 15, 1989 60 mins

When Hawk and Old Man's ailing sister are among those taken hostage inside a hospital, Hawk attempts to give the gunmen a taste of their own medicine. Ruth: Olivia Cole. Ellen: Cynthia Bond. Taylor: Antony Ponzini. Old Man: Moses Gunn.

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Episode 11

If Memory Serves

Sat, Apr 29, 1989 60 mins

Hawk uses muscle, not magic, to protect a Haitian historian from the voodoo shaman trying to unlock a secret from his psyche. Alex Chauvin: Paul Butler. Nicole: Misha McK. Crawdaddy: Nathan George. Bingham: Mark Joy. Cletus: Matthew Idason.

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Episode 12

Beautiful Are the Stars

Sat, May 6, 1989 60 mins

A hit man wants to put Hawk on ice when Hawk comes into possession of stolen South African diamonds. Singer Valerie Simpson performs in a cameo. Lysa Walker: Karen Malina White. Mary Walker: Kimberly Scott. Tom Wilson: Tom Wright.

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Episode 13

Life After Death

Sat, May 13, 1989 60 mins

A friend's death compels Hawk to help a young man prove that he didn't shoot his pregnant girlfriend. Boxer Thomas Hearns has a cameo. Mitch O'Connor: Tim Guinee. Frank Gilbert: Dick Anthony Williams. Stan: Paul Guilfoyle. Lois Gilbert: Kasi Lemmons.

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