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227 Season 5 Episodes

24 Episodes 1989 - 1990

Episode 1

Take My Diva...Please!

Sat, Sep 23, 1989 30 mins

Mary's church opera benefit is threatened by a domineering diva who blames Mary for the loss of her voice and Sandra for the loss of her boyfriend. Armand Bouvier: Felton Perry. Mary: Marla Gibbs.

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Episode 2

Tenants, Anyone?

Sat, Sep 30, 1989 30 mins

Mary and the gang try to draw a bead on new landlord Julian Barlow, who's been ducking them, while Dylan (Barry Sobel) hunts for a new roommate. Travis Filmore: Stoney Jackson. Painter: Franklyn Ajaye.

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Episode 3

A Pampered Tale

Sat, Oct 14, 1989 30 mins

While Mary and the girls are off being pampered at a health spa, Lester and the boys are pampering an abandoned baby that Travis (Stoney Jackson) found in his limo. Peggy Ann: Shirley Prestia. Mary: Marla Gibbs. Courtney Cabot-Blair: Diana Bellamy.

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Episode 4

The Fight of the Century

Sat, Oct 21, 1989 30 mins

When Mary causes Lester to miss a prizefight, they have a bout that could deliver a knockout punch to their marriage. Dylan: Barry Sobel. Kim: Rochelle Ashana. Lester: Hal Williams. Mary: Marla Gibbs.

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Episode 5

How the West Was Fun

Sat, Oct 28, 1989 30 mins

At a dude ranch, Mary lassos Rose and Sandra into a treasure hunt, and Dylan takes a likin' to a filly. Part 1 of two. Bronco Bob: Rick Hurst. Old Geezer: Carmen Filpi. Dale Evans: Julius J. Carry III.

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Episode 6

How the West Was Fun

Sat, Nov 4, 1989 30 mins

Conclusion. Lester puts together a posse to find the womenfolk when the water rustlers take them hostage. Dale: Julius J. Carry III. Roy: Jace Kent. Bronco Bob: Rick Hurst. Cactus Katie: Dorothy Parke.

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Episode 7


Sat, Nov 11, 1989 30 mins

Bobby Brown shoots a video at Brenda's high school, while Brenda plagiarizes an old essay of Mary's to win a part as an extra. Dylan: Barry Sobel. Julian: Paul Winfield. Brenda: Regina King.

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Episode 8

Flying Down to Leo's

Sat, Nov 18, 1989 30 mins

En route to Lester's birthday party, Mary and Sandra run into gang members who want them as their biker chicks. Leo: William Edward Phipps. Skullcrusher: Don Gibb. Meat Hook: Dan Tullis Jr.

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Episode 9

Reunion Blues

Sat, Nov 25, 1989 30 mins

Dylan's mother moves in with him after leaving his father, and starts stepping out with Julian (Paul Winfield). Dylan: Barry Sobel. Travis: Stoney Jackson. Mary: Marla Gibbs. Lester: Hal Williams.

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Episode 10

The Perfume Game

Sat, Dec 2, 1989 30 mins

Sandra comes up with a slogan for a new perfume, but she thinks it stinks when her ad-agency boss steals her idea. Oscar St. Clair: Julian Christopher. Secretary: Kristen Lowman. Vinnie: Dominic Oliver.

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Episode 11

War Is Heck

Sat, Dec 9, 1989 30 mins

When Calvin wants to quit school and join the Army, Lester puts him through his paces at a mock boot camp. Lt. Carl Pennington: Todd Susman. Soldier No. 1: Kevin Hunter. Eva: Toukie A. Smith.

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Episode 12

Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas

Sat, Dec 16, 1989 30 mins

Mary decides to invite her landlord Julian to her Christmas Eve bash in hopes of livening things up. Warren: Kevin Peter Hall. Calvin: Curtis Baldwin. Dylan: Barry Sobel. Travis: Stoney Jackson.

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Episode 13

There Go the Clowns

Sat, Dec 23, 1989 30 mins

Mary dons clown garb to erase a nasty message she left on the answering machine of Lester's business contact, an eccentric novelties magnate. Greta: Leeza Vinnichenko. Mary: Marla Gibbs.

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Episode 14

Come The Revolution

Sat, Dec 30, 1989 30 mins

When Mary and Lester make Brenda return a revealing dress, she stages her own revolution. Lisa: Torri Whitehead. Karen: Lisa Marie Russell. Chip: Eugene Williams. Brenda: Regina King. Lester: Hal Williams.

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Episode 15

Where Do We Go from Here

Sat, Jan 6, 1990 30 mins

As Lester dozes in church, he dreams that he and Mary visit heaven, hell and 227, where they see what life would be like without them. Burnie: Richard Moll. Grace: Della Reese. William Shakespeare: Christopher Weeks.

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Episode 16

Play Christy for Me

Sat, Jan 13, 1990 30 mins

While working as a deejay, Lester gets suggestive requests from a caller who he thinks is Mary. Christy: Arnetia Walker. Lester: Hal Williams. Travis: Stoney Jackson. Mary: Marla Gibbs. Dylan: Barry Sobel. Rose: Alaina Reed Hall.

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Episode 17

Knock It Off

Sat, Jan 27, 1990 30 mins

Travis finds a bag of cash in the back seat of his limo and turns it in to the police, but then Mr. Bigg shows up to claim it. Travis: Stoney Jackson. Eartha Kitten: Iman. Merriwether: Kevin Peter Hall.

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Episode 18

Do Not Pass 'Go'

Sat, Feb 3, 1990 30 mins

Winners in Atlantic City are Mary, who's on a hot streak, and Rose, who may have hit the jackpot with Warren. Part 1 of two. Diamond Lil: Cyndi James Gossett. Eva: Toukie A. Smith. Pearl: Helen Martin.

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Episode 19

Do Not Pass 'Go'

Sat, Feb 10, 1990 30 mins

Conclusion. In Atlantic City, Mary sees her luck go bad, as do Rose, who catches Warren with another woman, and Travis, who blows a comedy contest. Luther Vandross: Himself. Jerry "The Bicycle" Washington: Greg Bell. Diamond Lil: Cyndi James Gossett.

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Episode 20

You Gotta Have Art

Sat, Feb 17, 1990 30 mins

While helping Eva straighten up the gallery, Mary inadvertently creates a pop-art sensation, and spends some of her 15 minutes of fame on "The Joan Rivers Show." Eva: Toukie A. Smith. Mary: Marla Gibbs. Lester: Hal Williams.

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Episode 21

Gone Fishing

Sat, Feb 24, 1990 30 mins

Julian recruits Mary to help him keep 227 out of the hands of his soon-to-be ex-wife (Rosalind Cash). Robert Howard: Patrick Cronin. Leslie: Lela Rochon. Diane: Maud Winchester. Reverend: Lionel Smith.

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Episode 22

Nightmare on '227'

Sat, Apr 21, 1990 30 mins

Mary gets the part of a slasher in a movie, but has an unscheduled rehearsal with an NYU dean.

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Episode 23

The Class of '90

Sun, Apr 29, 1990 30 mins

Brenda prepares to graduate; a hospitalized Mary gets a lesson in plastic surgery from her roomie; and Lester gives low marks to his father's girlfriend.

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Episode 24

No Place Like Home

Sun, May 6, 1990 30 mins

The series finale: Mary dreams that she's homeless after misinterpreting a plea for help from a street person as a threat to her safety.

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