Zac Efron and Daniel Radcliffe Zac Efron and Daniel Radcliffe

Sorry, ladies you won't be able to see Zac Efron in the buff any time soon.

The High School Musical star has shot down talk that he is replacing Daniel Radcliffe in the all-baring Broadway play Equus, People reports.

"No, I think it's a great role, but I was not approached," Efron said.

So does that mean he would say "yes" if he was approached? Hmm

While he is not headed to the Great White Way, Efron, who turns 21 on Saturday, is looking to "diversify" his teen- and music-centric resume.

"I think it's important to alwayschange it up and play different characters," he said. "I think doing musicals all the time would get stale."

But he still has one number to get under his belt: A remake of Footloose, which is currently in development.

In whose footsteps would you rather see Efron follow? Radcliffe's or Kevin Bacon's?