Demi Lovato and Jennel Garcia Demi Lovato and Jennel Garcia

This is it. The X Factor judges have seen everything they need to see and now they're ready to officially kick the singers out of their houses. Will these young (-ish, in some cases) hopefuls go home or advance to the live shows? Due to a rather lengthy rain delay and wonky baseball programming, here's (some of) the results:

Diamond White:
Britney Spears says Diamond's performance really changed how she felt about her, but also cites Diamond's nerves as a cause for concern. But in the end, Diamond makes it through.

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Carly Rose Soneclar: Britney says her voice showed so much technique and that Carly's control is "really amazing." But Britney warns Carly that she needs to have the whole package and she doesn't know if Carly is going to be able to handle the pressure. But apparently it's not a big enough concern because Carly gets through! (Duh, we could smell that fake-out from a mile down the beautiful Malibu beach). Carly does better "big eyes" than Diamond but no tears, sadly.

Arin Ray: Britney loves his charisma and confidence, but she doesn't know if he'll be "good enough" — ouch — to stand out on stage. But she still gives him the green light. He jumps in the air. Whee!

Beatrice Miller: Britney doesn't spin too much with Beatrice. She literally asks Beatrice if she thinks she has what it takes, and Beatrice tells her yes. Good enough for Brit! Beatrice starts crying and hyperventilating almost immediately and then acts speechless to the camera before she lets out the most adorable teen scream ever.

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James Tanner: Flattery will get you everywhere — or will it? James tells Britney she looks beautiful, but she doesn't know if he's where he needs to be to advance to the live shows so he gets the boot. There's only room for one Justin Bieber-look alike on this show! James starts tearing up later, but only after he's upstaged by one of Britney's zany facial expressions when she looks at the camera utterly confused and complains how hard this is. If you're getting upstaged during your emotional exit, that is not a good sign of things to come. Good call, Brit.

Reed Deming: Reed's big problem, according to Britney, is his technique and his breathing during his performances. If he can't get through this year, he can learn that pretty quickly and come back next year better than ever. He is almost upstaged by another Britney face but he's just so adorable!

David Correy:
L.A. Reid doesn't know if David can become a No. 1 artist in the current pop landscape.  But he's still confident to see if he change that and picks David to advance.

Jason Brock: "Do you really fit?" That's what L.A. wants to know and says there are a lot of question marks when it comes to Jason. "I love yooooou," Jason proclaims after he asks L.A. if he can give him a hug.

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Tate Stevens: To paraphrase L.A. with some classic O.C. knowledge: "Confidence, Cohen!" But people pull for Tate, and when Tate finds out he's staying around, Tate promises L.A. he'll see new confidence. L.A. promises not to let him down. Aw!

Vino Alan: L.A. calls his vocal tone "gut-wrenching" and "special," before Vino starts begging L.A. to give him a chance. L.A. does just that and gives Vino "the biggest yes" of his life.

Daryl Black:
L.A. starts out by saying Daryl reminds him a lot of himself, and how he too got a late start in his career. Unfortunately, being L.A. 2.0 is not enough. "This is where it stops." Daryl takes it like a man, but he says he's devastated and that L.A. "made a mistake." Them's fightin' words!

Tara Simon: Tara, who is already the weakest of the bunch, makes it an even easier decision when she starts going on and on to the camera. "I've taken a lot of no's that should have been yeses," she says, and then whines about how she's been hustling every day (way to rip off LMFAO's "Party Rock"). "The only thing that's holding me back is L.A. Reid." L.A. says he lost sleep over her. He still makes the right call and sends the bitter beezy home.

Jennel Garcia:
Demi Lovato says the biggest thing about a pop star is how you entertain people, and Jennel's nerves got the best of her. Demi, however, says she's going to the live shows, and Jennel starts freaking out.

Willie Jones: Demi says he has something going for him that "a lot of people don't expect," but will his inner battle about how "country" he should sound be his downfall? She says he's a big risk, but she rolls the dice and brings him to the live shows. Will she lose big later or is this a bet that will pay off?

And.... that's all folks! Yes, because of a very long rain delay for Game #3 of the National League Championship Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants — go Cards! — the rest of Wednesday's results are cut off. The two-hour X Factor results show will air in its entirety on Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox. Mark your calendars! Make your last-minute predictions for the rest of the Young Adults and the Groups.

Do you agree with Britney, L.A. and Demi's picks? Who were you the most disappointed to see go home? How much do you hate rain delays today? Sound off below!