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For a band whose last hit charted more than 20 years ago, Wilson Phillips has had quite a year.

The band figured largely in the plot of this summer's box office blockbuster movie Bridesmaids. Band member Chynna Phillips earned a small but devoted fan base on Dancing with the Stars this season. And now the trio is getting its own TV special.

Carnie Wilson, her sister Wendy and Phillips are hoping to build on their recent momentum with a new album, the creation of which will be documented on Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On (Sunday, 9/8c, TV Guide Network). "It's a way for people to see how the dynamic between the three of us really works, rather than a sit-down interview where we're answering specific questions about our childhood or our parents or any of that [stuff] we're used to talking about," Carnie says.

"[Bridesmaids] put our name back on the map," Wendy Wilson tells TVGuide.com. "A lot of younger people love the movie — I don't even know if they knew who we were back in the day, let alone being born then — and it's a resurgence of the music and, in a way, a part of pop culture now."

Their new album is a collection of cover versions of songs made famous by their famous parents, The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and John and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas. "[The process] is emotionally charged," Chynna says. "You have such big shoes to fill. You want to do a great job and you know so many people are going to be comparing your version to your parents' version. You just have let go of expectations and people's expectations and say, 'We're going to sing from our hearts, put our Wilson Phillips signature on it, and it's going to turn out the way it's going to turn out."

Viewers can expect to see some arguing among these three lifelong friends along the way. "It's not like: We've been friends forever; everything is great," Carnie says. "It's more like: 'You're in a bad mood; you're flaky,' and it's all real. I'm excited and also scared for people to see that yet," Chynna says. "We fight like sisters and we have our disagreements and have to battle through that like any other relationship. I think people will identify with that and I'm glad they'll will get a window into what it's really like to be in a group and to know someone for 43 years."

Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On airs Sunday at 9/8c on TV Guide Network.

Watch a preview below:

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