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Who Won Survivor: Kaoh Rong?

See how it all went down

Liz Raftery

Even after 32 seasons, Survivor can still drop a game-changing twist like nobody's business. But did it make a difference? It certainly seems that way.

On Wednesday's finale of Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty, Michele Fitzgerald was crowned the winner - after using a late-game advantage and eliminating Neil's vote from the jury.

Michele won the first immunity challenge, setting up a Tribal Council that resulted in a split vote between Cydney and Aubry. After one of the most tense fire-making challenges in Survivor history, Aubrey won, sending Cydney to the jury.

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Screen Grab, CBS

But, right when Michele, Aubry and Tai thought they were sitting pretty, they received one last tree mail. Could there be a final two? Not exactly. There was a final challenge, but it wasn't for immunity. Instead, he winner gets to vote out a member of the jury. TWIST! Michele won again, and eliminated Neil - who hissed something about Michele sucking on a teat on his way out.

After a more-bitter-than-usual Final Tribal, the vote was left in the hands of the jury. And, in a surprising move, the prize went to Michele, even though most of the jurors seemed to question her strategy (or lack thereof) in their questions.

During the reunion special, Jeff Probst revealed that Season 33 of Survivor will take place in Fiji and will pit Millennials against members of Generation X.

What did you think? Are you surprised Michele won? And are you looking forward to "Millennials vs. Gen X"?

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