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  • Arrow

    Oliver and Slade's ultimate showdown will be a three-part affair starting with the April 30 episode — and the final hour will take place in 24-style real time. With Roy more dangerous than ever and Laurel in the know about Oliver's secret, the Arrow's life is slowly crumbling around him in what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg calls "some of the darkest stuff we've ever done." Several familiar faces...

  • The Following

    Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll will once again come face-to-face, but will both men once again walk away from the confrontation alive? "[Ryan's] reason for living right now is not to put [Joe] back in jail," Kevin Bacon says. "I want to kill him." That said, even Bacon isn't sure how their final showdown is going to play out. "We've actually shot a couple of different endings," he admits. " One certainty: As Joe...

  • Person of Interest

    Now that Decima has Samaritan up and running, the Battle of the Machines is on! Add in Vigilance's team of anti-surveillance crusaders and you've got a powder keg waiting to explode. "What's the most chaotic thing that could possibly happen in New York City to bring all these parties together? That's where we're headed," executive producer Greg Plageman says. That chaos will be harder to anticipate now that ...

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