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Oliver and Slade's ultimate showdown will be a three-part affair starting with the April 30 episode — and the final hour will take place in 24-style real time. With Roy more dangerous than ever and Laurel in the know about Oliver's secret, the Arrow's life is slowly crumbling around him in what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg calls \"some of the darkest stuff we've ever done.\" Several familiar faces will return to help in the final fight for Starling City, but what happens in town is only half of it. \"There's a couple of massive surprises for the island,\" Kreisberg says, hinting that there could be a death before the season is up. \"The gloves are off and anybody can die at any minute.\"

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon finds himself at a crossroads after Caltech refuses to let him change his field of study. His world is even more rocked when Leonard and Penny discuss living together without him. The couple will also broach the subject of getting engaged again, and executive producer Steve Molaro promises at least one more proposal. Will it actually stick this time? \"There's a lot of discussion in the last few episodes and they both realize they have to decide how serious they are about doing this,\" he says. Elsewhere, Raj and Emily continue to heat up, Howard and Bernadette try to find a caregiver for an injured Mrs. Wolowitz, and the season ends with \"many big moves\" and cliff-hangers (yes, multiple) that \"affect everyone,\" Molaro teases.

The Blacklist

Creator Jon Bokenkamp promises a \"big and muscular\" two-part finale, which starts May 5, that addresses some of the show's ongoing mythologies. Although he wouldn't spill if we'd learn about Red's true relationship with Liz, we will get more details about Liz's not-husband Tom Keen. \"In regard to both Tom and the series as a whole, we will give some satisfying answers,\" he says. \"It has built into that episode specifically some really big mysteries that will be really fun to unwrap.\"
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