Details about Westworld's second season are being kept tightly under lock and key — seriously, they're making Game of Thrones' security look lax — but small clues about where we'll pick up when the show returns have been slowly leaking out. Now, TV Guide has a few more of those clues.

One character who ended up in possibly the most dangerous position of them all is the park's writer, Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman), who unlike many of the board members in the park, found himself trapped inside Westworld's headquarters, where a host uprising was cutting a bloody swath through anything not robotic.

However, Westorld HQ isn't the only place that should be concerned. Quarterman teased a more "expansive" Season 2 to TV Guide, even hinting that we may get a peek at the world outside the park, which is something Season 1 never showed.

"Season 1 was in a lot of ways, a lot more contained. We were very much within the container of Westworld itself and how it all operates," Quarterman says. "This season is way more expansive. It's blowing out the boundaries way further. So we're getting to discover a little more about maybe the outside world and maybe other areas of the park. It's huge."

Lee might not be the one that gets to see the outside world though. He found himself in a pretty gnarly predicament the last time we saw him.

Westworld: Everything We Know About Season 2 So Far

"At the end of Season 1 we find him going to cold storage to pick up Peter Abernathy and no one's there at all," Quarterman reminds us. "Every host is gone, so Lee at the end of Season 1 finds himself realizing that something terrible has gone wrong, but he has no idea what that is at that moment."

You'll remember that one person also still in Westworld HQ is Maeve (Thandie Newton), who changed her mind at the last minute and chose to return to the park instead of leaving on the next train out. In the Season 2 premiere, Lee will find himself held captive by Maeve and entirely at her mercy.

"Lee finds himself in a pretty uncomfortable situation at the start of Season 2," Quarterman says. "He finds himself being taken hostage by Maeve, which really is - he kinds of finds himself in his worst nightmare, really. A lot of the control that he enjoyed in Season 1 has greatly dissipated. It's certainly challenging for him that's for sure... He's really just trying to survive this new reality that he finds himself in."

It's anyone's guess what Maeve wants with Lee, but help finding her daughter makes the top of the list as far as guesses go. As a writer of multiple narratives in various sectors, Lee knows the goings on of the park better than the average technician, so there's every chance he could know exactly where Maeve's host daughter currently resides in the park.

Westworld returns for Season 2 on Sunday, April 22 at 9/8c on HBO.

Simon Quarterman and Thandie Newton, <em>Westworld</em>Simon Quarterman and Thandie Newton, Westworld