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Westworld Season 3 Details Revealed for the First Time

The Westworld future looks bleak

Rachel Paige

If you thought the biggest news about Westworld Season 3 (or, Westworld 3 as they're now calling it; the influence of Stranger Things!) would be the announcement that Aaron Paul had joined the cast, think again. Stopping by Hall H during San Diego Com-Con on Saturday, the murderous robot series teased a handful of major things that await the park when the show picks back up, including how Paul fits into the bigger picture.

So far, all we've known about Season 3 is that it appears to be in a brand new location (and time period?), as Paul's character wanders through the streets of a futuristic city before coming across Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). Okay, but what's next? That's where the SDCC panel comes into play, as the show not only revealed new information but also a look at the upcoming season.

Season 1 was called The Maze, Season 2 was called The Door, and now Season 3 is called The New World. We're certainly there, as gone is the western landscape familiar to the first two seasons, replaced with a futuristic city. Paul's new character, Caleb, is here and he's a construction worker. When asked if he has a white hat or a black hat (as that is what divides good and bad in this world), Paul explained, "that's still up for debate, as it's a little of both."

"I just like to get beat up and dragged through the mud," Paul said when asked what draws him to characters like Caleb, and of course Jesse from Breaking Bad. "I always gravitate towards characters that make me feel very deep-rooted complex emotions. I'm not afraid to open up my heart and really feel the torture, the pain, the love that these characters are going through."

But have we actually left the park? No one is saying, and co-creator and showrunner Jonathan Nolan was quick to divert the question. So we might still be in the park, might not! Either way, we're seeing new locations including a European Nazi-occupied territory, where Maeve (Thandie Newtown) is pummeling German soldiers.

Just about all the usual characters will be back in some form (but who exactly will they be playing, themselves or someone brand new?), and yes, we've said goodbye to Teddy (James Marsden) at least for now. However, Logan (Ben Barnes) might appear again (no one answered yes, no, or even maybe), and Luke Hemsworth made a surprise appearance, "crashing" the panel after it's started. (His character is also shown in the trailer.)

Westworld Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer Released

Tessa Thompson was pretty excited that her big secret -- that she was really playing a version of Dolores, aka "Halores," for much of Season 2 and that the real Charlotte Hale had died -- is finally out in the open. Thompson revealed that she turned to Evan Rachel Wood for help playing Wood's character. Wood told the crowd that she instructed Thompson to always sit down with her right hand in her left, because "That's just a thing [I do], and I passed it on to Tessa and I thought, 'Oh, this will be fun for you to do!'"

As for her own character, Thompson is clearly up to the challenge with the ever-evolving Hale. "What does power look like in the future? And for someone who is powerful to be a young woman of color? I think so often we don't get to see that, and also what happens when big business is prioritized the bottom line over people. For a show that questions the nature of our humanity, we see Hale as a supervillain."

The show maybe takes place between the years 2050-2060. However, "It takes place in 2020, obviously," Jeffrey Wright quipped after seeing the trailer, indicating the release date for Season 3. Jokes!

Westworld 3, aka Season 3, has no firm release date just yet but will arrive next year.