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One of Westworld's Most Debauched Customers Will be Back for Season 2

Here's why that's a big deal

Lindsay MacDonald

Westworld pretty much took everyone by storm last year with its twists, turns and shocking reveals. While not much is known about Season 2 -- other than a seriously sick teaser trailer -- we do have confirmation on one exciting detail: Ben Barnes is officially returning for the next installment.

Barnes played dashing rapscallion (and debauched douchebag) Logan in the first season. Logan was William's business partner and ever-present companion in the park, who pushed him into enjoying all the delights Westworld had to offer. His sister also happened to be William's fiancé, complicating their relationship even further.

When William (Jimmi Simpson) turned out to be the Man in Black (Ed Harris), thus proving the show took place in two different timelines, the question had to be asked: Where the heck is Logan 30 years later, and what happened to him in the interim?

When Does Westworld Season 2 Premiere?

It was a question fans weren't quite sure would ever get an answer, since Logan was an important character in William's origin story with the park, but not necessarily integral to where the story went next. Doubts increased further when executive producer Lisa Joy voiced doubts at Paleyfest 2017 about whether there would be multiple timelines in Season 2 since they don't want "to repeat the same thing."

Those doubts appear to be unfounded according to Ben Barnes.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Barnes confirmed that he will, in fact, be returning for Season 2. "I can tell you that I have been on set at least once already," Barnes says.

Obviously Barnes couldn't explain when or how Logan would reappear, but it's safe to say that William's origin story (and whatever part Logan plays in it) isn't done yet.

Westworld is set to return in 2018.

​Ben Barnes, Westworld

Ben Barnes, Westworld