Wesley Snipes is hoping his new boxing drama Undisputed will score a knockout at the box office this weekend — especially considering all the blood, sweat and tears he put into the production. The 40-year-old Blade star was sentenced to over a month of intense physical training to prepare for his role as a prison boxing champ.

"Boxing is just extremely demanding physically," he tells TV Guide Online. "Your muscles get extremely sore, and if you can make it through a three-minute or six-minute round, you are in pretty doggone good shape."

Another surefire sign of optimum physical strength: being able to go a few rounds with Ving Rhames, Snipes's co-star and chief rival in Undisputed. Was their sparring as brutal as it appeared? "We just took a little heat off the blows," he says. "We weren't really trying to kill each other, but we put a lot of emotion into it to make it look that way."

Snipes also had a chance to mix it up behind bars with some actual inmates when Undisputed went on location at the High Desert State Prison in Nevada. The buffed-up actor arrived on the set and was bombarded with questions about his sexy former co-stars — and we're not talking about Patrick Swayze in To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar (not that there would be anything wrong with that).

"They always ask if love scenes are in my contract," he smirks. "Or what kind of intimate details can I possibly give [about actresses like Jennifer Lopez]. But I never kiss and tell."