Weird Al Weird Al

The video for "Weird Al" Yankovic's much-discussed Lady Gaga parody "Perform This Way" has at last arrived and it's ... kind of unnecessary? True to Al's form, the visuals are literal translations of his lyrics, but skewering someone as outlandish as Lady Gaga feels like shooting fish in an egg. We don't need Weird Al to tell us that Lady Gaga wears silly things, and then show us how silly they are by wearing them himself. Most of us have functioning eyeballs and were able to take in the intentional spectacle of the meat dress or police-tape outfit the first time around.

Gaga isn't the only celeb Al is satirizing this time around

The freakiest thing in this video: His head has been digitally pasted on the body of a much more womanly figure to complete his Gaga look. At times, his head slips horribly out of sync with the body it's supposed to be attached to, creating an alien effect. Gaga, take note: If you really want to convince us that you aren't of this world, you'll adopt the CGI couture Weird Al adopted when he tried to adopt your couture. Bring it all full circle.

Watch Weird Al's "Perform This Way":