Timothy Omundson Timothy Omundson

Let's say it together: We love Lassie!

Last night, Psych served up a certifiable gem that was two great tastes in one: A fantastically funny spoof of The Shining and a showcase for the always wonderful Timothy Omundson, whose Lassiter found himself going all sorts of Jack Nicholson after buying a seemingly haunted condo.

Of course, this being Psych (a.k.a., the savviest pop-culture comedy), we also got horror-movie goofs on everything from Ghostbusters to Rosemary's Baby to The Amityville Horror, as well as a fun-loving turn by Louis Gossett Jr., channeling his best Scatman Crothers, and Sara Rue, who once more reminded us that she needs a show of her own.

With all of that to pack into the episode — directed with happy-dance excitement by series star James Roday — it would have been easy to crowd out Omundson with all of the gags. But bless his heart, the man owned the hour and delivered the goods in goofy style. Not to spoil the sceret of the so-called hauntings, but you could even say he was a gas.

Did you check out Psych last night? Or did you overlook their Shining spoof?

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