Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson

Attention X Factor wannabes: Kelly Clarkson is a what you should be aiming for.

Last night, the original American Idol brought her big-ass vocals and solid star-power to the American Music Awards and stood out among the field of other, non-TV discovered stars. Why? Because the girl can sang and did. No lip syncing. No "ooh look!" pyrotechnics. No Fiat ads set to music (really,'s called shame, get some). Just some dancers, a killer red dress and a version of her "Mr. Know-It-All" that equal parts pop perfection and Andrews Sisters awesome.

Which made us wonder about the potential of the remaining X Factor acts. Yeah, we've heard the whole "they're not real singers, they are TV creations" and all that blah blah blah. But ever since her inaugural win, Miss Clarkson has been showing us time and time again that real talent can be found on these reality shows. And if you continue to doubt her skills, check out her VH1 Unplugged from last Friday. The woman is the real deal.

Question is, which of the performers on Simon Cowell's new show will be dealing us the real stuff another 10 years? Early sings point to Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik, but Astro could still be around if L.A. Reid doesn't skin his hide for acting up last week. Maybe late-50s soul stud Leroy Bell? Or Drew and her weepy balladry? 

It's so hard to tell, so why don't you give us your opinion and we'll check back in 2021!

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