Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin

Who needs US Weekly when we have Kathy Griffin?

Last night, the gossip-fueled funny lady suited up for Tired Hooker, her fourth and final Bravo comedy concert of the year. And in true Griffin form, it was an hour of TMZ and tabloid headlines, all gayed up and regurgitated for a full house of fawning fans at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. Kim Kardashian's "marriage." Ashton Kutcher's divorce. Nancy Grace's DWTS nip slip. And of course, her favorite, longest-running punching bag, Lindsay Lohan.

Was it the hoot we expected from the red menace? Eh. Usually, Griffin kills it with her A-list targets. No one skewers pop culture better, nor do many dare to take on the more sacred subjects (Oprah, Scientology) she does. But since it seems like everyone on Twitter and Facebook and even the shiny happy hosts of E.T and The Insider has already clowned on these big-ticket celebrity scandals, a lot of Kath's material felt played out. Where she excelled, surprisingly, was when she veered away from the star-bashing to toss out personal anecdotes about her dog's penchant for eating unmentionables, her inability to order a pizza with unlikely new bestie Cher and her newfound love of Pajama Jeans. Because let's face it, the only thing funnier than pants that offer the style of a jean and the comfort of pajamas is the idea of the queen of the D-List kicking back in a pair while eating a couple slices with Chaz Bono's mom.

Did you check out Kathy's latest show? What did you think?

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