Glee Glee

Dear Glee writers,

We would like to thank you for finally getting around to using more of your nearly forgotten core cast. It's been a while since some of them uttered more than a line, what with all of the guest stars and Kurt's beatification, but in last night's Fleetwood Mac-themed outing, we got to see what a couple of the extras, er, members of the ensemble, could do with actual storyline.

Turns out, the kids are capable of more than just swaying in the background while Rachel cry-sings! Chord Overstreet, whose Sam scored more dialogue last night than he has in the last six months combined, broke our hearts with that motel breakdown over his family's financial woes. Maybe if Trouty Mouth had been given meaty material like this back when he joined the show, that Sam-Quinn thing would have interested us more.

And we can't express how thrilling it is to see Santana inching her way out of the resident bitch role and into a Sapphic star in the making. Since day one, the delicious Naya Rivera has been Glee's secret weapon — oh, the revelation that she could sing back in the Madonna episode! — so the character development, while long-overdue, is much appreciated. Gay sharks forever!

Now if only you could find something to do with Mercedes. The joke that she's just there to belt out the big notes is played and it's pretty messed up that Lord Tubbington got more screen time than Amber Riley. Girl could use a man before that Glee Project reality show (possibly) finds her one this summer. After all, prom is right around the corner.

But hey, like the song says, you can go your own way. We just hope that you keep going in this new direction of utilizing more of the cast regulars.

Best of luck with that,
The Watercooler

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