Gigolos Gigolos

OK, so...yeah. Gigolos. This one is gonna be tricky.

Last night, Showtime whipped out its new docudrama about five male escorts sharing their wares around Vegas and we gotta say, the cable net sure has found a ballsy companion piece to The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Graphic to the extreme, yet perversely intriguing at times, this thing is sure to be a full-frontal assault on the sensibilities of many more genteel viewers. After all, it's not often we see as much as Gigolos shows and the fact that the producers (including former 21 Jump Street stud Richard Grieco!) were able to shoot so much NSFW footage of the guys servicing their female clients is mind-blowing. Imagine HBO's Real Sex with better looking talent and a hint of Entourage, with the fellas sharing cocktails, camaraderie and catty comments while off duty. Or, if you'd like, porn with a plot.

And while we're supposed to connect with the cocky crew — made up of slightly racist Jimmy, single dad Steven, newbie Vin, pragmatic Nick and tanorexic hardbody Brace — as everyday dudes making their way in the world and all that, it's hard to get past what (and who) they do to really get a grip on who they are and why they chose this career. For all the flesh on display, things never went beyond skin deep. Then again, the show was only 30 minutes long and from what went down in the opener, it's clear we'd get a much more intimate experience with these guys if we paid by the hour.

So, did you stay up to watch Gigolos last night? Come on, be honest.

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