Fashion Show Fashion Show

Spoiler Alert!

Aw, hell Cesar. The super-friendly seamster got the boot last night and for real, we're gonna miss him. Not only had he stood out as one of the nicest contestants to work his wares on any of Bravo's competitions, he was also pretty darn talented.

But tragically, a kindly disposition and an ability to play well with others just don't cut it in Fashion — especially when you get down to the final four and are faced with a challenge inspired by the natural elements. With a trio of designs to complete and some serious edginess from his fellow fashionistas, the former costumer for Madonna found himself on the chopping block, along with teammate Jeffrey, for their less-than-earth-shattering ensembles.

Damn that oversized jacket! If it weren't for Cesar's too-big wrap, he totally could have made it to the end. Yet even after a do-over from the judges to rework their weakest looks, his edited stuff wasn't up to snuff, so Iman, Isaac and Co. sent him packing. Now that leaves us with Jeffrey (another sweetie), Dominique (the 21-year-old who found it necessary to trash her Ojai, Calif. hometown last night), and Calvin (who is about as nasty as his pregnancy-papoose creation was hideous). None of them are particularly brilliant, but neither are they boring.

So will you be watching the Fashion Show finale? Or have you written it off as a Runway knock-off?

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