Skyler Samuels, Benjamin Stone and Grey Damon Skyler Samuels, Benjamin Stone and Grey Damon

Nine lives and two guys? Some girls have all the luck.

While most of us can barely find one person to moon over, our feline-fueled heroine had suitors up to her perfect curls with two very different guys fighting for her affections. Fittingly, there's also a bit of a battle among Nine Lives of Chloe King fans over which fella she should choose, too.

On the one hand, we have Brian, the abnormally nice guy with the evil dad and the awesome stubble. He's sweet, romantic and unfortunately human, which puts him at a serious disadvantage since the Mai kiss is allegedly deadly to mortals. On the other hand, we have Alek, Chloe's Euro-dreamy protector who started out nasty but has, over time, developed a bit of cat fancy for the Uniter and can smooch her without fear of fatality.

So when these two came to fisticuffs last night, we didn't know who to root for. Should our loyalty go to Brian, since he's been so understanding and Grey Damon used to star on Friday Night Lights? Or has the suddenly supportive Alek and his cool accent finally earned our vote? Ugh. Not since Dylan McKay had to decide between Brenda and Kelly have we been so torn!

So while we try to sort this out, why don't you tell us who you want Chloe King to share her nine lives with. Her human non-beau or her Mai guy? Make yourselves heard in the comments below!

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