Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic

All. In. Yep, Castle returned for its fourth season last night and we are all in for this one. Picking up seconds after last May's cliffhanger and then jumping ahead three months, we got more than just the (entirely expected) answer to "Will Becket survive?" Of course she did — it's half her show! But what we also got were some prickly new vibes between our favorite mystery writer-crime fighter duo, thanks to his residual anger at the traumatized Becket's post-shooting distance and her acknowledgement that she'll be a romantic dead-end until her mother's murder is solved.

While that's not exactly a recipe for feel-good times, it's a delicious turn of events that deepened the complexity of their partnership and provided them with yet another set of very real obstacles to overcome. Sure, it would be great to already have these two together, but the still-electrifying chemistry between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic always seems to fire hotter when their characters are either kept either apart or kept at odds. And since we learned right before the closing credits that Becket remembers everything about her shooting, the wait for her to return his confession of love should make their inevitable coupling a much more satisfyingly hard-earned victory for fans. As Rick himself told Alexis, that's good enough for now. Now if only they can survive this nasty new Captain of theirs.

What did you think of the Castle premiere? Do they need to cut to the chase, or keep up this pace and continue to make us wait?

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