Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Now that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills two-part reunion has wrapped, we figured this would be the perfect time to look back on the ladies' first season and what they left us with last night. Other than a burning need to see the upcoming "Producers' Cut" of the Dinner from Hell that Andy Cohen tweeted about last night. Hurry up and schedule that thing, Bravo! Until then, chew on these goodies...

- It is physically impossible for Kyle Richards to not speak her mind.

- Adrienne Maloof is awesome. Lisa Vanderpump is awesomer. That's why neither of them had any post-show regrets.

- Camille Grammer doesn't know the difference between philanthropy and a Jesus complex. Or victim and volunteer. Or delusional and hardcore bananas.

- A kid's party can cost $60,000. But a marriage can not be only 20% romance. Unless you are the "three times a year" Vanderpumps.

- Taylor Armstrong's lips need their own spin-off. They could costar with Lisa's breasts. Or Cedric's.

- Kyle's husband is hot enough to elicit nude photos from fans. He'd be hotter if he would return the favor.

- Camille's relationship with soap vet "Handsome Nick" Stabile had nothing to do with her divorce. She sent Kelsey running away all on her own.

- Disney kids are doomed.

- There is no such thing as "going all Oklahoma" on someone's ass.

- Cedric tried to extort money from Lisa to pay for acting classes in some woman's living room.

- Faces paralyzed by Botox can still register disdain.

- Not wanting to talk about alimony or one's alleged alcoholism is a sure way to get Andy Cohen to ask about it.

- Porno is a lot more corrupt than doing a tasteful spread in Playboy.

- Screaming match in a limo. Worst. Home Movie. Ever.

- It's possible to get through an entire season without anyone having to record a single.

- Not everyone needs a gay sidekick. And nobody need a gigolo sidekick.

- Bickering is communication.

- The woman who inspired Medium shouldn't drink. Or speak. Or be around people. Or call herself a psychic after missing the end of Camille's marriage.

- The other Real Housewives are really gonna need to step it up to improve upon this crew.

What did we miss? There were so many gems this season, surely you have your own favorite RHOBH take-aways. Share in the comments below, and follow me on Twitter @TVGMDamian.

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