Fabulous Beekman Boys Fabulous Beekman Boys

Ok, if you don't know who the Fabulous Beekman Boys are, a) that's a damn shame and b) fix that. Imagine the spawn of Charles Nelson Reilly and Tim Gunn as raised by Martha Stewart, and you have Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, partners in life and an upstate New York organic farm who left the big city for the Green Acres life. In the first season of their eponymous reality show (round two begins in the new year), these two not only won us over with their copious amounts of charm, cheek and fish-out-of-water wackiness, they also made uppity llamas and homemade goat cheese must-see TV.

And last night, the sassy ones popped back up to make festive fabulous with a holiday special that was equal parts outtake clipfest and viewer-mail quipfest, with a few how-to hoots — their "obligatory holiday craft segments" — featuring fruitcake tutorials and wreath-making tips thrown in for good measure. All, of course, with a flair and feistiness normally reserved for Bravo shows and rarely found in Christmas specials. Plus, and it's a BIG plus, no canned celebrity guests acting like they're actually spending the holidays in some faux kitchen making wassail. That alone is a gift that keeps on giving us reasons to love these guys.

So did you check out the Beekman Boys? If not, what's that about? Do you hate fun?

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