Jessica Lowndes Jessica Lowndes

Used to be that 90210's Adrianna Tate-Duncan was the Beverly Hills resident we most adored. Damaged, drug addled, dramatic Ade. Oh, she was a mess in all the best ways and over the past three seasons, the brunette beauty has suffered it all, having gone from addicted aspiring actress to recovering hasbien (lesbian for a hot minute) to a pop star traumatized by her mentor's sudden car-accident death.

It's no wonder her portrayer, Jessica Lowndes, was signed to a series regular gig following her first-season guest stint. Aside from maybe One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton, nobody does teen pain like Lowndes. You just wanted to hug the poor girl. But now, as we ebb toward the season finale, our Ade has morphed from misunderstood head case to monstrous hellion, swapping out Silver's bipolar meds and getting Navid drunk enough to believe they actually hooked up while his girlfriend was in the psych ward. And last night, she went even further over to the dark side by preying on Silver's shaky emotional state, switching her meds back, and feeding her a total line about said faux-liplock with Navid. Way to ruin prom night, hon.

And way to get us thinking this show needs a villain. Naomi was supposed to be the bad girl, but now she's dating dorks and worrying about college. Ivy just sucks and comes off as a middle-aged hippie in need of hormone treatments, not a high-school diploma. And Silver will always be awesome because she's our only link to the original series. So why not turn Adrianna into a full-on, no-holds-barred, Brenda Walsh-caliber Cruella de Hills? Let her wreak some major havoc next season, give freshman year at CU a little heat, you know? Just look at how much we love Katherine on Vampire Diaries and Alison on Pretty Little Liars. Bad girls are good TV.

So what do you think? Should the 90210 team turn Adrianna into a mini-Amanda Woodward? Or does the character work better as a drama queen?

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